Anil & Asha

Hello! We are Asha and Anil

Welcome to our family. Thank you for considering entrusting us with your child to love. Placing your child for adoption is the toughest, and most courageous decision a parent can make — we know that this comes from a deep and profound love for your child. IN THIS PROCESS WE WANT TO MAKE SURE YOUR VOICE IS HEARD, AND THAT YOUR PRIORITIES ARE VALUED.

Our 6 ½ year old son, Akshay, cannot wait to be a big brother, and to help take care of your child. He wants to teach his future little brother/sister how to draw, to build Legos, to play basketball, and to introduce to his school. Akshay asked for a bunk bed for Christmas, so that he and his future brother or sister can have ‘sleepovers’ together!

We cannot wait to meet you, and to hear more about your story. We want to understand your needs, what you want for your child, and what you are looking for in adoptive parents. We promise that we will do our very best to honor and love your child, and to raise him/her to realize his/her gifts, talents, and potential.

The famous poet & philosopher, Rumi, said to, “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” WE LIVE BY THIS QUOTE. Our goal is to leave the world better than we entered it.

Keeping It Real and Fun: AS A FAMILY, WE LOVE TO KEEP LIFE FULL, FUN AND LIGHT. We love “cheesy” and lighthearted movies – Adam Sandler, Disney, and all the Marvel films. Our TV is usually tuned into smart and funny shows — The Big Bang Theory, The Daily Show, Shark Tank, American Ninja Warrior & cooking competitions galore! Knock-knock and corny jokes are always a favorite in our house (“What did one volcano say to the other on Valentine’s Day? I ‘LAVA’ you!”), and playing innocent pranks on one other.

Getting To Know Us: We know selecting adoptive parents is a huge decision – with that in mind, we would like to tell you our story. We met 15 years ago, and while we couldn’t be more different it was a perfect match! Asha was born in St. Louis and grew up in Los Angeles, while Anil was born in India and has lived in multiple continents, and cities across the U.S.

Although we are different, we are both similar in many other ways. Our values are very closely aligned starting with our desire to help make the world a better place. This includes building successful careers, helping others, and raising children who share these values.

Out of our love came a beautiful son, Akshay, who is bright, energetic, generous and kind. His teachers talk about his supportive spirit in helping and caring for his classmates. He keeps asking for a sibling to grow together and play with!

We tried to have another child, but time and fertility were not on our side. We have always been drawn to adoption to grow our family.


Things We LOVE To Do:
• COOKING – WE COOK TOGETHER – A LOT! Our kitchen is the heart of our home. We love having friends and family gather around our kitchen island to share memories and a meal. Our favorite foods are Italian — home-made pizzas, pastas, soups and salads – and of course, Indian too! And, we love to bake and make desserts.

• THE ARTS – WE LOVE THE ARTS – plays, comedy shows, musicals, movies, museums, galleries, etc. The Natural History, Science, LACMA Art and Auto Museums are some of our favorites in L.A.!

• FRIENDS – WE LOVE HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS – barbecues and brunches, playing board games like monopoly (Cheaters Edition!), UNO, Pictionary, poker nights, playing sports (basketball and tennis), swimming, biking, and hosting playdates!

• TRAVEL – WE LOVE TO TRAVEL – so far, we’ve been to 20 states and 18 countries! From our own city of Los Angeles, to the U.S., to across the globe – we love to explore and visit new places. Our goal is to visit every continent!

Hello! We are Asha and Anil

Meet Asha

Meet my wife Asha who is 10 times more dynamic than I will ever be! Asha is amazing on multiple levels. She can walk into a room and make friends with everyone — making them feel special and valued at the same time. Asha’s love and enthusiasm for others comes from a genuine care and interest in the happiness of others.

But that is just one layer of Asha.She is also unique in that she works hard for the success of others. Even after selling her family’s radiology center business, Asha advocated for her employees with the new owners, and went as far out as to call her competitors to help find good jobs for her team. Following her business sale, Asha has much more flexibility and free time to focus on our family, and our home. School drop-off and pick-up, volunteering in the classroom, home-cooked family meals – she’s treasuring every moment!

Motherhood + Asha:
ASHA IS A LOVING, KIND, NURTURING, DEVOTED AND DEDICATED MOTHER. She wants the best for our son, and always puts his needs first. She is always finding creative and fun activities, classes, and outings for him, and for us to do as a family, like Lego robotics class, science & invention camp, Chopped! cooking class, sports, and fun sleepovers with both family and friends!

