Anthony & Suzanne

Hello from Suzanne and Anthony!

Dear Birth Mother: We are from a small town in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us as you choose the best partners to join you on your adoption journey.


Our desire is to welcome a child into our family, and provide a loving, stable, home, full of laughter and all the unconditional love and support your baby will need to grow into a kind, confident, adventurous person who has our encouragement to follow their dreams.

We want you to know that we respect you and we appreciate all that you are doing for your baby. We hope that you have all the love and support that you need as you make these difficult decisions, and we’d love to join you on this journey.


About Us: We are so excited to share our story with you. We are two loving, fun, active, dependable, and down-to-earth people. We are best friends who love spending time with each other and our family, friends and pets.

We both have a sense of humor that is a touch goofy, down to earth, and loving. Our in-laws joke that we seem to have developed our own language. We find laughter and fun is critical to making life worth living. Our marriage vows even included a promise to make each other laugh at least once each day, and we have more than fulfilled that commitment.


How We Met: We met in June 2009 online through OK Cupid. Our friends still tease us about that to this day. We even had a cake topper on our wedding cake with 2 cupid-themed Smurfs.

Our first date was a good indication of what our life would become – full of laughs and long hikes. We met for coffee, talked, and hit it off. We then went for what was supposed to be a short hike in the Oakland hills, but the temperature soon reached a record-breaking 100 degrees. Suzanne led the hike, and in search of shade, took a trail that went down into the canyon, and was much longer than we had planned.


Unfortunately, the shade did not help. Anthony, who had shown up in jeans, was drenched. By the time we made it out of the canyon, our little bottle of water was gone, but we still managed to emerge laughing, and having learned a lot about one another.


Hello from Suzanne and Anthony!

Meet Suzanne

Growing up in Wisconsin I was very athletic, but I also grew up with a love of books and writing, because my grandma constantly read to me and encouraged me to start writing my own stories when I was just a kid.

I can usually be found with a book in my hand and I continue to write to this day. I can’t wait read to our child and instill that same love of books.


I have always love kids. I helped my mom raise my two younger brothers and I also was a nanny for my nieces and nephews while I was in college. They gave me the nickname “Auntie Soopoo,” which has stuck all these years. Anthony’s niece and nephews now use it and call us Uncle LuLu and Auntie Soopoo. Kinda corny, but it somehow just fits!


The past four years, I have been a mentor for an amazing young girl named Gracie. I have continued to be a part of her life, and she was the lead flower girl in our wedding.

She loves our niece and nephews, and joins us on various outings, such as mini golf, the park, and the County Fair.


I love to learn and try new things, and I’m involved in many creative projects and classes (drawing, painting, pottery, cooking, gardening, meditation).

I also love taking pictures. Anthony jokingly calls me “Ms. Click-Click” because every time he turns around, I’m snapping pictures. I love taking pictures and setting up comical shots, which just adds to the fun of our trips and makes for great memories.


What Type of Mother Suzanne Will Be, By Anthony: Suzanne will be a fantastic mother and a positive role model who will dote over our child and care for them 24/7.

She will support, nurture and give them the guidance they need to follow their heart on their life’s journey. Suzanne is also very organized, punctual and very detail oriented, so our child will be on time for appointments and will always have everything with them for a perfect day at the park, beach, hike or other outings. She is also very playful and knows when kids need space to let them be.


Knowing Suzanne, we will have plenty of family gatherings planned, outdoor activities, and creative projects going on around the house.

Watching Suzanne with her younger brothers, our nieces and nephews, and Gracie over the years, assures me that our child will have a fun, love-filled childhood, with the structure, nurturing and encouragement needed to develop their own voice.


Meet Suzanne

Meet Anthony

Growing up, my parents gave me the physical, emotional and mental nourishment to carry me through life. They instilled in me and my siblings the confidence to do well in academics, including a love of reading and gave us a well-rounded life with extracurricular activities.

We grew up in a neighborhood with a lot of other kids so we had a great time playing all evening with neighbors. It was a varied mix of ages and a great community where we got to learn from the older kids and teach the younger kids.


Coming to the U.S. when I was 10, was a big change of pace for me and my family. It was a brand new life in a new country, with new friends, new schools, new colder climate, and most of all new opportunities. We were proud to be living the American dream.

The change of lifestyle was not easy, especially for my parents, who had left secure jobs in India to work temporary jobs in the US to make ends meet. They truly instilled in me core values of hard work, integrity, perseverance and determination.


I was always interested in how things worked, and I usually could be found putting toys back together. This led me to follow my career path in engineering. I was also very interested in Legos and building blocks, so construction management was a good fit for my career.

I can’t wait to play with building blocks and legos with our little one.


What Type of Father Anthony Will Be, By Suzanne: While very responsible and dependable, Anthony is not “all serious.” He loves to laugh, does not take himself too seriously, and has a sense of humor that lights up the room.

Our nieces and nephews love their “Uncle Lulu,” and our friends’ children gravitate to him at BBQs and other gatherings. Needless to say, he is a perfect partner for me in life and I know he will be an amazing father.


The way he is with his niece and nephews is amazing. He has this perfect balance of fatherly respect with lighthearted playfulness.

When we have Milan and Pia spend the night, we have such a great time playing board games, cooking dinner, walking Tikka, and even ensuring they mind their parents’ bedtime rules. They really adore and look up to their Uncle Lulu.

