Andy and Matt


Hi there! We are Matt & Andy. We are honored that you are taking the time to get to know us and our hopes for our family.  We have two children, Henry & Maggie. They are awesome kiddos!! We have always known adoption would be a part of how our family becomes the family we are meant to have.

Matt’s dad is adopted and Andy’s best friend is adopted, and we believe that family is family, no matter the biology. We know this decision was not made lightly and is rooted in great thoughtfulness and selflessness. Whether or not you choose us, please know that we are so grateful to you for helping a family grow. Your baby is an incredible gift and he or she will be so loved.

About Us: We met over 12 years ago. We are still going strong with our relationship rooted in friendship.

How We Met: Most people who ask how we met are confused at first when they hear the story – Really? At a nightclub? You two? But it’s true – we were both dragged by friends and somehow found each other (it actually wasn’t that hard, we were the two people standing awkwardly by the wall).

We think eating really great food is just about the best thing in the world. We love to make each other laugh by seeing who can be more embarrassing (Andy dances badly in public places and Matt does really, really bad accents). We also love watching movies and great TV, travelling, reading, going hiking and camping, and, of course, we LOVE being parents. Getting to see who our kids are becoming has been the greatest honor and joy of our lives, and we can’t wait to meet our next kiddo.

Traditions are very important to us, but in a different way – we like to create new traditions for our family, things that we come up with together and then do every year.

A Few Fun Facts About Us

  • Andy has completed three marathons.
  • Matt sweeps the porch to relax.
  • We love making Krumkake Norwegian cookies during Christmas.
  • Our favorite place that we have traveled to so far is Italy (the food!)
  • Andy loves the Packers, Matt loves the Broncos. We come together for the Dodgers.
  • Andy has never had a soda in her life. Carbonation is gross!
  • Some day we would like to live abroad with our family.
  • Matt doesn’t like cheese. Andy doesn’t like wine.
  • Matt loves our dog so much he is willing to overlook that he’s allergic to dogs.



About Matt

About Matt by Andy: Matt has integrity in spades. His integrity and his wit are the two things I love the most about him. He’s such a good person. Matt makes me laugh all the time. He’s thoughtful, whip-smart, and his imagination is pretty darn great, too.  It’s so neat to witness him doing what he loves.

While we normally both work, Matt has taken on the brunt of providing for our family solo over the last three years due to my graduate school demands and now homeschooling the kids due to COVID-19.  He has come through with flying colors and unwavering support as a partner, husband, and father.  Matt is a phenomenal dad.  He gets down on the floor to play pretend, and patiently taught our kids how to tie their shoes and build paper rocket ships.  Our family is his number one priority. I am enormously grateful to have him as my husband, and our kids are so lucky to have such a rad dad.

About Matt by Matt: I was born and raised in Colorado, which is where I learned to love camping, skiing and being outdoors. From an early age I was interested in telling stories, so becoming a writer was a natural fit. I would never have guessed that the story of my own life would turn out to be a love story, though. Andy is the best thing about my life – spending time with her and our two children is always at the top of my list. Whether we are traveling, exploring nature or just sitting on the couch talking into the night, she is my favorite person to do literally anything with.

I’ve always felt drawn to adoption, because my father was adopted. My grandparents were the most loving and supportive parents to him, and I want to continue that with my own family.

About Matt

About Andy

About Andy by Matt: Andy is the most caring person I have ever met. She is always thinking of others, whether they are her family, her closest friends or people she has never met.

Andy has a fantastic sense of humor and a full-throated laugh that she loves to use. She dances like no one is watching. She is incredibly smart and capable, and has an infectious curiosity – she loves to learn and experience new things, and has passed that wonderful outlook on to our kids.

About Andy Written by Andy: I come from a small nuclear family – just my mom, dad, and brother – but I have an enormous extended family. I spent much of my childhood at huge extended family events in the Midwest and Northern California, and I loved the joyful chaos of having a big family. Because of this joy, I want a big family of my own. Although my wonderful parents are no longer with us, I am still very close with my brother and many of my aunts and uncles. I am so grateful and lucky to have married Matt and gained another huge gob of in-laws who are so much fun to be with.

In my free time, I like spending as much time as possible with Matt and our kids. I also love food – growing it, cooking it, reading about it, eating it!  I have a great time making homemade birthday cakes and Halloween costumes every year for our kids. I am already thinking up fun baby Halloween costumes for them!

About Andy

Our Kiddos Henry and Maggie

We strive to raise our kids to  become confident, competent, and empathetic people who will hopefully go out into the world and do some good.

Henry (7) is our deep thinker who is an ace at accents. He is getting the hang of making jokes these days, loves gymnastics, and has some sweet dance moves. He is super excited to become a big brother again and is constantly giving us his toys to set aside for his new baby brother or sister. Maggie (5) is our firecracker who loves to make up and sing epic 30-minute songs. She loves to draw princesses who have pretty dresses and strong leadership skills, and she gives great hugs. She is very excited to become a big sister for the first time and cannot wait to teach her new baby sister or brother about unicorns.

Our Thoughts on Parenting: We believe in letting our kids try things on their own, and, if they fail, learn to pick themselves up and try again. This has made Henry and Maggie independent and confident. We don’t believe in corporal punishment. Rather, we set firm and loving boundaries where we stress respectful communication and kindness in all things. Our role as parents is to help our kids cultivate their own interests and independently decide who they want to be. We believe in teaching our kids the values of kindness, respect, and giving their best effort in all things.

Our Dog Gertie: We have a standard poodle, Gertie, who fits right into our family – she’s a real character, who loves to snuggle her head on your lap or run around in the back yard.

Our Kiddos Henry and Maggie

Our Home

We live on the outskirts of Los Angeles in a community that feels more like a small town.

Our house is within walking distance to a trailhead where we take our kids hiking. We have a huge backyard with trees for climbing and rope swings galore. Our kids go to a great school with kids from all backgrounds. We live in a culturally rich, diverse city with an abundance of opportunities to interact with people from all walks of life. It is one of the things we value most about living in Los Angeles.

Meet Our Loved Ones: We are incredibly fortunate to have supportive and loving extended families who we get to see frequently.

We have family spread out between Northern California, Nevada, Colorado, and Texas. Although we don’t have family near us in Los Angeles, we all make an effort to see each other regularly throughout the year, spending holidays with each other and visiting for the kids’ birthdays. The kids have tons of aunts and uncles, and many of our siblings are having children as well now, so our kids will have a large cousin contingent at the same age!

In Closing: Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Expanding our family through adoption is a wish we have had for 12 years, and we would be honored if you consider us in your adoption plan. We have such deep respect for you as you walk this road, and if you choose us, please know we will always speak to your child about you with the utmost respect and gratitude and about the love you have for them in choosing adoption. In turn, as parents, our child will know they have been a part of our family since before they were ever created, just as their brother and sister were. You are in our thoughts and hearts, and we wish you light and peace on your journey.

Our Home