Amanda and Brad

Dear Birth Mother

Why hello there! We are Brad and Amanda from sunny San Diego, California! We are grateful and blessed that you are taking the time to read our story and learn about us.

We truly admire and respect your decision to consider adoption. We cannot imagine the rollercoaster you might have experienced so far, but we are hopeful for the opportunity to join you on this journey. Adoption has always been in our hearts from the start, and we are excited to start our family.

We promise to give your child a loving home filled with joy, laughter, courage, and confidence. As much as we would love to say our life is always full of rainbows and butterflies, we want to be honest and let you know that there are also gray clouds and stinging bees at times. We understand life can be unpredictable and we take on each challenge as they come.

Hopefully you will get a peek inside the life we want to share with your child. Thank you for spending time to get to know us!

With love,

Brad and Amanda

Our Story: We were both born and raised in San Diego, California but lived on opposite sides of the city. We used good ol’ to help play Cupid and have our paths cross.

Brad’s match subscription was coming to an end just as Amanda finally made her way to the online dating scene. Brad sent a chivalrous message to Amanda highlighting their mutual love for Amazon prime and coffee shops. Our first date included burgers, a few awkward giggles, and a walk on the beach. There was undeniable chemistry.

After a few weeks, Amanda already saw a potential future and told Brad that she was born without an endometrial lining and unable to carry a child. Brad reassured Amanda that a family is created with love and that we would be able to provide a child with all the love, joy, support, and more.

We dated for four years and tied the knot in 2019. As much as we enjoy a good romcom, our life is not a movie. However, we always try to look for the silver linings and laugh our way through it all. The foundation of our relationship is built on faith and open communication. We are excited for a new chapter and hopeful to become parents.

Five Things That Make Us Happy

  • Going on adventures and traveling
  • Watching cute dog videos
  • Brad’s obnoxious dad jokes
  • A delicious slice of pizza
  • Colorful sunsets on the beach
Dear Birth Mother

About Brad

Meet Brad in Amanda’s Words: Brad truly has one of the biggest hearts! He is always thinking of ways to help others, whether it is family, a friend, or even a neighbor. He will motivate you and be your biggest cheerleader or give you a hug when you are feeling down.

Brad graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and completed his MBA in project management. His brain never tires, and he can work on something for hours until he figures out a solution. Brad enjoys watching Youtube videos to learn new archery techniques or perfect his woodworking projects.

He has adventurous tastebuds and enjoys cooking. He always knows which ingredients go well together and likes to test new recipes. Growing up, he played Iron Chef with his cousins and they would each take turns creating random dishes.

Brad has a playfulness about him and loves to make others laugh. He always brings joy to everyone around him. When we visit friends or family, all the kids run straight to him to climb on his back or play dinosaurs. Kids adore him and are drawn to his playful energy – everyone loves Uncle B! One thing that instantly caught my eye on Brad’s dating profile was a photo of him as Batman and his nephew as Spiderman. He is always a fan favorite and clearly meant to be a dad.

Brad in a Nutshell:

  • Food: Hamburgers
  • Music: Country
  • Hobby: Archery
  • Dream Job: Own a coffee shop
  • Fear: Amanda’s hairballs
About Brad

About Amanda

Meet Amanda in Brad’s Words: The first thing you notice about Amanda are her big warm brown eyes that give away her loving and bubbly soul. You can immediately tell that she is a kind, caring, and genuine person right when you meet her.

She is the youngest of three siblings and loves to be by the water. If she could have it her way, she’d be a mermaid in a heartbeat.

She graduated with a Master’s in Education Technology and was a teacher for a few years. She is exceptionally gifted at connecting with children; it must be her animated attitude and facial expressions. Our nieces love spending time with Auntie Manda because she comes up with fun creative activities and games.

My favorite thing about Amanda is her quirkiness. Who else would have a dance party in the rain or get scared by a cartoon? Quirkiness aside, Amanda truly loves love. Not just the notion or the beginning stages of it, but the hard work that goes into loving. She has so much love to give, and I can’t wait to see her share that unconditional love and joy with our future child. Even when we first started dating, I could see that Amanda was meant to be a mother.

Amanda in a Nutshell:

  • Can’t Live Without: Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • TV Show: This is Us
  • Super Power: Teleportation with a companion pass
  • Music Artist: Jack Johnson
  • Hobby: Crafting


About Amanda

Home Sweet Home

San Diego is known for smaller yards, so we like to pretend the beach is our backyard. We are big fans of eating tacos on the sand and soaking up sunshine on a hiking trail.

Our Neighborhood: We moved into a three-bedroom home and have been trying to make our Pinterest dreams come true. We strive to make our home feel warm and cozy – so far, our guests have given us the stamp of approval. We look forward to filling our home with our child’s artwork, hearing little footsteps running down the hall, evening pillow fights, and creating happy memories.

Our home is in a family friendly neighborhood with an excellent school district. Children are always outside, playing corn hole or riding bikes. The neighbors enjoy decorating for all the holidays and even host decorating contests. We are stocking up on all the holiday décor to join in on the fun!

On gloomy days, we enjoy snuggling on our couch for movie nights with a pint of ice cream in hand. We have a big comfy couch and plenty of cozy blankets to go around.

Hobbies: Sometimes we play the role of coffee critics when we visit local coffee shops. We enjoy going for bike rides along the lake and look forward to taking our future child along with us someday. We also love traveling to new places, trying unique dishes, and learning about other cultures.

Board games are a household necessity but need to be approached with caution. Tension starts to build as we tend to let our competitive nature get the best of us.

We like hosting game nights, having barbecues, and listening to live music.

You’ll often find us making friends and family laugh as we don’t take life too seriously. We love to dress up and even created our own holiday called 50 First Dates. Each year in mid-May, we go on a blind date (with each other, of course) dressed up in a surprise costume. On our first blind date, we dressed as a grandma and a matador and enjoyed dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants.

Home Sweet Home

People We Love

We are fortunate to be surrounded by both of our families who live close by. Brad has a large extended family and Amanda has a small intimate family – we get the best of both worlds!

During holidays, we wear our stretchy pants because both families have countless dishes laid out and you typically leave with to-go boxes.

For Thanksgiving, Brad’s aunt bakes the most delectable turkey and spends the whole night working on her secret recipe. Amanda’s sister always hosts Christmas, and it is a fun-filled day of matching pajamas, minute to win it games, and gingerbread houses. One of our favorite traditions is celebrating Lunar New Year with Brad’s family. It’s a day where families extend well wishes to one another, wear colorful outfits, and ring in the new year with laughter.

Most of our friends have started their own families, so there are always kiddos running around! We’ll typically play hide-and-seek or build forts. Sometimes we go out for lunch and have foot races on the beach. We are excited to watch our future child spend time with our loved ones and thrilled that they already have so many friends waiting to play.

We Believe…

  • New experiences are better than material things
  • Dancing and singing don’t solve everything, but comes close
  • You should always sprinkle kindness and love on others
  • Spending time at the beach is better than spending time in front of the tv
  • Imperfection is perfection, so always be yourself

One Last Thank You: Thank you so, so much for taking the time to learn more about our story! The courage and strength it takes to ensure your child’s happiness is more than we can ever put into words.

We welcome a continued relationship with you so that you may keep updated on all their milestones and successes throughout life, as much as you are comfortable.

We value your history as it is part of theirs. We also value a good balance in life and will provide our child with a strong foundation to build great character.

We would love the opportunity to learn more about you and your hopes for the future.

All the best,

Brad and Amanda

People We Love