Adriana & Steven


We are Steven & Adriana from Orange, County, California. We’re so thankful for the opportunity for you to get to know us a little better. We hope you can follow your heart in this difficult decision and find the loving family you imagine for your child. We are the loving, compassionate and kind couple that you can trust and believe in.

Why Adoption? After trying to start a family, we learned our chances to get pregnant were slim, and we began to look at adoption. Open adoption felt right to us because we believe children should understand and know about all parts of themselves. We have wanted a child for a long time because we know we can give them a loving and nurturing home.

Our Story: We hope that our story will give you a look into our life. Our story begins in 1998 when we met in Bucaramanga, Colombia when Steven was on vacation. Steven loves plants, and asked Adriana to take him to the botanical garden. As we walked among the plants and trees, we found out that we had a lot in common, and fell for one another right away. Adriana found Steven to be compassionate, honest and loving while Steven saw Adriana to be loyal, open, and honest. Those qualities were important to the both of us. Steven came to Colombia for the next 8 months so we could date and get to know one another. We both became very good at letter writing as we wrote many letters between the times we saw each other.

We are happy to call Irvine, California our home. During the week, we rarely go out, preferring to spend nights at home. On the weekends, we often to go our cabin in Lake Arrowhead to enjoy hiking and going to the lake. We also like to take driving trips to places such as Lake Tahoe and Sedona Arizona. Every year, we visit Adriana’s family in Colombia, South America. Often, we also go to the UK to visit friends from Steven’s school days.


About Adriana

I grew up in Colombia as part of a warm, loving and open family with my parents and two sisters. I had a happy childhood with two sisters around my age, and my older sister as my best friend. I loved playing with my sisters and friends in the neighborhood. I came to the United States in 1999 and married Steven. First I went to the University of Redlands to study Liberal Arts in Education and then I finished my Master’s Degree and teaching credential at Pepperdine University and became a teacher.

I now teach 1st grade. As a 1st grade teacher I adore my kids and I can’t wait until I have one of my own. One of the most important things I love about being a teacher is seeing how I can improve the learning and lives of disadvantaged kids. I teach in a low-income neighborhood elementary school where some parents don’t give their kids the necessary guidance and attention. I love to help these kids succeed, especially if their home environment is difficult. When our future child arrives, I plan on being a stay at home mother.

More About Adriana by Steven: Adriana is loving and compassionate. Some would consider her an angel, always thinking of others first. I am lucky to have such a loving and understanding wife. There’s no one else I’d rather share the responsibilities and joys of parenting with than Adriana.

Fun Facts About Adriana:

  • Favorite food: Japanese foods
  • Favorite music: Salsa and Latin
  • Guilty pleasure: Eating chocolate
  • Favorite show: Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Favorite sports: Zumba classes
  • Favorite color: Navy blue
  • Favorite thing to do: Going to Lake Arrowhead with Steven
About Adriana

About Steven

I grew up in Los Angeles with my parents and three brothers. All of my brothers are married and have children. We are a very close family and I love being an uncle for my little nephews and nieces. My favorite thing to do with my nieces and nephews is to go to the beach and ride jet skis.

As for work, I am an investment manager and I love my job because I get to help people live better lives in retirement. In my spare time, I am a volunteer US Forest Ranger in the San Bernardino National Forest where our cabin is located. I am passionate about becoming a father because I share good values with my wife and I look forward to introducing our future child to my favorite outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, camping and boating with our future child.

More About Steven by Adriana: Steven is very passionate and protective. He views his job as if he were a medical doctor; diagnosing problems and making peoples’ lives better. Although Steven is analytical, he is very personable and loves to be social. Steven not only has a love of his clients, but also of our family. He is a distinguished part-time professor at UCLA. He is funny, adventurous, active, and generous. Most importantly, Steven has a big heart and loves me very much. I see Steven’s eyes light up when he sees little kids in the forest when he is on ranger duty. I know that Steven will be a super father and I can’t wait until we get to parent together.

Fun Facts About Steven:

  • Favorite food: Tacos
  • Favorite music: 60s – 70s Rock
  • Guilty pleasure: Ice cream and hot dogs
  • Favorite show: Star Trek
  • Favorite sports: Hockey
  • Favorite color: Yellow
  • Favorite thing to do: Hiking and volunteering
About Steven

Home Sweet Home

We live in a warm and friendly house in a great neighborhood in Irvine, California. Our home is inviting, and we spend a considerable amount of time walking and hiking in our lovely neighborhood. It is a safe, great place to raise a child, with great schools, lots of young families, and plenty of parks and playgrounds to play in. We love to bike in our neighborhood because it has miles and miles of safe bike trails. We also love to go to the beach, which is close by, to walk, eat, bike or just hang out. Our home is ready for our future child and we are excited to give a child a loving home.

Home Sweet Home

The People we Love

We both come from large families. Adriana comes from a large family that includes close uncles, aunts, and cousins. It is great when we get together to share stories and the latest news. We speak to our families on a regular basis and we see them as often as we can. We like to go to Colombia a couple of times a year to visit family there, and we also love to see our California family at all the major holidays and other events.

Steven’s parents have passed away, but he is very close to his three brothers who live in the northern part of California. He enjoys seeing them and talks to them weekly.

All of our family is very excited for us to adopt a future child of our own.

Christmas is a special time for us, as we like to spend the holidays in Colombia with Adriana’s family. A family tradition is when everyone goes to Cartagena, Colombia for Christmas. The old walled city is very festive and pretty at Christmas time, and it’s fun to walk around with the family looking at the beautiful lights and buildings. We are very proud to be a multi-cultural family with roots in Colombia and in the United States.

Our Friends: Steven has two very close friends, Roger, whom he has known for 60 years and Emmett, whom he has known for 35. Roger has a sailboat and they go sailing with Steven’s other friends, Bruce and Scott. They play golf together or sometimes take extended trips. Emmett will be a great “uncle” to our future child. Roger is like a little kid himself, but responsible and aware! Both friends are excited for us to have a future child of our own because they had so many positive and wonderful experiences with their own kids.

Adriana has three close friends whom she has known for 10 years or more. As a group, Adriana and her friends like to do different activities, such as wildflower watching, biking, walking, visiting museums, and going to eat. One particular friend, Polina, whom Adriana has known for 9 years and was introduced to Adriana by another friend, can’t wait to be an “aunt” to our child.

Dear Birth Mother, Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We hope that you have enjoyed reading something about us, what we believe in and how badly we want a future child of our own. We would be great parents to your child and we would be very proud to call you our family and friend.

The People we Love