Alex & Tim

Dear Birth Mother

We are so grateful for your courage in making the decision to give us the opportunity to start a family.

Thank you for taking the time to find out who we are.

We have been talking about adoption since we first met over ten years ago. We are excited to finally have the chance to become parents. Our hope is that as you get to know us better in these pages you will find that we might be a good match. No matter what you choose we wish the best for you on your adoption journey.

Our Story
We met as college freshmen at Purdue University. After being introduced to each other through a mutual friend, we started hanging out on weekends. Before long we were inseparable and junior year we moved into a shared living space.

Alex came to St. Louis, MO during Winter Break of junior year to meet Tim’s Family and tour the city. Since Alex’s family lived close to the university, Tim visited Alex’s family many times during college. After searching for a job in the same area, post college plans took Tim back to St. Louis and Alex to Charlotte, NC. After a few years of keeping in touch and distance dating, Alex accepted a great job in St. Louis and we moved in together.

Our marriage proposal was a two-part event. First, Tim took Alex on a surprise trip to the DC area to visit Kings Dominion, a theme park that Alex really wanted to visit. The next day, Tim proposed to Alex on the back steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and he said yes!

After planning a proposal for the same weekend that Tim already had planned, Alex asked Tim to marry him two weeks later.

Alex led Tim on a scavenger hunt through a place that is special to both of us which is our church. The scavenger hunt took Tim through pictures of many memories that they had already shared together. At the end of the hunt Alex asked Tim to marry him and he said yes!

Today we live together in a suburb of St. Louis, MO. When we are not at work, we like to participate in community events, host game nights with friends, or just cuddle on the couch and watch a movie or tv show. We also like to travel and are huge fans of roller coasters.

Our favorite travel destinations are theme/amusement parks all over the country and around the world. As of 2019, Alex has ridden 350 different roller coasters and Tim 295.

Dear Birth Mother

Meet Tim

I am excited to share a little more about me and hope to get to know you more as well. I grew up in St. Louis not far from where Alex and I live now.

I am an only child who spent a lot of time playing with other kids in our small suburban neighborhood.

I was heavily involved in the Boy Scouts as a kid. I earned my Eagle Scout award and worked for six summers at several Boy Scout summer camps in southeastern Missouri.

I am still an active volunteer Scouter today working with the upper High School aged youth that are involved in the Order of the Arrow, which is Scouting’s honor society.

I always was interested in computers as a kid, which led me to Purdue to study Computer Science.

I work as an Information Technology Manager at a healthcare company in St. Louis. When I am not at work, I like to spend time improving our house and gardens, volunteering with a few different groups, and traveling with Alex and other friends.

I am looking forward to exploring the world with our future child. As a kid, my favorites places to visit were the Science Center and the Zoo, and I can’t wait to visit the great network of world class museums St. Louis has with him or her. In addition, there are a lot of great state parks in Missouri that Alex and I look forward to exploring as a family of three.

Alex talks about Tim
I fell in love with Tim since he is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I have met. He is motivated to make the community a better place and this is evident through the youth development work he does as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts.

In addition to just mentoring them while they are in the program, the young adults continue to reach out to Tim for career mentoring after they age out of the program. Even if they are in college or beyond, Tim is happy to help guide them.

Tim always gives his all in everything he does. I am excited to become a dad with him and have him give his 100% to our child! I look forward to Tim reading bedtime stories as well as creating original stories for our future child. I am excited to journey in becoming a first time Dad with Tim and being by each other’s side!

Meet Tim

Meet Alex

I hope I get a chance to meet you. Here is a little more about me. I grew up in Indiana with my mom, dad and younger brother. Living on a wooded plot next to cornfields allowed me to explore nature from a young age and really learn to love being outside.

Family trips usually involved either camping or exploring important sites across the country. I went to Purdue University to study Mechanical Engineering due to my love of roller coasters.

Today I work for Nestle Purina on the supply chain team where I help make sure that our cat and dog food products are at the right place at the right time. Before this, my life was like an episode of “How It’s Made” as I designed the processes for how to make the dog and cat food.

