Adam and Eric

Dear Birth Mother

Hello! We are Adam and Eric from the Bay Area. Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We understand that the choice you are about to make will most likely be one of the hardest in your life. We celebrate your decision and want you to know that we honor you and the future of your child with two loving parents who have so much to offer.

Our Story: Our story began 10 years ago. We met initially online, but knew from the moment that we met each other, that we were meant to be. Each day and every moment, our love for each other has grown stronger and the bonds of our family and friends heighten our commitment to each other. The only piece missing is that of a child to share our life’s great journey together.  Not only has Eric’s own adoption been an integral part of our journey towards parenthood, but our families have been a wonderful source of encouragement and support. They too are eager to welcome a child into our home as an extension of our love and the many blessings that we share.

Things We Love:

  • Nature and we are committed to caring for the environment
  • That we help others daily in our professional careers
  • Italian food – Lasagna is our favorite!
  • Traveling and we look forward to adventures as a family
Dear Birth Mother

Get to Know Adam

My childhood was a happy one with lots of support from both sides of my parents’ families. I graduated from Seattle University with a BA English. Later, I went on to earn my teaching credential and two master’s degrees in Elementary Reading and Curriculum and Instruction from Notre Dame de Namur University. I enjoy my career as an elementary school teacher because of the difference I can make in how children learn.  My favorite part of my job is teaching a young child how to read.

As a hobby, I run a small flower business from our home that is busiest during the holidays and special events. Fortunately, we have the support of two great friends and employees who help run the business and participate in the preparation and design of all of our product.

My goal is to bring up our future child in a supportive and loving environment where they can participate in all of the wonderful memories of our family heritage.

More About Adam As Told by Eric: Adam is indescribable. He’s loving, energetic, hardworking, driven, and passionate about his family and friends. He has a strong sense of commitment and brings life to everything and everyone he meets – his colleagues, family and friends would say that he is unstoppable.

Most importantly, he is my everything, my all – he is my soulmate that I know I can depend upon under any circumstance – we complement each other in so many ways.  I am eager to see him blossom into the father that I know he has always wanted to be – we cherish the opportunity to be a part of this amazing journey and to do it together.

A Few Fun Facts About Adam:

  • Dream Vacation: Greece & Turkey
  • Childhood Memory: Spending time on the family farm in Half Moon Bay
  • Favorite Movie: 101 Dalmatians
Get to Know Adam

Get to Know Eric

My parents adopted me when I was one day old. They could no longer have a biological child of their own and were given the gift of parenthood when my biological parents lovingly chose to place me for adoption with them. I grew up in southern California in a safe, loving environment. I attended Cal State San Bernardino and earned my BS in nursing.  I worked for several years in neuro/trauma at Loma Linda Medical Center before starting my graduate work at UCLA where I graduated with an MS in nursing as an acute care nurse practitioner specializing in cardiology and coronary care. I moved up to the Bay Area shortly after graduating and have been working at large hospital now for almost 20 years.  I love my work and the patients and colleagues that I interface with on a daily basis.

More About Eric As Told by Adam: Eric is my life! He makes me laugh, reminds me to smile, and most importantly celebrates and loves me just the way I am. He is the most genuine and loving person I know.  His empathic approach to life and humankind is remarkable, and if replicated, could make peace throughout our planet.  He is supportive, sincere, and a wonderful listener in addition.

He is passionate and hopeful for the future of health care, and I am so proud knowing that he spends his days helping others. Since Eric is adopted himself, we both have a deep appreciation for and recognize this as a special gift. I consider myself blessed to have him as my partner in life.  Together, I know we are going to make great parents, and I look forward to this next chapter in our lives.

A Few Fun Facts About Eric:

  • Dream Vacation: The Netherlands
  • Childhood Memory: Endless summer vacations with my parents, camping, breathtaking scenery
  • Favorite Movie: Life is Beautiful


Get to Know Eric

Our Home

Our home is in the heart of Silicon Valley in a lovely, wooded area called Hillsborough. Our home was originally built in 1927 and has been in Adam’s family since 1964. It carries with it many fond and heartwarming memories and is the source of many family gatherings, “firsts” and traditions that we still share.

We take great pride in keeping the home looking its best.  We have a large garden with plenty of room for a child to grow and safely wander.  We love the sound of birds, watching our trees, shrubs, and numerous plants and flowers grow with each passing season.

We have plenty of diversions nearby in terms of outdoor activities: hiking, biking, swimming. And city and neighborhood fun: chili cook-offs, library events, art and entertainment. We also have access to excellent schools.  Holidays are BIG for us, and there isn’t one that goes by that we aren’t decking our home with decorations and celebrating with family and friends. Halloween and Christmas are our most celebrated holidays.

Our Home

Meet Our Loved Ones

Adam’s Family: Adam’s parents, Don and Marlene, his aunts, Margaret and Mary, and our best friend, Angela, all live nearby.  We also have extended family in neighboring towns that are always willing to come and join in the family fun.

Eric’s Family:  Eric’s parents, Chuck and Carol, live in southern California and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their future grandchild. In fact, Carol has not-so-secretly been stashing away baby’s clothes. We have plenty of support from our neighbors.  Adam’s nanny growing up (Ronnie), and our housekeeper Maggie (who was instrumental in taking care of Adam’s grandmother and other family friends) are ready and willing to lend a hand.

We have an amazing group of friends, many of whom have been a part of our lives since early childhood. Our dearest and most loyal friends have been extremely supportive of us in this journey and are ecstatic to participate in raising our future child in whatever way they possibly can. In fact, our dear friend Angela is already lining up to become “super auntie.”

We Promise:

  • To give unconditional love, affection, and support to your child.
  • To provide an environment that embraces honesty and openness about this amazing journey and to honor you, their birth mother.
  • To encourage them to celebrate the uniqueness of being adopted, and to have an open heart and mind when experiencing new cultures, thoughts, and ideas.

Adam & Eric

Meet Our Loved Ones