Hello from Annemieke

Dear Birth Mother, Hello I’m Annemieke from the Netherlands, a country in Europe. Before I tell you a little about me, I would like to thank you for your consideration during what is probably one of the most emotional and challenging times in your life. I admire your strength and courage as you consider this difficult and loving decision for your child. I always wanted to be a mom. Life has a way of happening and for me motherhood isn’t possible the traditional way. For me adoption feels like the best way to start my family. In the Netherlands it is difficult to adopt, that’s why I’m pursuing adoption in the United States.

If you wish, there will always be a place for you in our lives. I will be open to have contact with you. I will tell your child about you and his or her background. As you read about me you will get a good sense of who I am. I hope something about me touches your heart and that you can trust me to be the parent of your child.

About Me: I live in a nice town nearby Amsterdam and close to the coast. I grew up in a warm family of four, with my parents and my sister Marleen. I work as a midwife, helping women during pregnancy, labor and the first period as a parent. It’s a beautiful job and it gives me a lot of satisfaction. I have my own practice for almost ten years with two colleagues.

Although I will be a single parent, I am not alone! My friends and family are my highest priority and I’m grateful every day for the blessings in my life. I love being around people, but I don’t like being the center of attention. I like to listen and observe but will speak out and share my thoughts. Most of the time I’m easy going but sometimes I can be a little bit stubborn, but only when I truly think I’m right!

I Enjoy:
• Music
• Theater
• Cultural Events
• Shopping
• Going to the movies with friends
• Having lunch or dinner with friends

Hello from Annemieke

My Home

My Home: I have a nice family home with a garden in an old historical town named Haarlem in the Netherlands. I’m very happy to live there, because it’s such a nice place. There is enough space in and around my home for a child to play.

I’m surrounded with friendly neighbors with small children. My sister Marleen lives with her boys a few streets away. I love knowing that my future child will have friends the same age to grow up and play with.

There are parks and playgrounds within walking distance, excellent local elementary schools, local theater and great restaurants to enjoy. All the shops are around the corner. It’s also very nice to go walking or bicycle in the dunes and on the beach. It’s only 15 minutes from home.

Typical Dutch Facts:
• We love to bike. We have more bikes than people in the Netherlands.
• We have Mills. A lot of them are still working.
• It’s a multicultural society. People with different backgrounds live together and everyone is accepted.
• We love cheese! Dutch people eat it every day, 44 lb a person a year
• Kings day. Every April 27th we celebrate the birthday of our king. Everyone is dressed in orange and goes out to party.

My Home

My Family and Friends

About My Family and Friends: My family is excited to welcome a new baby! I’m blessed to come from a close-knit, loving and supportive family. They mean the world to me. My parents gave me a great childhood and foundation. I look forward to giving my future child the same type of childhood.

My sister Marleen lives in the same neighborhood as me. She is a single mother by choice of two boys, Riv who is 3 years old and Duuk who is 7 months old. We do a lot of things together. We love to make dinner together or go out and do fun things: going to the theatre together or going to the zoo with the kids. In the summertime we love to go to the beach, to have a drink or swim in the ocean.

I help my sister raise the boys. I often babysit them, and we have a lot of fun. They love to play with cars, go to the playground or go to the cinema. I’m looking forward to seeing my future child growing up with them.

Family Traditions:
• Celebrating everyone’s birthday with the whole family
• Family camping trips complete with bbq at the campsite
• Sinterklaas, a traditional Dutch holiday, especially for children with a lot of presents
• Every Christmas all the grandchildren go to the Christmas circus with grandpa and grandma.
• Homemade French fries and meat salad from my father are famous in our family
• When I have a future little one of my own, I would love to celebrate some typical American holidays like Thanksgiving or 4th of July. I will teach my future child about their heritage and visit the United States as much as we can!

Notes From Loved Ones:

• FEMKE (colleague & friend): “I truly believe that Annemieke can handle any challenges that may arise with raising a child. Because of her ability to be consequent and her ability to give children the feeling they are safe, this will make her an excellent mother.”

• Lotte (close friend): “Annemieke is one of my best friends! Annemieke has a wonderful personality and strives for perseverance. Annemieke is very alert and loyal within the friendship. She always offers help and a listening ear if you have questions or a problem.”

• Marleen (my older sister): “Annemieke is a very stable, sincere and loving person. She always thinks about the needs of others first. I will always ask her for advice first. Annemieke can analyze matters well and always gives well-considered advice. When I see how Annemieke deals with my sons, I know she can give an adopted child all her love, but also the structure he or she needs.”

• Harold (good friend): “We see how well Annemieke deals with children especially with her nephews. She is incredibly sweet to them, but also consistent, listens to them and if they have any problem, she tries to solve that problem in a clear, efficient and fast way. The boys are also clearly crazy about her. I know she will make a wonderful mother to your child!”

My Friends
I have some incredibly close friends and they are very supportive of my decision to adopt. My best friend Lotte is also in the process of adopting a child. We see each other often to go out and have fun together. I think our children will have a lot of support from each other. My colleagues Esther and Femke, whom I have the practice with, have become very good and close friends too. A lot of my friends have small children themselves, so there will be enough children to play with.

My Family and Friends

Fun Facts

My Travels: I love to travel and explore new places. I can’t wait to show my future child the world we live in through our travels:

• South Africa
• Morocco
• Cuba
• West coast of The United States of America
• New York
• Suriname
• Indonesia
• Israel
• France
• Switzerland
• Portugal

Fun Facts:
• As a young child, I interviewed one of our ministers for a TV-program.
• When someone in my family has a technical problem, they call me.
• As a midwife I have helped with the birth of more than 1000 children.
• I wear a lot of high heels, because I’m not very tall, I’m 5’1″.
• I have a lot of red in my house, because it is my favorite color.
• I love chips more than ice-cream.

Things I Love:
• Spending time with friends and family
• Baking & cooking. Lasagna and tiramisu are my specialties
• Shopping
• Doing my job
• Reading a good book
• Traveling and seeing the world
• Having fun with my nephews
• Skiing in the Swiss mountains

Fun Facts

My Promise

My Promise To You:
• I will teach the values of kindness, respect for others and good manners.
• I will love your child unconditionally.
• I will provide a stable and loving home.
• I will provide your child a good education and give them the opportunity to succeed and follow his or her dreams.
• I will read bedtime stories every night and give goodnight kisses.
• I will tell them about you and how your love, strength and courage created the miracle of our family.
• I will make sure that your child feels loved every day.

Thank you for reading my profile. Becoming a mom would be a dream come true for me. Should you choose me to be the adoptive parent of your child, I will be more than happy to communicate with you, share updates or meet to the extent that you feel comfortable with. Whatever your next step and decision will be, whether adoption or another path, I truly hope you come to a decision that is right for you and your child. I can’t wait to get started on this journey with you.

My Promise