Albert-Jan & Stephan

About Us

Dear Birth Mother: Hello! We are Albert-Jan & Stephan from the Netherlands! First, and most importantly, we want to say thank you! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, thank you for considering us as parents, and maybe most of all, thank you for making this difficult decision to give someone else the family they never thought they could have. We hope our profile will give you an idea about who we are as prospective parents.

We live in the Netherlands, a small country in Europe. We have chosen to adopt from the U.S. because Dutch domestic adoption is rare. Our hearts go out to the great openness of the U.S. adoption process, because we want your child to know the story of his/her birth and understand your selfless decision in considering adoption. As a birth parent, you will always play a special part in your child’s life to the degree that you are comfortable with.

About Us: We both grew up in a small town in the middle of the Netherlands. Stèphan moved to Nijmegen to study medicine while Albert Jan studied to become a teacher in social skills. A little over eight years ago, we met at a music festival. It was a very warm atmosphere and we fell in love at first sight. We knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together after we had to spend six months apart when Stèphan worked in Venezuela. We got married five years later and now we’re hoping for that last piece of the puzzle: a family!

And so begins a new journey together: you, your child and our commitment to you and your child. We respect you for considering adoption and are ready to take the step of raising a family. We will be dedicating our lives to support, nurture and love your child.

5 Things We Will Teach Our Future Child:
1. Respect others
2. Love yourself
3. Being honest
4. Be who you want to be
5. Share your wealth

Things We Love To Do Together:

• Sharing dinner with family and friends.
• We both love rollercoasters and amusement parks.
• Watching musicals or plays in the theatre.
• Relaxing at home and watching Netflix together.
• We love to discover cities all over the world by bike.
• Singing musical duets in the bathroom.

About Us


About Stephan by Stephan: I grew up in a warm religious family with my 2 younger brothers and my younger sister. We spent our childhood in Garderen, a very small rural village in the middle of the country. It was a big step moving towards the big city of Nijmegen when I started studying medicine. I specialized in child and adolescent psychiatry after my graduation and I get fulfillment in giving children with severe psychiatric problems a better life.

I enjoy my career as a child and adolescent psychiatrist and work from Monday through Thursday. So, Friday will be my “daddy day” and I can be flexible as our child needs me. I seek relaxation in singing with my dear friends from my vocal group. I also like cooking, especially Middle Eastern cuisine. I look forward to cooking and sharing my love of food with my future child.

A Few Favorites:
• HOBBY: Singing
• TV SHOW: Game of Thrones
• Movie: Titanic
• Food: Kale with smoked sausage
• Music: Coldplay, Mumford and Sons

More About Stephan, by Albert-Jan: Stèphan is a warm, lovely person and a great cook! He is my best friend and biggest supporter! He makes me snort with laughter daily. Stèphan connects easy with other people including children. He loves to take care of others in both his personal and professional relationships. He is always making sure people feel comfortable.

I’m a lucky guy with the love he gives to me every day and look forward to seeing him as a father. I know for sure Stèphan will be amazingly supportive on the hard days, helping our child over the hurdles of life in the same gentle and caring way I have seen him over the last 8 years. I’m so lucky to have Stèphan in my life and I’m beyond excited to start this next chapter with him.



About Albert-Jan, by Albert-Jan: I grew up in a small village in the center of The Netherlands, together with my parents and my older brother. As a child I always wanted to visit and work at the circus. I love to sing and act in musicals. Until high school I participated in different school musicals. These days I am an enthusiastic member of a musical association.

In daily life, I work as a teacher, teaching students in secondary vocational education to become nurses. Every lesson is kind of like a performance for me and I like to activate the curiosity of my students. I find it important to help them discover the world unprejudiced, wherever they’re going to work. I’m working 5 days now, but plan on staying home for 2 extra days when we adopt a child. I’m looking forward to supporting my future child in achieving all of their dreams.

