Alla and Ben


We are Alla & Ben from Marina Del Rey, California. Thank you for reading our profile and considering us as a potential family for your child. We admire your brave choice to place your baby for adoption. If given the opportunity, we promise your child will grow up in an environment full of love, encouragement and adventure.

Although we learned that we cannot have children naturally, we never gave up on our dream of being parents and are excited to complete our family through adoption.

We have built a wonderful life together and can’t wait to share it with a child. We hope our profile gives you a good idea of us and the loving, happy and stable home we can provide for your child.

About Us: We met the old-fashioned way…on the dating app Bumble! On our first date, Alla jokingly asked Ben if he was really as tall as he stated on his dating profile (Full disclosure: He rounded up!) and Ben knew then that he’d met his match. Two years later, we were married in Malibu.

We enjoy taking advantage of living by the beach and mountains, so you’ll often find us biking or running on the beach boardwalk, hiking on local trails or walking our adorable dog, Poppy, around the neighborhood. On weekends, we love going to concerts, movies, art exhibits and restaurants.

Our marriage is built on a strong foundation of mutual love and respect, as well as a shared goal to build a meaningful life and a family together. We have a loving relationship, a beautiful home and a wonderful life, which we are looking forward to sharing with a child.

Other Things We’d Like You to Know:

  • Alla loves decorating for the holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, you name it! We have decorations galore, many of which have been passed down from Alla’s mom. We can’t wait to share this family tradition of decking out our home for the holidays with our child.
  • Ben grew up in an athletic family and there was always a sport in season (soccer, baseball, tennis). He recognizes the value sports gave him — teamwork, discipline, character, the opportunity to get to know kids from different walks of life — and would like to share this passion with our child.
  • Education is important to us and we promise to provide the best educational and enrichment opportunities to our child. From reading bedtime stories to helping with homework, we want to encourage achievement, creativity and give our child the tools to pursue their dreams.
  • We love to travel and explore different cultures. So far we’ve traveled to Portugal, Morocco, Mexico, and throughout the US. Recently we’ve been doing road trips with our dog and exploring the beautiful mountains, lakes and national parks that the West Coast has to offer.

We look forward to going on many more adventures with our child.


About Alla

Ben on Alla: I was excited about Alla from the moment we first met. I thought she had it all –– looks, smarts, worldliness, athleticism, humor –– and I still do! As we continued dating, I learned that we also share very similar sensibilities, opinions and outlooks on life. Our relationship has grown even stronger and more fulfilling over time. She inspires me to be a better man!

I know that Alla will make an excellent mother. Beyond all of her practical abilities to raise an incredible and well-rounded child, it’s her compassion, thoughtfulness and capacity to love that impress me most. There’s no shortage of times I see her getting emotional. Why, you ask? Because of a “feel good” story on the news, a rescued pet on Instagram or an adorable toddler smiling at her. While she has great inner-strength and mental toughness, Alla is a softie at heart.

Alla’s Work: Alla works as a freelance writer and editor for digital media, which allows her to have a flexible schedule. She plans to be a stay-at-home mom once we welcome a baby.

Every week Alla volunteers at a local church serving meals to the homeless. Giving back to the community and society is important to us and we plan to instill this value in our child.

What Makes Alla Happy:

  • Ben
  • Poppy
  • Working out
  • Ice Cream
  • Going on an adventure
About Alla

About Ben

Alla on Ben: I love how much Ben makes me laugh. A great sense of humor can get you through a lot of challenges. Ben is sweet natured, good hearted and has a strong sense of integrity. I admire that he is engaged and curious about the world we live in and continues to enrich and better himself.

I know Ben will make an wonderful father. Kids are drawn to him because he’s fun, silly and loves to play. He’s also very patient and compassionate. My brother asked my nieces and nephews for their first impressions of Ben and they said he was “friendly,” “easy to talk to” and “not afraid to embarrass himself” because he asked if he could borrow zit cream. That means a lot coming from pre-teens!

Ben’s Work: Ben has a passion for urban planning and works in real estate development, specializing in affordable housing.

What Makes Ben Happy:

  • Alla
  • Poppy
  • Skateboarding
  • BBQ
  • Discovering a cool new neighborhood
About Ben

Our Home

We own our home just a few blocks from the ocean in a beautiful beachside community. We’re lucky to call the beach our front yard, so you’ll often find us there swimming, sunbathing or watching sunsets.

Our backyard is a lovely marina, where we like to rent boats, kayaks and paddle boards. We’re just a short walk from famous Venice beach and a bike ride from the Santa Monica Pier. Alla likes walking to local restaurants, coffeehouses and shops, while Ben’s preferred mode of transport is his skateboard.

Our doggy loves playing chase on the beach, barking at ducks at the nearby lagoon and challenging other pups to wrestle-mania at our local dog park. It’s a family friendly neighborhood with a new playground just a couple blocks from us and a number of nearby parks. We live in a wonderful community and are thrilled to raise our child here.

Favorite Places Near Our Home:

  • Summer concerts at the Santa Monica Pier
  • Playing bocce or cornhole at the beach with friends
  • The Christmas boat parade in the Marina

Our Pup: We love spending time with our sweet two-year-old Goldendoodle. A few of Poppy’s favorite things are fetching balls, stealing socks and playing chase. She is great with kids and animals, but can’t be trusted around shoes.

Our Home

Our Family

We are very close to our families both near and far. Alla is lucky to have her mom living nearby, so we get to see her weekly, usually for dog walks and lunch dates. She loves traveling, volunteering, sewing and rowing. She’s looking forward to spoiling another grandchild and we’re counting on her to be our go-to babysitter. Alla’s siblings, nieces and nephews live on the East Coast, so we get together at her brother’s lake house every summer where we enjoy waterskiing, tubing and fierce competitions of mini-golf.

Ben’s parents, brother and extended family live in Texas and we visit them throughout the year. Ben’s parents are both retired educators who enjoy the arts; his dad recently took up painting and his mom enjoys gardening and reading. They can’t wait to be first-time grandparents and are thrilled at our decision to adopt!

In Closing – Thank You: Thank you so much for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We are so excited to start the next chapter of our lives and complete our family through adoption! We can’t wait to meet you, get to know you and go through this journey together.


Our Family