Meet Asha

Meet Anil

Meet my hubby Anil who is hardworking, thoughtful and generous. Anil is incredibly energetic and efficient – he gets more done by noon than most people get done all day! Twenty years ago, he and his friends started a small software company. They were young and had no money — but they had an idea, a plan, and worked incredibly hard. What started with just 8 people, is now a company of 4000!

Anil values family and takes his responsibilities and commitments to heart. He thinks of others, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. He made volunteering and giving back a part of my daily life, and believes that the smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Family + Anil: ALTHOUGH ANIL LOVES TO WORK HARD, HE KNOWS HOW TO RELAX AND HAVE FUN TOO! He’s athletic, creative, funny, a great dancer, and a terrific cook! In college, he was the head of the Bollywood & Hip-Hop dance team – he’s still got some great moves! His kitchen skills are top-notch too – our friends line up to have his homemade pastas and pizzas, Indian food, and pretty much anything he whips up!

Meet Anil

Our Loving Families

Meet Big Brother Akshay: Akshay has always wanted to have a brother or sister. His naturally loyal, protective, kind, and generous nature will make him a great big brother. He can’t wait to teach his younger brother or sister how to read, to cook, to build Legos, to draw and paint, to play basketball, soccer and tennis, and how to ride a bike. He asks us constantly, “When is my baby brother or sister coming to live with us?”

We Will Teach Our Children:
1) To care for others
2) to give without expectation
3) to make a positive impact in this world
4) to be productive always
5) to appreciate the love and generosity that people give us.

Our AMAZING Foundation, Family + Friends:
While we grew up with different financial circumstances, WE BOTH HAD A WONDERFUL FOUNDATION WITH AN ABUNDANCE OF ATTENTION AND LOVE FROM OUR PARENTS. Our parents also instilled in us the values of hard work, discipline, integrity, charity and service. We want to instill these same values in our children, and to be thoughtful and engaged parents.

Our parents made us who we are. Our hope is that will help us to shape and guide our children, just as they did for us. Anil’s parents live in India, but spend 2-3 months every year with us. Anil’s parents are generous and kind spirits, who are focused on God and giving back. They are retired, and spend their evenings offering free tutoring to children who need extra help to succeed in school.

Asha’s family lives in Los Angeles, near us, and visit often. They have taught us the value of education, hard work, family and friendship. They are also terrific hosts, who love to entertain at home. They support an orphanage that Asha’s Great Grandmother started, and are thrilled that we want to grow our family through adoption!

Our circle of friends and community include people from different religions, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. We believe that understanding and appreciating how other people live their lives is critical. Your child will have a diverse community of loving and supportive families and children who will make him/her feel happy and welcome!

Our Loving Families

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home in the CITY: We live in the heart of Los Angeles – in “Mid-City” – in between Hollywood, the Beach, and Downtown. The best parks, schools, museums, restaurants, stores are all nearby. Our home is on a quiet, tree-lined street, in a historic and close-knit neighborhood – so we’re protected from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We renovated our house for our (hopefully!) growing family. We built a new bedroom and attached bathroom for the baby, a playroom, a new kitchen, garden, and a basketball court and swimming pool for when the kids grow up! Our home is now ready to welcome your child!

Education is one of our top priorities. We are blessed to be able to send our son to an amazing private school in Los Angeles that beautifully blends academics, arts, athletics, and creative and independent thinking. We think your child would love it too!

Our Promise To You: We know it may seem cliché to say this, but in every child we see a bright future – a simple joy to learn, grow, and share his/her gifts with the world. Our goal is to nurture these traits in our children.

Children bring joy into our homes and lives. We not only teach them – they teach us. They make us more thoughtful and patient, and push us to become better people.

We Promise To:
~ Care for your child.
~ Provide him/her with the very best that we can afford.
~ Be loving, patient, kind, supportive and understanding.
~ Put your child’s needs ahead of our own.
~ Nurture their interests and talents.
~ Do everything in our power to help him/her achieve their goals.
~ Teach the value of structure, hard work, discipline, and giving back.
~ Love your child as our own.
~ Hug your little one every chance we get!

A Special Message From US to YOU: THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO GET TO KNOW US, AND OUR FAMILY. If you choose to place your child with us, we promise that we will love and honor your child every day. We know that raising a child takes a community that is strong, loving and diverse — inside and out. We have worked hard to build such a home in Los Angeles, and we cannot wait to welcome your child into our home, our hearts and our lives!

Our Home and Closing Thoughts