Andy & Kait

Hello! We are Kait & Andy

Dear Birth Mother: You are so brave! Taking this step must feel very overwhelming and we’re so impressed that you have such amazing courage. Thank you for taking a look at our profile, we are so hopeful that you will feel a connection with who we are.

You are one of the reasons we are so adamant about adopting. In everything we do, we hope we’re adding to the positivity in the world. Adopting is one of the ways we hope to do that.

We hope to give you comfort and confidence that you are making the right choice knowing that we will do everything we can to be loving parents to your child. It has always been our plan to adopt and we hope for the opportunity to bring you and this new baby as much positivity as we possibly can!

About Us: It seems like we’ve always been “Kait & Andy”. We met when we were sophomores in college, both studying acting, and have been married for 13 years!

We were both born and raised in Michigan, lived in Seattle right after college and now live in Los Angeles. Having fun with family and friends and doing nice things for other people is what we’re all about.

We both come from big families – Kait is the oldest of 4 girls, Andy is the 2nd oldest of 4 boys! We spend our vacation time with them – going to music festivals, the beach, snowboarding or just renting a big house on Lake Michigan for us all to play together.

We Believe:
• Ballerina outfits are perfectly appropriate attire for going to the store
• Dance parties can be thrown anywhere, anytime
• Laughter doesn’t solve everything but it sure helps a lot
• Listening is more important than talking
• Exercise everything: Mind, body and imagination!
• Why buy it when you could make it?
• Soccer practice, piano lessons and play rehearsal is NOT too much for one day
• Everything looks better after a hug from someone you love

When we’re in Los Angeles we’re:
• Volunteering
• Doing outside things like camping
• Enjoying live music
• Hosting picnics for our neighbors and throwing lip-syncing parties. Kait L-O-V-E-S lip-syncing!

Hello! We are Kait & Andy

Meet Andy

A love of creativity, art, music, and making people laugh ARE WHAT MAKE UP ANDY. He has always been known for his playful imagination and outgoing nature. Andy gets to live his passion for creativity and entertainment through education. He works as an Artist Mentor at an art center for adults with developmental disabilities in downtown Los Angeles. There he teaches students to tap into their playful spirit and create wonderful worlds using artistic expression.

Andy is also a stand-up comedian and spent years traveling the country to perform. He still does lots of stand up and volunteers with Special Olympics on the weekends.

Babies love Andy. Perhaps everyone says that, but seriously – maybe it’s because he doesn’t have much hair like them, or because he makes the most epic goofy faces. But it’s actually probably because they can feel right away that he just gets them. He gets the staring treatment from little ones wherever he goes, and his nieces and nephew adore him.

Andy is going to be the best dad, not just because of his magical baby magnetism. He is kind, patient and a really yummy cook. Thank goodness for all of us. Andy’s favorite holiday is Halloween BY FAR. He’s great in a crisis but always there to lighten the mood if that’s what’s needed. And he’s never late. Ever.

Things Andy is looking forward to:
• Having euchre tournaments (it’s a Michigan thing, but Kait and Andy have started a league of their friends to play in LA!)
• Camping in Big Sur, CA
• Visiting the California Science Center (ANDY LOVES SCIENCE!)
• Playing musical instruments (especially the drums)

Meet Andy

Meet Kait

Kait loves doing good in the world & SPENDING TIME WITH HER FAMILY. Besides Andy, her sisters are her best friends and they talk, text and video chat all the time. They grew up together in the middle of nowhere in Michigan, playing outside and inventing all kinds of make-believe games.

Kait went to summer day camps and her parents even started one at their home for all of the neighborhood kids!

Kait works towards ending homelessness at a large nonprofit in Los Angeles and recently went back to school to complete her Masters in Business Administration. She and her friends regularly volunteer with people in need. And she is perpetually learning Spanish, sign language and surfing.

Kait is looking forward to doing all the same activities she used to do as a kid with their future child. She hopes they’ll be curious and kind together – learning new things, helping other people wherever they can.

I have never met anyone who puts other people before themselves as much as Kait does. It really seems to be the mantra of her entire existence. Her career, her marriage to me, her time with her family, all seem to be guided by this principle. I have no doubt that this will be how she operates as a mother as well.

It is cliché to say that someone has a “big heart,” but she really does have the biggest heart. I cannot wait to see Kait as a mother. She has so many lessons in kindness and giving that are just waiting to be passed along. The adventures and fun that she has planned for this future little family of ours is going to be the ultimate joy to be a part of.

Things Kait is Looking Forward To:
• Reading Where The Wild Things Are
• Dancing around to You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon
• Making Valentine’s cards for the aunties
• Baking cream cheese Christmas cookies (a family tradition!!)

Meet Kait

Our Family and Friends

Family is a big part of Kait and Andy’s lives. Our nephew, Ravi, is two and lives in Texas. He loves making music and doing animal noises with “funcle” Andy.

Our two nieces, Makaella and Joanna, live in Ohio.
Makaella loves horses and the color pink, just like her Auntie Kait, who she calls Teak, because that’s how it came out when she first started talking! Joanna is the baby of the family – so far!

Kait’s parents have been married for more than 40 years and still live in the house where Kait grew up – and where Kait and Andy got married! They go by G’mama and Pops now that there are grandchildren around. They can’t wait to be making more trips out to LA to spend time with our future child!

Andy’s parents live in Indiana. They’re major dog lovers so there are always dogs to play with there! No grandchildren on that side of the family – yet! Andy’s mom CANNOT wait to be a Grandma!

Christmas is a really important holiday to Kait’s family! We usually make do-it-yourself presents for each other and then sit in the living room together ALL DAY on Christmas, opening presents one-by- one, and telling stories about them. Kait has an extra tradition of gathering family photos from the year and compiling them into a calendar for everyone.

Our Family and Friends

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: WE LIVE PRETTY CLOSE TO THE MIDDLE OF LOS ANGELES, SO THAT MEANS WE’RE CLOSE to all kinds of fun! We are about 6 miles from the beach, where Kait and Shanley like to go on early morning walks on the weekend.

The neighborhood we live in has lots of families and our neighbor friends have been living on the block for years. There are parks and museums nearby and a farmer’s market down the street on Thursday afternoons. There are so many choices in Los Angeles when it comes to schools and activities. We are also a short drive to the mountains or the desert, although Kait always prefers the beach!

About Our Dog Dr. Shanley McBruce, DDS: Shanley is a human trapped in a dog’s body, for sure. We rescued him from the South LA Animal Shelter 4 years ago and he loves to have adventures with us. An old friend from college draws a special comic for us to use as our Christmas card each year and it always features Shanley. We’re really excited for our future comics to feature our future family with Shanley!

Thank You! We’re so grateful to you for taking the time to read about us. Parenthood is a journey we’re really excited about!

Our Home and Closing Thoughts