Andy & Christy

Hello from Virginia!

We are Andy and Christy. With all of the decisions you are facing right now, we are honored that you would consider us as you think about your future plans. Your strength and courage amaze us, and we admire your determination to make the best choices for you and your baby.

From the time we got married, we always planned on having several children. We easily got pregnant with our son and, even though it was a difficult pregnancy, we wanted to have more children. We struggled with infertility for several years before accepting that we would not be able to have more biological children. Still feeling as though our family was missing someone, we began discussing adoption.
Our close neighbors adopted their youngest son, and over the past three years, we have had front-row seats to watch how perfectly he has completed their family. Seeing the gift that adoption has been to our friends confirmed in our hearts that it is the right choice for our family. Our son Patrick is so excited to become a big brother, and he is already planning on how he will help when the baby arrives.
We have chosen adoption with all of our hearts, and we cannot wait to share our love, our family, and our home with another child.

We hope you can see what love your child would know as part of our family. Whatever decision you make, please know that we wish for the very best for you and your baby. Thank you for taking time to learn about our family!

Hello from Virginia!


I was born and raised just outside of Baltimore, Maryland, where most of my extended family still lives. My younger sister Kim and I had a pretty great childhood. I played sports (soccer, field hockey, softball), participated in Girl Scouts, and marched the in the high school band.

In the summers, I spent as much time as I could sailing with my grandfather and parents on the Chesapeake Bay. Pretty much my entire extended family still lives in the area and we have big get-togethers each August at a local crab feast and a big party at my parents’ house at Christmas.

At home, I can often be found in my craft room in the middle of a project; I enjoy knitting, painting, and creating. I like being active — running, crossfit, and hiking. I have completed several running races and love going on trail runs with our dog, Maple.

What Andy Loves about Christy (Written by Andy)
Christy is the solid foundation of our family. If there is soul that keeps our family on-time, the food never spoiled, and the family medical records in place and up to date, it is her.

Somehow, she knows where every item in the house is and when our dogs last had their medicines. Her diligence and calm voice is a good harmony to my energy and enthusiasm, and balances our marriage perfectly. After 10 years of marriage, I still get butterflies when she comes home from a trip to the beach with her parents. Watching her with our son reinforces her role as a strong and confident mother and wife.



I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, as the oldest of three children in a military family that constantly moved around the United States. I grew up playing baseball, basketball, and trumpet. There was never a boring (or quiet) moment in our house, so I can’t wait to expand our family.

I have always sought out new experiences: rock-climbing, woodworking, tree-house building, piano playing, and photography. As part of my job as a senior executive at a Fortune 500 government contractor, I have the opportunity to work with some of the smartest people solving a variety of the hardest problems in the world. This has led me to the career of my dreams! While I love my career, being a dad and husband is my #1 focus, and I feel very lucky to have a great family.

What Christy Loves about Andy (Written by Christy)
Life with Andy is never dull. After almost 13 years together, he still surprises me with his big dreams, insatiable thirst for learning, and crazy ideas (that somehow always work out just as he plans). He is the first person I’ve ever known who “sings” classical music. He voraciously reads books and listens to podcasts and reports out what he’s learned each night at our family dinners. I rarely see him sitting still.

Andy is an amazing husband and the BEST father. He coaches Patrick’s sports teams, chaperones school field trips, and built the most amazing tree house a kid could design.

When he reads bedtime stories, he always makes the best voices. He pushes Patrick and I to shoot for the stars and supports us in everything we do. He will love your child beyond measure and provide every opportunity for him or her to learn and grow.



7-year-old Patrick is thrilled to become a big brother, and we think he’ll be the best! He is kind and loving to his core, always looking out for others. He makes friends everywhere he goes and is equally happy playing with big kids and babies. We can’t wait to see him with his new sibling!

He is a passionate learner and has an unbelievable memory. His outgoing personality earned him the title of “Mayor of First Grade” from his teacher; he is the first to greet everyone and express an interest in their day.
Patrick enjoys designing and building things with his dad, learning about history with his mom, visiting nearby playgrounds, and shooting hoops in the driveway.

We are fortunate to have lots of family nearby for frequent visits and others scattered across the country for fun-filled reunion vacations.

In addition to Andy’s mom and dad who live with us, Andy’s sister and aunt live close by. Christy’s parents and extended family live approximately 1.5 hours away. Our home serves as the hub for many holidays and family activities throughout the year. We typically host Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house, and we love having the house full of our favorite people.

There’s nothing like the pull of family to inspire a trip to a new place! We have taken several trips to Green Bay, Wisconsin to visit Andy’s brother, his sister-in-law, and their three children (plus one more on the way!). We plan to visit Maine soon to see Christy’s sister, her brother-in-law, and their two children. On a roadtrip through New York state, we dropped in on some cousins and ended up staying the night! And, last summer, Andy’s extended family traveled to Seattle, Washington for a cousin’s wedding.



Our Home
We live on a quiet street with wonderful neighbors and lots of room outdoors to play and explore. Our backyard has a creek to play in, a pool for swimming and splashing, and a treehouse that we built together as a family. We also have a fire pit which doubles as our campfire for roasting hot dogs and s’mores during our backyard camping trips. It is a FUN place to be a kid!

Inside, we have plenty of room for children to play, a workshop, and a craft room for messy art and science projects.

Our home has five bedrooms — plenty of room for a nursery and space for visiting guests.
We are lucky enough to have Andy’s mother and father living with us. Patrick is just thrilled to see them daily, and they cannot wait to have another grandchild to dote on!

The school district we live in is consistently ranked #1 or 2 in the country, and because our son is already attending the local elementary school, we know that your child will receive a top-notch education.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!! Hopefully, you can see what life would be like should you choose us to place your child with our family.
We promise to share milestones and pictures as your child grows and raise him or her to know the strength, courage, and selfless love it takes to place a child for adoption..

We are so excited to grow our family through adoption and promise you that we will provide your child our unconditional love and support.