Adam & Dahlia

Hello from Dahlia & Adam!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We’re so excited to get started on making our dreams of parenthood come true. We know that this is a difficult and important decision for you and we are grateful and honored that you are considering us as adoptive parents.


We have been unsuccessful in starting our family, but we are SO READY to bring a child into our lives. Your child will be extremely loved and cared for by two people who are committed to your child completely. We have a lot to share and even more to gain by bringing your child into our life.


We know what a selfless, amazing gift you are giving to whoever you choose as your child’s adoptive parents. We have friends who have been given the gift of family through adoption. We see and know the bond they have with their children and how special it is.


From the first date, we felt a connection and very comfortable with each other, like we’ve known each other for years. We met 12 years ago on a blind date and we were engaged 6 months later on a cruise in the Baltic Sea! We were married a year after that on the 4th of July, so there will always be fireworks on our anniversary!


This year will mark our 10th anniversary and we are looking forward to starting our next chapter. We have struggled with infertility during our time together, but we see how it has brought us closer as a couple and how it has given us the strength to survive any challenges we may face in life.

Starting our own family has been our #1 priority from day one of our marriage. We so look forward to fulfilling this dream through adoption.


Hello from Dahlia & Adam!

Meet Dahlia

Dahlia was truly born to be a mother! She is the person everyone knows they can rely on to help in any situation. Whether it’s simply doing some dishes at a family get together, helping one of her aunties do a photo book of her grandchildren, or taking care of her nephew twice a week for her sister. Whenever a family member or friend has a new baby, she always wants help out in whatever way she can.


She is very involved with many of her friend’s kids, she is like an aunt to them. Dahlia enjoys being a part of their lives. She goes to their birthday parties, plays, school events and any other milestones she can attend.


She is always open to new adventures and experiences. I never used to travel, but she’s opened me up to it and I am so grateful for it. Even before we met she took a trip on her own to Australia and New Zealand where she went skydiving and hang-gliding, and another time went backpacking through Europe! She had always dreamt of having a travel partner and I’m so lucky I’ve been able to be a part of her adventures. There are so many places I’ve seen and things I never would’ve done if it weren’t for her. Now she is looking forward to expanding our travel party with children and showing them all that the world has to offer.


Meet Dahlia

Meet Adam

Adam is my best friend! Sometimes he knows me better than I know myself! He is kind, loving, generous, smart (the smartest person I know) and very creative, which are only some of the reasons I fell in love with him. Adam has a great sense of humor and always makes me laugh and knows how to bring a smile to my face.


Adam is extremely talented! His many talents include music, photography and being a whiz at computers. Beyond his programming job, he has designed and written two apps for the iPhone and iPad, and is now working on a third. In college Adam studied theater and music. He composes, plays instruments, and has produced 2 CDs.


Adam’s other passion is photography. He loves going out into nature and getting shots of flowers, animals, bugs, scenery and even people. It’s hard to find Adam in pictures because he is always the one taking them.


Kids love Adam! Whenever we see our niece and nephew or our friend’s children, the kids always run up to Adam wanting to play, and especially tickle him. He is very ticklish. They know how playful he is and that he is a kid at heart. He loves to play video games, board games and watch movies with them. He is a big fan of comedy and fantasy.


Meet Adam

Our Family

We both come from very loving and supportive families. They are all very excited that we have made the decision to adopt and can’t wait to welcome a new child into the family.


Most of Adam’s family lives on the east coast. Luckily for us, his older brother and his wife live just 5 minutes away. They have a young daughter (and a son on the way) and we often enjoy getting together with them for dinner and movie nights. We love spending time taking our niece on little adventures. We go to the beach, the movies, the park, and even to the local train museum where she loves to go on train rides.


Though Adam’s parents and his other three siblings live far, we talk on the phone and video chat. We also try to see each other at least once a year, if not more, whether we go back east or they come out here. We like to celebrate birthdays and holidays together as often as we can.


We are fortunate to live near dahlia’s family. Her parents, sister, brother in law, nephew, and her brother and his wife all live within 30 – 45 minutes of us. We get together all the time for family dinners, BBQs, birthdays, game nights and holidays. Grandma and Grandpa are looking forward to another grandchild and can’t wait to babysit.


Dahlia has lots of aunts, uncles and cousins who live in the area and are a very close bunch. There are always family events with everyone, such as weddings, birthday celebrations and holidays. She has family in Ohio, Israel and Canada as well, who we see quite a bit, as they come out for visits and celebrations.


We also have a lot of great friends who we have known for a long time and we see often. They are so excited we have made the decision to adopt, especially because a few of them have adopted too. They can’t wait to have another little one join our group.


Our Family

In Closing

We Promise…

To love and care for your child unconditionally.

To provide a happy, fun and stable home.

To raise them with a strong sense of self, independence and confidence.

To support your child in all of their dreams and interests.

To guide your child through all of life’s ups and downs.

To share our love for travel, art, music, theater, nature and most importantly time with family and friends.

To teach respect, kindness, and compassion for others, as well as for animals and the environment.

To shower your child with hugs and kisses, love and affection everyday.


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to get to know us. It is impossible to express into words how much it will mean to us to become parents and have a child in our life. Whatever you decide, you have our support and respect. If we are blessed to be the couple you choose, we will be forever grateful to you for giving us the gift of parenthood. We will love, cherish and nurture your child through their entire life and we will make sure they know where they came from and the sacrifice you made.


In Closing