Amber and Brian


Hi there! We are Amber & Brian from South Texas. We want to thank you for learning about us. We are grateful that you are considering adoption and are blown away by your courage and selflessness. One of our friends has a saying, “Love is for the brave.” We think that is the reason you’re here reading this right now.

After several years of trying to have children biologically and not being successful, we knew that adoption was the way we would grow our family. We are ready to become parents and cannot wait for the day when that dream comes true. We value you and respect you and we cannot wait to tell you about us.

We Will Teach Your Child the Things We Care About:

  • Loving people
  • That one of the bravest people we know is you
  • The importance of community

About Us: We met in 2006 at a Christian adventure camp in Tennessee. Brian was on full-time

staff (his camp nickname was Memphis, and this is what Amber usually calls him!), and Amber was there for the summer. We started out just being friends. We were friends for years before we finally started dating. After two years of dating, Brian proposed at the camp we met at, and we got married exactly four months later. We recently had our ten-year anniversary, and it just keeps getting better!

We are close with our family and have a strong community of friends. Our favorite thing to do is spend time with our people. Our life may not seem very flashy or exciting, but we love the people we do life with.  We enjoy movie nights (we are both BIG Harry Potter nerds), playing games with our friends (Phase Ten, Dominoes, or Settlers of Catan), and we love the simplicity of our life. We have everything we need and enjoy sharing our home, resources, and time with people around us.

We love taking trips and exploring new places together! Amber is usually the trip-planner and Brian is always up for an adventure. Some places we’ve visited so far are Scotland, Oregon, London, Washington D.C., and many other small towns!

We Promise You and Your Child:

  • They can talk to us openly with no judgement
  • To be creatively and confidently themselves
  • To value and love family and friends
  • How to love people well
  • To know Jesus and grow in their faith

About Amber

About Amber by Brian: If there is one word I could use to describe Amber it would be intentional. With every person she meets, she desires to know what makes them tick. She truly wants to “know” people and to make them feel known. While she is very intentional, she is also very fun and entertaining. She makes me laugh every day with witty remarks, cutely awkward mannerisms, or telling stories from the day. I know that she will be a great mother because she is so comfortable being herself and loves others so well. She also desires to help people be their best selves.

One of the main reasons I look forward to seeing Amber be a mother is because no matter where you come from or what has happened to you in your life, Amber helps you become a better person.

You Might be Surprised…

  • I have several tattoos
  • I work as a food service manager at a Christian camp and regularly feed 500+ people at the same time!
  • I love music but cannot dance at all. Some of my faves – Joseph, Amos Lee, and Johnnyswim.
  • I love trash-talking but I never win games

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Amber loves music! She’s recently gotten into vinyl and loves picking out the perfect record. Her most-played are Coloring Book by Stevie Wonder and By & By from the band Caamp.
  • She relaxes by riding her motorcycle and going on long drives with friends. She also LOVES concerts. Seeing Adele from the second row was an incredible night!
  • Amber grew up playing multiple sports and being active – she hopes to teach our child how to rollerblade and ride a bicycle, shoot basketball, how to create fun instead of being bored, and how to love people well.
  • She loves teaching people. Most frequently, she helps people with financial security and budgeting. She is great at seeing the big picture and helps friends make decisions.
About Amber

About Brian

About Brian by Amber: Brian is steady and hard-working. He is always serving others behind the scenes and willing to help. He is the type of friend everyone wants – giving, sacrificial, and fun. He makes you feel like you can be yourself around him. He has a hearty laugh. He treats people with respect and kindness. I know he will always have my back.

I can’t wait to see him be a dad. Kids flock to him because he is silly, makes crazy noises, and is a great teacher. He is incredibly patient and faithful. Brian is a hard worker no matter what he is doing – fixing our cars, doing projects on our house, or taking care of people who are about to go into surgery. He is the steadiest person I know. Everyone who meets him is drawn to him by his quick smile, his hearty laugh, and his service and selflessness.

You Might Be Surprised…

  • I’m a nurse
  • I love being cold
  • I do most of our cooking
  • I do all our home improvements. Recently, I built a covered deck for our backyard and a table for Amber’s Vinyl collection.

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Outside of work Brian enjoys working on cars, home improvements, and building furniture for friends and family.
  • One of the biggest things that he looks forward to is serving our future child in this way and showing them how to find their own way to love and support the people around them. If they were to come along side of him and take an interest in the things he loves, that would excite his heart even more!
  • Brian loves a good action movie or suspenseful and intriguing TV series such as The Avengers movies or Jack Ryan.


About Brian

Our Home

We live in a small town and enjoy the slower pace of life. We live in the scenic Hill Country of Southwest Texas and are about 45 minutes away from San Antonio.

We live in a quiet neighborhood and live next to a putt-putt course and water park that we will use frequently when we are parents! One of the best things about living in our neighborhood is seeing all the deer and wildlife. We named the deer travels through our backyard the ‘Deer Parade’ and get a kick out of it when 50+ deer walk in a straight line to get from one side of our yard to the other.

Four Reasons Why We Love Our Community:

  • The river in our town, a good spot to cool off from the Texas heat!
  • State natural area near our home – exploring miles of beauty.
  • Live music at local restaurants. Hangout nights with our group of friends.
  • Our backyard – serene and getting to see local wildlife!

Pets: We have a cat (Sybil) and dog (Fiona, a terrier mix) who keep us laughing and cuddling every day. Sybil mostly keeps to herself, and Fiona is always watching and hoping we drop any popcorn while we’re watching TV or movies. They are both good with kids – Sybil keeps her distance and Fiona is gentle and cautious around children.

Our Home

Our Family

We are close to both sides of our family. Amber’s family is mostly in Tennessee. She has one older sister, and her parents are so excited to become grandparents! We get to see Amber’s family several times a year. We try to see both our families at Christmas to celebrate! Time with Amber’s family is spent hiking and taking daytrips. They’re always up for exploring with us and enjoy camping in different locations throughout the country.

Brian is the middle child of the family. His family is within a five-hour drive and we see them every few months. We enjoy playing with our nephews – going on walks, playing baseball, and fishing. His parents are called Lolly and Pop by their grandkids (LollyPop).

Our friends in our small town bring us so much joy and true community. We see them regularly for small group/Bible study, group dinners, or just stopping by. Several of our closest friends have kids, which will be built in friends for when our family expands!

Our Favorite Family Traditions:

  • Instead of having cake at our wedding, we had ice cream sandwiches. Brian left to grab them for both of us, but by the time he got back to the table Amber was already eating one by herself! We now celebrate our anniversary by eating ice cream sammies together.
  • Opening one present on Christmas Eve.
  • “I cook, you clean” – whoever does the cooking doesn’t have to clean up the dishes!

Family Values That We Live By:

  • Open and honest communication
  • Love for family and friends, and the importance of community
  • Teach our child about Jesus and His care for them and how to grow close to Him
  • How to creatively and confidently be themselves
  • Stability with safe and secure home environment

In Closing: Thank you, again, for taking time to read our profile and get to know us. While this is just a glimpse of who we are, we hope it gave you a good picture of us. We cannot wait to become parents and will raise our child to know of your bravery and sacrifice.

We’ve been looking forward to this for many years and have gained a lot of wisdom and insight in that time from our friends and family members who have kiddos. We can’t wait to share our life of love and laughter and what we have learned about family with your child.

Our Family