A Few Of My Favorites:
• HOBBY: Playing musical instruments
• TV SHOW: The Crown
• Movie: Billy Elliot
• Food: Tuna & cinnamon pasta by Jamie Oliver
• Music: Adele, Abba

More About Albert-Jan, by Stephan: Albert-Jan is the love of my life because he is very warm, romantic and sensitive. He is very cuddly too! He is very attentive not only towards me, but also towards our family and friends. I love his enthusiasm when he is presenting or performing on a stage, because he always makes everybody laugh. I can be a realist and he completes me as he is a big and positive dreamer. Albert-Jan will be the kind of dad who will make sure our child has the best education because of his own background and passion for education.


Our Family & Friends

Our Family and Friends:
Albert-Jan’s older brother named Sjoerd has two teenage children, our nephew and niece, who we see quite often. We all love rollercoasters and try to visit a theme park together frequently. Albert-Jan’s parents are Johan and Marijke and they live in a small city only 45 minutes away from where we live. His mother can’t wait to become grandmother again! She is a retired kindergarten teacher and loves kids.

Stèphan’s family also lives 45 minutes away from our hometown. Stèphan has two younger brothers, Johan and Arjan, and one younger sister, Janine. His brother Johan and his wife have two daughters, June who is two years old and Bowie was just born in September 2019. We try to see our nieces as often as possible. Stèphan’s brother Arjan is married to Ri-Janne. Stèphan’s sister is in a relationship with her lovely girlfriend Anita. Stèphan’s parents live in a detached country house close to a nature reserve called the Veluwe.

We both are lucky to have friends surrounding us. Some of them we’ve already known for ages. We know many of them from our studies, work, the choir, church and musical association. We are happy to know that our friends describe our home as a lovely place to visit. We like to sit back and have a good time together with nice conversations, good food and board games!

Holiday Traditions:
• We started celebrating Thanksgiving since we began our adoption journey. We invite friends and family that have supported us in our journey and thank them by sharing a dinner together.

• On the 5th of December we celebrate Sinterklaas, the Dutch version of Santa Claus with presents. We celebrate this with family and eat typical gingerbread-like cookies called Pepernoten.

• We love to celebrate Christmas with friends and family by sharing a big traditional Christmas dinner. Then we go to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Our Family & Friends

Our Home & Promise

Our Home and Community:
We live in the Netherlands. Our spacious home is in a new neighborhood and has four bedrooms, so there’s plenty of space for a family. It is in a suburb close to the vibrant city center with a lot of facilities. There are a lot of young families in our neighborhood and we have a warm contact with our neighbors. Furthermore, there’s a big park with a playground nearby as well as a school and a daycare. We designed our house around a large central kitchen because we love to spend our time there with family and friends.

Known for tulips, cheese and mills, our country is also known for its progressive gay and human rights for all and has great respect for human diversity. Our hometown, Nijmegen, is a large city in the east of the country.

Meet Rover: Let us proudly introduce our tomcat Rover. Rover is a very cuddly cat. He loves to fall asleep besides us on the couch. The people in our neighborhood love Rover and the children like to play and cuddle with him. Rover loves the attention from our cousin and niece when they are over for a visit. He will be a great companion to your child!

Thank You So Much for Considering Us: We look forward to getting to know you! We will love and cherish your child and give them the best opportunities that life has to offer.

Our Promise To Your Child:
• Give your child a warm welcome into our lives
• Always provide a safe home filled with love
• Love them unconditionally now and forever
• Support you continuously in any decision you make
• To know their adoption story
• Raise them with all of the opportunities we and our country can offer them
• Allow them to make mistakes and learn from them.
• Teach them that the world is not black or white, but a rainbow of colors, cultures, ideas, and people – that fits in with our Dutch progressive gay and human rights, with a great respect to human diversity
• Share with your child our admiration, respect, and appreciation for the woman who brought them into this world and into our lives.

Our Home & Promise