Alison and Phil


We are Phil & Alison from Glendale, California. Thank you for taking a look at our profile. We know you are considering difficult choices right now and appreciate your courage and strength. You are an amazing woman!

Families come in many shapes, styles, and sizes and we’re excited to expand our family through adoption. Your consideration of us as parents for your child is both humbling, and our greatest honor. We are ready to join you for this part of your life journey. Our promise to you is that your child will be told with respect from day one of your decision of love and a desire to do what is best. The most important thing we want you to know is we will love and support your child with everything we have.

About Us: Alison’s dad, Al, knew that Phil was “The One” when he watched us assemble an Ikea cabinet in a few hours with no arguing! Early on, we realized that we’re a great team. We share core values and have personalities that balance each other. Enthusiastic Alison loves to start adventures, while grounded Phil keeps things on track with his strong determination.

We met while playing in an orchestra for a movie soundtrack. Our first date was to get tacos where we bonded over favorite music and funny family stories.

Three months into dating, Phil faced a surgery that affected his fertility. Having a family was something we both desired, so we have considered adoption as the way to fulfill this dream for some time. Phil’s medical challenge was early in our relationship, and it revealed a deep love for each other. We married in a ceremony surrounded by friends and family and a celebration over our favorite meal, brunch!

Since then, we have built our partnership by supporting each other’s careers and holding each other up on our journey toward parenthood. We try to make each day a shared adventure; from running errands together to traveling to the Philippines and China to visit Phil’s extended family.

Our Family Values:

  • Respect and compassion for ourselves, others and our world
  • Stick together and tackle challenges as a team
  • Bring beauty and joy to others through our creativity and actions
  • Set goals and work toward them with resiliency

Our Favorite Activities to Do as a Couple:

  • Hiking the trails behind our house
  • Sushi date-nights
  • Listening to Frank Sinatra while we roll out fresh pasta
  • Solving crossword puzzles while sipping delicious lattes

About Phil

About Phil, by Phil: I grew up in Whitewater, Wisconsin, a small university town. In the fourth grade, I received a French Horn and it rarely left my side for 30+ years. With it, I traveled the United States and Europe, and played on thousands of movies, TV shows, CDs and concerts, like the Star Trek movies and series, Family Guy, Frozen, Cars, and The Simpsons.

Currently, I teach music and French Horn to grade school and middle school children. It allows me to stay connected to music while giving me the freedom to set my own hours. This will come in handy when it comes time to bring the new baby home!

I use my free time to grow. I like learning about art and going to museums. I enjoy taking classes at the local City College too. I love athletics and staying fit. I appreciate growing things in the garden and cooking them in the kitchen with Alison.

By Alison: The first time we ever spoke, Phil’s eyes sparkled as he told me about his daughter, Elli. His daughter was clearly the center of his world and I immediately sensed his loyalty and love for his family. Phil might be the quietest person in the room, but when he speaks, people listen because he speaks up for what is right or to make an important point.

Phil is the most determined person I have ever met- when he puts his mind to something, he cannot be stopped! I know he will be a trustworthy, steadfast rock and thoughtful guide for our child because I have seen him do that with his daughter, Elli.

Phil’s Fun Facts

  • I have worked with Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Barbra Streisand, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, and Kelly Clarkson to name a few.
  • I completed 15 marathons.
  • I lived in Europe as a young man.
  • I love cross country skiing!
  • My daughter Elli threw me a surprise birthday party at a movie studio where we watched my favorite movie, “Animal House.”
About Phil

About Alison

About Alison, by Alison: I grew up in Eastern Washington with two loving parents and a protective, fun, big brother. My parents valued being a good citizen and giving our best to anything we tackled. Family camping and road trip vacations instilled a sense of adventure and openness to the world. My parents valued education and encouraged me to go as far as I could with academics. I attended colleges in Oregon and Southern California, earning a doctorate in music and education.

Music is my ‘second language’ since I started piano at age 3. Today, I play harp for movie/tv soundtracks, live orchestras, and artists such as Sia, Ali Shaheed Muhammed, and Madonna. I also teach part-time at several local colleges. As a self-employed musician, I set my own work hours and choose a flexible work schedule to prioritize our family first.

