Alan & Leslie

Hello from Leslie & Alan in TX!

Dear Birth Mother: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us as potential adoptive parents to your child. Wow, that is such a powerful sentence. Through this snapshot of our personalities you will be making such an incredibly empowering and important decision.

When we spoke about starting a family a few years ago, we discussed the option of adoption as our first choice. We’ve always felt drawn to the idea of adoption and would love the chance to give your child the love, home, stability, and opportunity you desire. This is not something we take lightly. We respect your thoughts and emotions and want to make sure that you are comfortable with your final decision. In our home, you will be spoken about in a positive light. We will share your amazing strength in making the decision to choose us as your child’s adoptive parents.

We want you to know… parenthood MEANS EVERYTHING TO US, and we can’t wait to become parents and start a family. Thank you SO MUCH FOR THE OPPORTUNITY!

As A Couple, by Alan: Although we went to the same high school, we never met until we attended the same university. Our first date was rather memorable, as Leslie had just gotten her wisdom teeth out! Leslie earned her master’s degree in Children’s Media, and I earned my master’s degree in Emerging Media and Communication.

I proposed in New York City on a horse drawn carriage after seeing one of Leslie’s favorite musicals, “Annie.”

We are in our early thirties, financially stable, and in a very fortunate situation to provide a positive, loving, and safe home for your child – now and forever.

Fun Facts About Us:

• We’ve met Olaf, John Stamos, Whoopi Goldberg, Nick Cannon, Jim Parsons, Eric Stonestreet, Regis Philbin, Ryan Seacrest, Mary Tyler Moore, Henry Winkler, and more!

• After always wanting to appear as a game show contestant on television, Alan was picked to be on the “The Price Is Right” and won prizes.

• Leslie creates puppet videos for children that have been nominated for a Lone Star Emmy, viewed over 420,000 times online, and featured in schools, museums, and hospitals.

• Alan collects baseballs signed by non-baseball players (mainly television and movie actors).

• Leslie drew a poster that Gwen Stefani saw while performing. She brought Leslie on stage, showed her artwork to the audience, and asked to keep the poster. She then took selfies with Leslie on stage.

• Alan convinced Joe Gatto from the television show Impractical Jokers to call Leslie on her birthday.

• Leslie has perfect pitch, loves to sing, and plays the cello.

• Alan’s best friend was adopted.

• Leslie was in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

• We love decorating for Halloween and dressing up in spooktacular costumes with our dog, Leia.

• We love (especially our dog Leia) going for rides in Leslie’s mom’s 1957 Chevy convertible!

Hello from Leslie & Alan in TX!

Meet Leslie

I grew up in Dallas, Texas with my parents, sisters, and wonderful pets. My father worked as a software developer his entire career, and my mom performs in the symphony. I learned to play the piano, cello, and to sing, and have very fond memories of attending concerts with my family.

While getting my master’s degree in Children’s Media at New York University, I interned at Nickelodeon and worked for Sesame Street. Currently, I’m creating an animated television show about music, which has always been my professional dream. I’m fortunate that my work experience and skills in web development and social media allow me to have a flexible schedule and work (if desired) from home.

I thank both of my parents for believing in me and encouraging me to follow my dreams. this is something Alan and I will instill in our future child.

More About Leslie, by Alan: Leslie is, quite simply, my perfect match. She provides balance to our daily routine and is a very fun, loving, caring, and supportive companion. The way she takes care of her family and friends (both humans and animals) with all of her heart 100% of the time is inspiring.

She’s extremely patient and selfless, and is very passionate when it comes to making our dog, Leia, the happiest pup in the world. This is only a tiny glimpse into how amazing of a mother she will become.

In my eyes, she is the most beautiful lady on the planet – both inside and out.

Meet Leslie

Meet Alan

The themes of love and appreciation became the cornerstone of our family many generations ago and we can’t wait to shower your child with those same values.

I am an only child who grew up in Dallas, Texas with two incredibly caring parents. I also constantly spent time with my grandparents, and my fondest memories are of us all being together as a family.

My mom previously taught kindergarten and became a stay-at-home parent when I was born. This allowed her to become involved at school and provide care and guidance throughout the years. My dad worked very hard yet was always involved in my extracurricular activities. To this day, they both make it clear that I am their number one priority.

More About Alan, by Leslie: Alan is my soulmate. He’s the most loyal, loving, creative, and fun person that I could only ever dream of having by my side. He also has the most positive outlook on life. Seeing how his face lights up when he talks about our future child is a constant reminder that he’s going to be an amazing dad!

Alan has this way of making ANYTHING we do incredibly fun. I’ve been on more “spontaneous” scavenger hunts than I can count, with the end surprise being anything from a picnic or visit to the zoo to a trip to Disney World! I just know that he’ll make every day the best day ever for our future child!

Alan is also an extremely hard worker, passionate about sports and the entertainment industry, and is fortunate to have a career that combines both of his passions with the Texas Rangers baseball team. While his career is very important to him, family has always been his number one priority, and Alan is most fulfilled when his loved ones are happy. I’m confident that your child will ALWAYS know how much they are loved.

Meet Alan

Love Makes a Family

By Alan: We are very fortunate that almost all of our immediate family live, at most, a few miles away. My parents are about a mile away, and Leslie’s mom lives about two miles away. One of Leslie’s sisters lives about 15 minutes away, and the other lives in a small town near the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

I’m an only child and my parents have always been extremely involved in my life. My grandfather is 91-years-old and is also a huge part of our life.

Leslie is very close with her mom, who has always been very encouraging and supportive of Leslie and her sisters. Leslie’s mom has played in one of the top five (in the U.S.) symphony orchestras since 1979, so Leslie and her sisters spent much of their time growing up backstage at the symphony or attending their mom’s concerts. We can’t wait to share music of all kinds with our child and attend Leslie’s mom’s concerts!

Our family is incredibly supportive of our decision to adopt and they can’t wait to welcome a child into our family. While we aren’t huge in size, we make up for it in heart.

We are very fortunate to have strong, loving guides through the child-raising process.

Our Promise To You: We promise that your child will be our world, our number one priority, and our biggest joy in life. We will guide them with compassion, love, and dedication — teaching them that no dream is unachievable, no question is too silly to ask, and that you grow every single day.

We will embrace their unique interests, stress the value of family, tell them their adoption story, and share old traditions and create new ones that they can pass down to their children. They will know your brave decision and think of you in a positive light.

Love Makes a Family

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Where We Call Home: We live in a family-oriented, small community minutes away from downtown Dallas, Texas. Our house has a large grassy front yard perfect for having tea parties or throwing a baseball, and a nice sized backyard fit for swinging, picnics, camp outs, and lawn games. Our street is quiet, filled with many other families, and only a few blocks away from the elementary school our future child will attend.

Our Community Has:
• Easy access to a major downtown metropolitan area
• An A-rated school district with parental involvement
• A four-minute average emergency response time (fire and police) from dispatch to arrival
• A short drive to the famous State Fair of Texas
• Dallas city parks, museums, zoos and botanical gardens

Meet Leia: She is so gentle and loving, and we know that she will be a great big dog sister! Leia is such an important part of our life. She is a big love bug who enjoys dressing up in clothes, being sung to sleep by Leslie, wrapping herself in blankets (yes, really), playing with her best friends, sun tanning, and being by our side.

Our Final Thoughts: Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us and for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We have the love ready to share, and the passion of parenting runs deep. We are so excited to become parents to the most amazing child on the planet.

With all of our hearts, we can’t thank you enough for considering us!

Our Home and Closing Thoughts