Dear Birth Mother

Hello! I am Anna from Oakland, California. I am so humbled and blessed that you are taking the time to review my profile.

I have always wanted to be a mom. For years, I held out for the perfect partner while I focused on enjoying my life – meeting wonderful people, building my career and traveling the world. I now have the financial security and maturity to provide a supportive childhood to someone – one with lots of love and care, access to a good education, and exposure to diverse experiences and people. Yet I no longer can have a child myself, which is what leads me to you.

I can’t begin to understand what you may be going through right now but know that you have my greatest respect. You are making such an important and courageous decision to make sure your child is well cared for, loved and safe.

I have done a lot of thinking about what I would be looking for if I were in your shoes:

  • Will my child be loved and cared for?
  • Will my child live a comfortable life?
  • Will my child be able to play, laugh and have fun?
  • Will my child grow up with a diverse social network and with role models and friends that look like them?
  • Will my child have opportunities to learn and grow so they can reach their fullest potential?

Throughout this profile I will seek to provide you with insight into each of these questions and how I hope to be an amazing mom to your child – to support them in every way possible.


Dear Birth Mother

About Me

I grew up in Denver, Colorado, but I have lived in the Midwest, Los Angeles, California and London, England prior to settling in Oakland, California. I really love Oakland for its blend of cultural diversity, great food and beautiful weather. I have been here for 13 years and I honestly can’t imagine living anywhere else at this point.

I really love being at home and spending time hosting friends at my house, hiking a local trail, browsing my neighborhood farmers market or just relaxing in my yard.

For work, I run Talent Development (a form of Human Resources) for a technology company. I get to help others learn and grow in their careers for a living! How lucky is that? I am passionate about what I do because of the positive impact I am able to have on others. But even more importantly, it allows me the flexibility I will need to be a great mom. I am committed to devoting my time and energy into being there for my child.


About Me

About My Family and Friends

My immediate family is not nearby, but they mean a lot to me. I keep in touch with them virtually and visit them when I can. My mom currently lives in a beach town in Mexico and my dad and younger brother Michael live in Colorado. I have extended family in the Bay Area and LA who I get to see a couple of times a year, at least.

It is through my friends and their families that I have the chance to spend time with kids. I am “that friend” who kids love to play with. My friend Rita tells a story about her daughter Kayla being as excited about my visits as the one from Santa Clause. I also have a close friend who adopted her son which is what inspired me to adopt.

My boyfriend Marcus lives a five-minute drive away and is super supportive of my desire to adopt. We spend a lot of time together travelling, going to sporting events and playing golf. He is a great cook who loves to barbecue and smoke meat which is a huge benefit.

My Commitments to My Future Child: I will…

  • Bake them cookies and cook tasty food for them
  • Teach them to swim, ski and love music
  • Expose them to different cultures through travel and food
  • Read them lots of books
  • Shower them with hugs and unconditional love

More About Me by My Family and Friends: I have the most wonderful friends. They come from all walks of life and many different backgrounds, including many who are people of color. All are very accomplished in their careers (from finance and engineering to actors and ex-pro basketball players), but also very grounded. I am confident that they will make a warm, loving and accepting extended family, not to mention they will be great role models for a child. My friends are so excited about my choice to adopt and can’t wait to meet the newest member of our family.

From my Boyfriend, Marcus: “Anna is a very warm and compassionate person. She will be an amazing mother and provide a stable and loving home for any child, regardless of race or ethnic background.”

From my good friend, Kellie: “First and foremost there’s heart – a heart that is like the warm cozy blanket that you snuggle up in at night and are soothed. A heart that is a protective force field and allows you to be brave. A heart that is a welcome home where you have always been known and loved. A heart that had a gap that you helped to fill. What you get is love!”

From my Mom: “Anna and I are looking forward to sharing our lives with a new child. Anna will be a wonderful mom, and everyone around her will offer love and support.”


About My Family and Friends

My Home and Community

I have a little house in a family friendly neighborhood in Oakland, California that is very central to everything.

I am able to walk to do many of my errands and there are people of all races and backgrounds living on my block. Oakland is one of the most diverse communities you will find and one of the few places where it is completely normal to be an interracial couple (as Marcus and I are).

My house has a fenced in yard with ample room to play outside, but there is also a great playground only two blocks away. There will be just enough space to for my future child to have their own room to grow.

Meet Giovanna, My Cat: I have the sweetest and quirkiest cat named Giovanna (but I call her “G” or “Gia”). She is a ragdoll cat which means she is friendly and loyal like a dog. She loves being with people and very gentle with children. Everyone who meets her loves her, even those who are not cat people.

My Fun Facts:

  • I appreciate people who are good huggers
  • I feel happiest when I am helping other people
  • My favorite Disney character is Tigger from Winnie-the-Pooh
  • I love fresh baked, homemade chocolate chip cookies
  • I can never pass up live music – especially R&B and Jazz

My Hobbies: Ever since I was young, curiosity and attraction to new places and novel experiences have been my passion. I love to travel and my experiences have spanned the globe – things like working in eye hospitals in southern India, volunteering with children in Peru, to hiking the coast of Italy, scuba diving in Hawaii and rock climbing in Utah. I have also enjoyed many different sports and hobbies – from skiing, ice skating and soccer, to competitively racing cars and fencing.

My Home and Community

Volunteering with Kids

I have always been passionate about supporting kids and their access to good education. This has driven where I volunteer my time – from being a soccer coach in high school and a Girlscout Troup Leader in college, to leading Junior Achievement for the company I worked with in Chicago.

I am now very active with an organization called BUILD that provides entrepreneurial education for underserved youth. I began as a mentor of high school students in Oakland, CA, some of whom I still keep in touch with as they have their own kids. I now sit on the local advisory board and continue to push for access and racial equity through education and opportunities. I would apply this same passion to the development of my child to make sure they have every opportunity to achieve their full potential.

My Travels: I love travelling both in the US and Internationally. There are so many amazing places and things to see in this world and I would love to share that with my child. I particularly love different cultures, crafts and cuisines.

Top Five Places I Hope to Take My Future Child:

  • Live sporting events in Oakland and San Francisco
  • Camping along the coast in California
  • The beach in Mexico to visit my mom
  • Disneyland or the Children’s Museum
  • Adventures outside of the country once they are old enough to enjoy it

In Closing – Thank You: Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. Hopefully you can see a bit of my heart through this profile. I look forward to getting to know you so that, if I am fortunate enough to adopt your baby, they will be regularly reminded of their strong, courageous birth mother. Know that I promise to shower them with unconditional love as well as daily hugs and kisses!

– Anna


Volunteering with Kids