He is the type of father who will have his kids hanging off of him and teasing him, as they play in the yard, help him with yard work, go for hikes, and build things.


Meet Anthony

Our Home, Pets and Our Work

Our Home: Over three years ago, we settled into our new home just across the Bay from San Francisco.

We chose this town because it’s a small town with a great school district that gives us the best of both worlds – a nice community with lots of parks, playgrounds, hills, hiking trails and a lake, yet is only 30 minutes from City life with museums, the Exploratorium, and Golden Gate Park! Also, we’re only three hours away from Lake Tahoe, which gives Suzanne her “snow” fix during the winter.


Our neighborhood is full of friendly families with kids of various ages, who are often playing at the jungle gym on the playground, or baseball and basketball in the park.

The streets in our neighborhood are so safe that the older kids often play small whiffle ball games or football in the street. The pool and kiddie pool are full of laughing, playing, splashing kids during the summer months, and we can’t wait to teach your little one how to swim in the pool.

We also look forward to him or her playing games of catch in our yard, riding bikes, playing fetch with Tikka, and playing with their new cousins.


Our Pets: Grissom is a huge cat with a big heart that seems to think he’s a dog – he loves to carry his little toy stuffed animal around in his mouth and Anthony taught him to sit for treats.

Tikka is a sweet little dog; Anthony’s parents helped us name her — we chose Tikka (from chicken tikka masala) because it means “little bits” and she’s only 10 pounds and a “little bit” herself.


We love taking Tikka on her multiple daily walks, and she is a hit in our neighborhood, especially with the kids. She just loves children, and is so gentle when they ask to pet her or feed her one of her treats. She loves to show them how she can give a “paw” or “shake” upon request.

Our youngest nephew, Ari, loves to hold her leash while we go for walks, and he is so proud to be able to “walk Tikka.” We know she’ll be a great play friend for your child.


Our Work: Anthony is a civil engineer, who has a successful career as a project manager for a family-friendly company that treats its employees amazingly well. He recently was promoted and enjoys helping ensure commercial construction projects run smoothly and within budget.

He loves his job because it combines his natural talents for organization, planning and problem solving with his people skills. He also enjoys how flexible his job is – he usually gets to work from home at least three days a week.


Suzanne is a public interest attorney, who spent 16 years with the Department of Labor protecting employees’ health and pension benefits. She left the Department last year to pursue a more balanced life and focus on family.

Her favorite part of her job was mentoring her investigators and helping people in need. She continues to do these things now, both in her part-time consulting business and in her volunteer work with children. She is looking forward to taking a couple years off to be a full time mom. For now, because she works on a contract basis, she gets to choose how busy she is and gets to work from home.


Our Home, Pets and Our Work

Our Loving Family and Thoughts on Parenting

Our Loved Ones: Anthony’s parents, sister, and older brother and their families all live within 30 minutes of us. This makes it easy to get together to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, go to the park, enjoy the annual Indian festival and go on family trips.

Anthony’s parents celebrated their “Golden Jubilee” 50-year wedding anniversary the week after we got married, and the whole family (including his sister and her family who flew in from India) participated in a skit and put together a picture slide show for the big party! They are an amazing example for us in so many ways, and provide love, support and mentorship.


Suzanne’s family, while spread out between Wisconsin and Florida, remain close, and we enjoy our visits to the midwest where Suzanne grew up, or to Florida to see her mother and her older brother’s family.

Suzanne’s parents are both very excited about the prospect of a new addition to our family, and her mom has even started sending us books on babies.

Trips back to Wisconsin usually involve a mini-family reunion at her uncle’s cabin up north, where the whole family gets together, plays card games, goes swimming and fishing, takes the kids to the water parks, and stays up late, sharing old stories from when they grew up. She also gets to spend time with her lifelong friend she’s known since middle school.


Both sides of our family and our friends are so happy for us and excited about having a new member of the family!


Why Adopt? What’s most important to us is family, in any form, and we just want to be parents and provide a child with a loving, supportive, fun home to grow up in.

The deepest joys we have had in our lives have been in spending time and experiencing life with those we love. Those experiences and that quality time together are what build strong relationships. We know that we can build just as strong a bond with any baby we have the incredible grace to be able to adopt.

For us, helping a child grow up to be a grounded, happy, healthy, fun-loving adult with the self-confidence and ability to be whatever they dream of becoming, would be a greater success than any educational or work achievement.

We know we will feel just as successful in this, regardless of how our child joins our family.


Suzanne’s family has been blessed by adoption. Her sister-in-law was adopted from the foster care system, and later she and Suzanne’s oldest brother adopted two boys. They now have a happy, wonderfully large family in Florida.

Suzanne’s sister-in-law is the sister Suzanne never had, and is a great source of mentorship and support. She’s so excited that we are pursuing adoption to start our family, and has shared her adoption experiences with us.


Our goal as parents is to take the best of what our parents offered us and build on that to provide a supportive, secure, happy and fun home, full of love and encouragement and balanced with structure, so your child has everything he or she needs to develop into a happy, healthy, kind and confident person.

We want to make sure that our child grows up knowing the value of family and friends, of volunteering and helping others, of education in many forms, and of traveling and meeting other people and cultures.

We want our children to be adventurous and ambitious, but also be kind, caring and responsible.


Our Loving Family and Thoughts on Parenting