I really love roller coasters, both going to ride them in person and designing new ones on my computer. I also enjoy volunteering in the community. I currently work with my church youth group, a summer camp for youth burn survivors in Indiana, and with the United Way in St. Louis.

This summer I enjoyed acting in musical at our local community theatre. I look forward to playing with our future child outdoors, going on family camping trips and pursuing their passions as a family. I also look forward to sharing my love of roller coasters and traveling as a family to visit different theme parks.

Tim talks about Alex
When I first met Alex, I was overcome by how nice he was to everyone he met. It seemed like everybody knew him. When we started to hang out as friends, I discovered that we shared many common interests; we loved the outdoors, had a heart for serving the community, and enjoyed live theatre.

As our friendship started to grow into a relationship, I began to understand that Alex deeply cared about the people around him, including me.

We have been together for 10 years and have talked about having children for almost all of that time. I have watched from afar as Alex has helped with Sunday School at church and volunteered with youth groups in the community.

I am so excited for him to have the opportunity to raise a child of our own. I know that he will love our future child unconditionally and provide unwavering care for them.

Meet Alex

Our Family and Friends

Tim’s family lives down the street from our house which we really enjoy. Tim’s mom and dad, Lucinda and Mark, still work but have dreams of retiring soon. We enjoy a family dinner with them every Sunday. Mark has his own wood shop and has made a lot of the furniture in their house (and some of the furniture in our house too). On weekends in the summer, they like to take their bicycles out onto local paths and take long distance rides.

Alex’s family lives in Indiana. Alex’s mom, Janis, lives in Lafayette, Indiana where Alex grew up. She recently retired and enjoys pursuing her hobbies of crafting and traveling.

Alex’s dad, Brian, also recently retired. Brian’s first retirement project is restoring the farm house that Alex’s Grandma grew up in southern Indiana to become his retirement home.

Alex’s brother, Jason and his wife Jamie live in Lafayette as well. Their hobbies include hunting, home brewing their own beer, and care for their Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Abby.

We enjoy that Tim’s parents are local to St. Louis and Alex’s parents are just a half-day drive away, so we get lots of family time throughout the year.

We both have fond memories of our family traditions from our childhood.

As we have begun to start a family together, we have taken some of those traditions with us and have started to create some new ones as well. Each year for Christmas, we have a celebration with both of our families. Tim’s family likes to attend Christmas Eve service at our church followed by homemade pie. On Christmas day they like to exchange gifts in stockings and under the tree, and watch some movies together.

Alex’s family enjoys reading The Night before Christmas on Christmas Eve, spending time together, and of course exchanging gifts the next day.

Thanksgiving Day is usually spent together at Tim’s parents place with a traditional thanksgiving meal.

Most years we will travel to Alex’s family farm for a second thanksgiving celebration as well.

For Halloween, Tim’s mom enjoyed sewing costumes for him growing up and looks forward to making special costumes for her future grandchild.

Easters are typically spent at the family farm and we usually celebrate the Fourth of July with a road trip.

Our Home

We live in Olivette, which is an inner suburb of the St. Louis area. We love our house! It is at the end of a longer driveway in a private setting that we share with our neighbors, Paul, Laura, and their two year-old son Adam.

In front of the house, we have a series of native gardens that attract butterflies in the fall and lots of birds in the spring.

Behind the house we have a wooded valley that gives kids in the surrounding neighborhood an area to explore.

The core section of our house was built as a farm house in the 1800’s and has been restored and expanded to make a nice modern home.

The elementary school in our neighborhood is less than a half mile down the street. The school is across the street from a large park with a great playground. There are two other great parks within a half mile of our house as well.

Our Family and Friends

Our Promise

Our Promise
• We promise to instill in your child a sense of adventure and a desire to travel the world and experience different cultures with their own eyes.
• We promise to raise your child to be comfortable in the outdoors and to appreciate the wonders of nature.
• We promise to teach your child the joy of experiencing both the visual and performing arts and give them plenty of space to create art of their own.
• We promise to introduce your child to people throughout our community from all backgrounds and teach them that all people are valuable and worthy of love.
• And most importantly, we promise to love your child unconditionally no matter what.

Thank you so much for getting to know us a little more and we hope we have the opportunity to get to know you a little more as well.

Our Promise