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Will I Regret Placing My Baby for Adoption?

Deciding whether to place your baby for adoption is one of the hardest choices that any birth mom must make. Even though there are many different options, it’s important to try and make the choice that is best for your baby. A lot of birth moms ask themselves, “Will I regret this decision?” It’s totally normal for this question to come up. To help make sure you completely understand and accept your decision, consider these steps during your decision process.

Think About Why You’re Choosing Adoption

The biggest part of deciding to place your baby up for adoption is to know why you’re thinking about putting your baby up for adoption.

Consider why you are thinking about adoption, considering every single part of the process. Think about what route would be the best for not only your baby but also for you. Figure out where you want your life to go for the next few years. Also, think about what you want for your baby, and what option lets both of you achieve these things.

Take Your Time

There’s no need to speed through your decision. Taking your time will help you feel comfortable no matter what option you chose, as well as comfortable with the people helping you through this challenging time. Though you need people who respond to your questions quickly, your decision doesn’t need to be made overnight. So, make sure you have an adoption service that keeps you comfortable every step of the way.

Talk to Other Birth Moms About Their Journey

Placing a baby up for adoption is a very brave choice, but it usually comes with a lot of questions, some of which can only be answered by other birth moms. Joining a support group or reading firsthand accounts online, can help you through the emotional journey by letting you know what others have experienced. Sometimes, birth mothers’ concerns can be about their baby’s health, or their own feelings right after birth. For other moms, their concerns may be more about the baby’s long-term school and job options. No matter what the concern, hearing another mom talk about her experience with adoption can be very helpful. It’s great how much hearing someone else’s story can help you.

What Are the Pros And Cons?

Try making an actual list that has all the pros and cons of each choice. Since no decision that is ever 100% positive, but if you understand the good and bad that comes from every choice, it may be easier to feel comfortable with your decision.
Choose the Level of Openness You’re Comfortable With
During the adoption process, you get to decide how much contact you have with your baby after placing. The ability to choose how involved you are in your baby’s life can help you feel more comfortable with your choice. Also, you can even change your involvement as you need to during different times in your life.

For some moms, just knowing their baby is safe is enough. But, for some, they may worry about regretting their choice. When you take the time to get all the information you need, while following your instincts about what’s best for both of you, you’re more likely to not regret your choice.

At Adoption Planners, we are dedicated to helping you make the best decision for you and your baby. With 24/7 support, counseling, adoption planning and expenses paid, we are here for you every step of the way.

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