Andrea and Fred


Hello! Bonjour! We are Fred & Andrea from Kansas City, Missouri and we appreciate you reading our profile, getting to know us and considering us as adoptive parents.

Love is one of the key values our parents passed onto us, and we want to show this love as parents, and pass on that value. We both come from large families – Fred’s family lives in the Western side of France, Andrea’s family is close by- and it’s been a dream for us to have a family of our own.  We are looking to adopt and raise a child, since we are unable to have biological children.

Our Story: We met 7 years ago. Fred was a good friend to Andrea’s sister, Kim, and had heard briefly about Andrea- as “the sister living in California.”  Shortly after Andrea came back to Kansas City, Andrea’s sister invited Fred out for a drink and introduced us.  That night, Fred remembers Andrea’s bright smile, and Andrea was quite impressed with Fred’s French accent.  We soon began dating, and were engaged a year and a half later at Café Provence, one of the best French restaurants in Kansas City.  We had a wedding in Kansas City, and then a big reception in France- dancing until 3AM!

We love to go on adventures and return to France almost every year, but also love short trips and camping in our region- Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. Andrea is an avid gardener and we grow lots of the vegetables we eat almost year-round in our backyard.  Fred loves to run outdoors and keep in marathon-running shape.  One of our top “love languages” is quality time, so we prioritize spending time together – having slow dinners at the table speaking French, go for walks or runs together, or get together with friends over a fire pit.

About Our Work: We work together! We run a business together- The UPS Store- here in Kansas City.

A Few of Our Fun Facts:

  • Fred came to America as an Exchange Student when he was in college
  • Andrea taught English at a college in China for a semester
  • Fred has run 13 marathons in 4 countries (France, Ireland, Czech Republic, and the US)
  • We like to joke about how Fred met Andrea’s parents before meeting her! (He was friends with Andrea’s sister Kim)



About Fred

Introducing Fred by Fred: I grew up in Western France, in a small town with my parents and a younger brother and sister. I spent a year at the University of Central Missouri as an exchange student for a first taste of America. I then came back to France, worked and lived in Paris, and finally got the opportunity to return to the US. I worked some time in corporate America, but I knew I wanted to be my own boss. So that’s what I did 6 years ago by buying a UPS Store. Last year, Andrea joined me, and we have been working together ever since. This business gives us the luxury of a flexible schedule which will come in handy when bringing the new baby home!

In my spare time, I like to run, play golf, video chat with my family and friends back in France, and cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs. I dream about sharing my native language with my future child, running on the trail with a stroller, and exploring the world together.

By Andrea: Fred has a heart of gold. When my sister was telling me about him, she described him not only as a great guy, but as the most ethical person she has ever met. She was so right. He truly treats others with kindness – he does what he says he will do and he speaks gently and honestly. I still am amazed that I was lucky enough to meet someone so perfect for me. He is tall (6’3) and so I sometimes stand on the first stair in our hallway to give him a hug. He is the best hugger and he never leaves the house without a hug and an “I love you.” I know he will be such a great dad.

Fred’s Favorites:

Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life

Food: Crepes – especially homemade by myself!

Animal: Dog – I had a dalmatian named Saturne growing up

Place to Visit: The west coast – near Northern California & Oregon

About Fred

About Andrea

Introducing Andrea by Andrea: I grew up in a small town in Kansas, and went to college at Washburn University. I have explored many careers and love learning new things. I have been a lawyer, worked in management at a California retreat center and later at a technology legal firm. Now, for the last year I have been working together with Fred at the UPS Store, helping with human resources and marketing. I have two big hobbies: I guide Tibetan yoga with a group in Kansas City and I love growing my own food and cooking it.

I would love to have play dates with my young cousins and our future adoptive child, and share some of the mindfulness techniques of Tibetan yoga with them. I was involved in so many group sports and activities growing up, and would love to give that opportunity to my future child- based on their interests.

Written by Fred: Andrea is kind and compassionate to everyone in her life. Her big smile is what I remember from the first time we met and that never changed ever since. I am so lucky to have her in my life. Our wedding song was “Someone like you” by Van Morrison. The song says “The best is yet to come.” And I truly believe the best is yet to come for us. Andrea loves her family, her niece and nephew. She will be a great mom and I can’t wait to raise a child with her by my side.

Andrea’s Favorites:

Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Food: Chips and dip

Animal: Bunny – our yard is home to families of bunnies

Place to Visit: Anywhere with water! Oceans, lakes, rivers- love it all!

Childhood Activity: Basketball – I played through high school and on adult teams


About Andrea

Our Family

Andrea’s family lives nearby, including her brother Chris and his two young children, Pearly (age 2) and Duke (6 months old).  Andrea’s parents are about two hours away, and are very involved in their grandchildren’s lives. They have a 5-acre backyard and a pond and baseball field, plenty of places to play. Andrea has a sister, Kim, in Colorado and a brother, Matt, in Oregon, so we travel to see them each year.

Fred’s family lives in Western France, and we manage to stay connected with them. Fred’s mom Nicole skypes with him for an hour each Sunday. He also keeps in touch with his sister, Christele and her two daughters, and his brother, Jean Marc.

We travel to France each year for several weeks, and love spending time with family and friends and traveling Europe.  We can’t wait to travel with our future child and show them the world!

We are so lucky to have close friends- even in our neighborhood. Fred’s best friend, Ronan, lives just blocks away. We get together with his family often, and on some holiday’s like Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

Our family and friends are very supportive of our plans to adopt and are excited to welcome our future child to the family!

Our Traditions:

  • French Meal – We take time for meals! Especially holiday meals, when we are in France, there is a tradition to be around the table for hours, eating many courses and just being together.
  • Christmas – We start a puzzle as a family on the Eve of Christmas Eve, and laugh and slowly build the puzzle together, piece by piece. On Christmas Eve, when we are in America, we go to Andrea’s uncle’s house with all the extended family and Santa Claus passes out gifts.
  • Homegrown tomatoes – It’s a family tradition in both families to garden. We love to compare homegrown tomatoes and share in the bounty.
  • Easter Egg Hunts – Even the adults partake in hunting for eggs filled with coins on Easter, in the front yard of Andrea’s parents.
  • Family 4th of July: A big gathering is held and we all gather at Andrea’s parents house to grill out, play games and watch fireworks.


Our Family

Our Home

We live in Kansas City, Missouri in a two-story 100-year old home. We have a backyard garden, and friendly neighbors. It’s a quiet street with many kids on the block, local shops nearby and a trail for running and walking right by our house.

Within walking distance is the French immersion elementary school, called Academie Lafayette. Our future child will be bilingual in English and French. Andrea rides her bicycle to the local farmer’s market on Saturday and is friends with many of the farmers.

In Closing: Thank you SO MUCH for reviewing our profile and considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We hope we can connect with you soon!


Our Home