By Phil: There are too many glowing ways to describe Alison. She is independent, sweet, smart, accomplished, talented, kind, nurturing, loving, likable…

Alison is committed. Committed to our relationship, the project at hand, her students, her work and her music. I have seen the way she interacts with her students, young and old, and see how she is truly invested in their learning. I know she will be a dedicated and invested parent and I can’t wait to raise a child with her by my side!

Alison’s Fun Facts

  • Each year, I teach more than 500 music appreciation students at a community college.
  • My favorite vacation activity is snorkeling.
  • I garden without gloves because I love dirt!
  • My dad, an engineer, taught me to change my own car oil and tires.
  • My mom, a nutritionist, taught me to eat healthy (but also makes the best birthday cakes!)
About Alison

Our Family and Friends

Our families are supportive of our adoption plans, especially big sister, Elli, who can’t wait to share her favorite Disney movies with her new sibling.

Alison’s parents live in Greenville, South Carolina and brother Geoff lives in Seattle, Washington. We email as a group each day to keep up ‘the little daily details.’ Parents Al and GeorgAnn are happily retired and can’t wait to spend quality grandkid time on their visits and Geoff is excited to be a ‘funcle’ (fun uncle).

Phil’s family lives outside Chicago, his mom Betsy’s hometown (Go Cubs!). We love to explore this beautiful city when we visit. We swap daily texts with Phil’s younger siblings, James and Maria. Phil’s father, Fil, is a retired doctor. His heritage is Chinese, but Fil grew up in the Philippines. We enjoy visiting our large extended family in Manila and Hong Kong, or meeting them ‘halfway’ in Hawaii.

Our Family Traditions

  • Alison’s family loves Christmas, especially looking at lights and watching “Christmas Story” on TV.
  • Phil’s family celebrates American holidays, plus the food and traditions from China and the Philippines— they make the best lumpia in Illinois!
Our Family and Friends

Meet Elli

Hi, my name is Elli, short for Elizabeth. I am Phil’s daughter and Alison is my step-mom! I am 21 years old and attending California State University, Monterey Bay. I am currently on the Dean’s List and hope to receive my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in December 2021. When I am not focused on school, I love to take my 2 dogs to the nearby beach, hiking trails, or parks to run and play. I also love to travel, go on adventures, and make new memories. I look forward to becoming a sister!

Alison’s Favorite Stepmom Activities with Elli:

  • Getting frozen yogurt and talking
  • Arts and crafts doodling time
  • Watching Impractical Jokers
  • Rolling our eyes at Phil’s “dad jokes”

Our Home and Community: We live 15 minutes from the exciting cultural opportunities of downtown Los Angeles, California. 45-minutes the other direction are Malibu beaches! Our local main street is used as “small town America’’ in TV shows and has a Fall carnival, and a Christmas parade where Santa waves from a helicopter.

Our two-story home is tucked into a hill, where we sip our morning coffee while watching bobcats, deer, and birds visit the protected greenspace next-door. We are eager to hear a little one giggling with glee as we push them on the swing set and zip down the slide in our backyard! From our garden, Alison picks homegrown, plump tomatoes and crunchy cucumbers for a tasty lunch, complete with fresh honey from our beehives, which are safely located out of the way, behind a locked fence. Phil is excited to teach our future child to swim in our backyard pool during sunny California summers.

We Can’t Wait To:

  • Snuggle with a bedtime story
  • Visit Kidspace Museum and Disneyland
  • Go to a baseball game at Dodger Stadium and Wrigley Field
  • Give them a hug and be a listening ear on a rough day
  • Make Phil’s family recipes together, like “Grandma Donuts” and lumpia

Thank You: Thank you for reading our profile! We know the possibilities might feel overwhelming during this process. If you feel a connection to us and want to choose us to move forward with you on this journey, we will do our best to be sensitive to your needs and give your baby the best life possible. No matter what you decide, we wish you peace and happiness.

  • Phil and Alison


Meet Elli