Arlene & Chris

Hello! We are Arlene & Chris from CA

Hello! We are Arlene and Chris from Los Angeles and we are grateful for you considering us!

We want to thank you for taking the time to review our profile to consider our family. We deeply admire your courage and strength for considering adoption. We understand this is an incredibly difficult decision for you, but please know how priceless of a gift you are giving us. We both come from loving families who want nothing more than to support us through this process. We want to shower our child with love, instill the same family values we grew up with and provide our child every opportunity imaginable. We have so much love to give, and would be honored if you chose to help us start our family.

Our Story

We met at a mutual friend’s party and hit it off immediately. One of our fondest memories is our first date, where we met at a Moroccan restaurant and sat eating and talking for over two hours. Years later, we occasionally drive by the location, which is no longer a restaurant, but we reminisce over that night. We were married in 2010 after Arlene fell in love with Chris’ generous heart and Chris fell in love with Arlene’s compassionate nature.  After enjoying two years of marriage, we decided to start a family. And after trying for a few years we went through several fertility treatments. Arlene managed to conceive but suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage. We have dreamed about starting our family for quite a while now and it would be a true blessing to welcome a child into our home.

Our Favorite Things To Do

  • We love to travel. Each year we take at least two trips. In fact, since meeting we’ve traveled to over 20 different countries together. We feel traveling is a great way to experience cultures and learn more about the world.
  • We love watching movies, whether it’s on the big screen, Netflix or Amazon Prime. Since Chris works in the entertainment industry, we usually find ourselves watching the latest blockbusters, indie films or any film projects Chris is involved in.
  • We love to eat and entertain. We love trying out restaurants and new dishes. We also love to entertain at home with friends and family. It is important to us that we teach our child how precious it is to sit at a table, dine as a family and enjoy a delicious meal together.
Hello! We are Arlene & Chris from CA

Meet Arlene

I was born in the Philippines and came to the United States at the age of four. My parents, sister and I lived in Chesapeake, Virginia for a good part of my childhood before we moved to Southern California, where I have lived most of my life. Besides travel, I love fun and adventure and trying out new things. I enjoy many outdoor activities: hiking, camping, biking and snowboarding. I also love reading a good book or watching a good movie. It is part of my nature to live life and enjoy special moments with the ones I love.

My Job: I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration but I chose to focus my career on Finance. I am an Accounting and Finance Consultant and I like the flexibility of my job. I want to teach my child everything I know about finance so they can make sound financial decisions later in life.

Chris on Arlene: Arlene has a heart of gold. She is the most giving person I know.  She volunteers every year with the Special Olympics and has so much fun being on the committee.  She usually runs the silent auction at the events and has a blast!  She is an adventurer and loves to travel.  She gets so excited when she is planning a trip.  I just know that when we have a child, she will make sure to plan some amazing family adventures.  There is so much to love about a person that is giving, thoughtful, and sincere.  Nothing makes her happier than when she plans something and gets to see others’ happiness.  She is what gets me up in the morning and the reason I have a home in Los Angeles.  She truly is a life partner and one that I want to have a family with.

Meet Arlene

Meet Chris

I was born in Canada, but spent my formidable years in the lovely city of Chicago.  After film school at Columbia College, I moved to Los Angeles at the age of 25 to become a filmmaker.  My father is a retired doctor and my mother a housewife.  Being an only child, I came from a loving family – my parents are still happily married after over 50 years of marriage.  Instead of working once I started school, my mother decided to become a full-time housewife so she could be home when I arrived after school.  I started swimming competitively at age six and did so all the way up through college at Loyola University of Chicago.  I enjoy reading, writing, hiking, movies, traveling, and spending quality family time with Arlene and our parents.

My Job: I am a filmmaker, working in all aspects of the industry.  I am a writer, producer, director, and editor.  I enjoy all facets of the business and relish every day that I get to work in it.  I have worked for larger companies, such as Dreamworks where I was a part of Shrek, Prince of Egypt, and Antz.  It is a challenging job, but what comes with it is a lot of flexibility which is key for raising a kid.

Arlene on Chris: Chris is one of the most loving, generous and kind hearted people you will meet. His heart is genuine and he is a loyal friend. He gets a lot of his wonderful qualities from his parents, whom I love and greatly admire. Chris is a great cook, a talented writer and a hard worker. He also has an adventurous side. In fact, the moment I realized I was in love with him was the time he whisked me away to Costa Rica for my birthday and were zip lining through the jungle. Chris is my best friend, travel companion and life partner. He is also my rock, and I can’t imagine starting a family with anyone else.

Meet Chris

Our Friends & Family

Arlene’s Family: I come from a large family, where I have tons of relatives still living in the Philippines. I consider us to be hard working and family focused. My parents have been married for over 40 years and they live about an hour away. My younger sister is a nurse and she and my brother-in-law also live an hour away from us. We have a close relationship and we always celebrate special occasions together. I am grateful that I have always had a supportive family. I am also very close to Chris’ parents, we see every couple of months. I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful in-laws.

Chris’ Family: My parents were my best friends growing up.  There was nothing that I felt uncomfortable discussing with them.  They were supportive of every endeavor that I took on.  When I decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue film, my mother wiped a tear away and said that I should do it. However, years later, they are now retired in Palm Springs, an hour and a half from us in Los Angeles (things always work out for the best).  After marrying Arlene, I was happy to inherit in-laws that were from a different country.  Her parents and sister are fun and so loving.

Maintaining relationships with our friends has always been very important to us. Arlene has remained friends with people she has known as early as childhood. She is in constant contact with her best friends from high school and college since they live nearby. Chris also remains in contact to friends from high school and college when he lived in Chicago. Many of our local friends have families of their own and we look forward to introducing our child to their young children. Our child will never be without a playmate that’s for sure!

Our Home and Community

We live in a culturally diverse neighborhood in a desirable and safe area of Los Angeles. We have a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home that is ready to welcome a baby. Our house is in walking distance to several parks with playgrounds and it is located in a coveted school district. We also have a large, fenced-in backyard for a child to play in. Our house is centrally located so that the beaches, desert and mountains are about an hour or less away.

Our Friends & Family

Our Promise & Thank You

Our Promise to Your Child

  • To love them unconditionally, support them in every way and protect them
  • To provide them a safe home where they can thrive
  • To offer guidance and teach them to always be kind to everyone no matter how different they are or what background they come from
  • To show how much opportunity is available to them and encourage them to forge their own path and learn from their mistakes
  • To instill confidence and highlight the unique attributes of their personality
  • To share with them our gratitude and respect for you, and to make sure they know that your courage and love is the reason why they are alive and part of our family



We can’t imagine the amount of courage and selflessness it took to decide on adoption, but we are so grateful to you for considering us. Our desire to be parents and offer our home to a child has reaffirmed our decision to adopt. We hope that you were able to get a glimpse of our lives and the type of home we can offer your child. We look forward to meeting you and thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts.

Our Promise & Thank You