Arnold and Michiel


Hello from the Netherlands! We are Arnold & Michiel. Thank you for choosing to read our story and learning more about us. We have a huge desire to become parents and start a family. We very much admire your choice to consider an adoption plan. We know you haven’t taken this choice lightly. By reading our profile, we hope you get to know us a little and maybe consider us as the warm future family to your child. We would love to give you an insight in our life and share our story together, our families, our home and our friends with you.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading our profile.  We know you are making a very important decision and we are so happy that you are considering us to be the parents of your child.

It can be more difficult to adopt in our country, so we are grateful to be able to start our family through adoption in the USA! The Netherlands is a country in Western Europe with a very diverse population. It’s a true melting pot where everyone can feel at home. Our healthcare system is accessible to everyone who needs it, and our education system is one of the best in the world.

About Us: Our love story began at the beginning of 2012, when we met each other during a dinner party of our mutual friends. A few days after the dinner party, we got together for a drink. From the very start, we felt that we had a special connection. As we started dating, we met up several times a week and had many good conversations. We both did our best to win each other’s heart. And it worked!

In December 2016 we planned a romantic trip to Nice, France. During a moonlight walk at the castle, Michiel suddenly got on his knees and reached for his pocket. He got out a beautiful ring and proposed. It was such a magical moment and of course the answer was ‘yes’! Our happiness was sealed in 2017 when we got married on the beautiful island of Ameland, Michiel’s hometown.

From the very beginning of our relationship, we knew that we wanted to become dads someday.

We truly feel that we are now ready to welcome a child in our lives and give them all our love and attention. We cannot wait for the day that we become a loving family of three!

A Few Fun Facts About Us:

  • Michiel’s nephews and nieces call him ‘Uncle Adi’ because when they were little Michiel was too difficult to pronounce
  • Our first summer vacation together was in Kefalonia, Greece
  • We love playing volleyball at the beach
  • In 2015 we made a road trip through Central Europe
  • Arnold loves to try out new recipes

About Arnold

Meet Arnold by Arnold: I grew up on the countryside with my parents, two sisters and my brother. My parents had a dairy farm where I, from a young age, had a large degree of independence. I am convinced that this independence helped shape me into the person I am today, who can take care of myself, but also take care of others.

After finishing high school, I spent a year as a foreign exchange student in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I got to experience the typical American way of living and enjoyed going on camping trips with my host family, visiting the nearby lake or just having delicious cookouts. I also got to experience prom, which was lots of fun too!

More About Arnold by Michiel: Arnold is open, spontaneous, intelligent & the sweetest man you could wish for. I admire his patience and the way he treats children. Kids also admire Arnold and I believe he will be a great father to our future child, I cannot imagine a better father and husband than Arnold. He makes me happy and I look forward to becoming a parent with him by my side!

My Career: As a field hockey coach, I get to work with children every day. I really enjoy teaching children. I notice that they are very eager to learn and it makes me happy when we achieve great things together. Hopefully I can also welcome a child into our family and help them discover new things, as well!

My work mainly takes place during the evenings. I will love being able to always be home during the day with our future baby! In the Netherlands you get an adoption leave, six weeks off from work to be there completely for the baby. And then there is paid parental leave, which means you can work less to take care of the baby.

Favorite Place I’ve Ever Been: Chichén Itzá, Mexico

Favorite Animal: I love our pet cat, Loesje

Favorite Hobby: Playing sports

Favorite Sport: Field Hockey & Tennis

Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza

Favorite Season of the Year: Spring, because nature starts to bloom


About Arnold

About Michiel

Meet Michiel by Michiel: I grew up on a small island, called Ameland, with my five brothers and sisters. Growing up on Ameland meant a lot of freedom in a beautiful, safe environment. My parents have always cared for us and raised us kids with a lot of love.

My Career: After having lived in a city for a number of years, I love living in the countryside again. I enjoy the space and all the opportunities to enjoy nature. That is why I am very happy working for a government organization where I help develop hiking and cycling routes and other touristic activities. I currently work four days a week, of which I can decide whether I work from home or at the office. So I am very flexible.

When I am not working, I’m enjoying those same routes, either by foot or bike! I also like to play (beach) volleyball, work in the garden and take care of our pets.

I try to enjoy the little things in life and share them with family and friends.

I also like to visit my family on Ameland, where I spend days on the beach or just catching up with old friends. Hopefully, I can share all of this and more with Arnold and a baby one day!

More About Michiel by Arnold: Michiel is a very sweet man with a positive & warm vibe around him. The way Michiel always thinks about others shows his empathy. Michiel always thinks carefully before doing anything and that makes him a responsible husband. This ensures a warm and safe home. Also, Michiel makes me laugh a lot and we have a lot of fun together. In conclusion, a Michiel is the perfect future father and husband whom I very much love!

Favorite Season of the Year: Spring, because I love working in the garden

Favorite Place I’ve Ever Been: New Zealand

Favorite Hobby: Hiking

Favorite Animal: Giraffe, I would love to go on a safari one day!

Favorite Food: Greek food, especially moussaka

Favorite Sport: Volleyball

About Michiel

Our Home and Community

We live in a wonderful house in Ureterp, a small village in the northern region of the Netherlands. The area is known for it’s beautiful nature, with both forests and lakes.

We love living in an area in which we can feel free and enjoy nature. Within our village there are also many facilities, such as shops, playgrounds and three great elementary schools. It’s the perfect place to raise a family!

We live in a spacious, semi-detached home in a child-friendly neighborhood. In our neighborhood there are all different kinds of people, both families and older people and everything in between. We love that there are all these kinds of people.

Groningen is the largest city in our region. It is a bustling city where people from Groningen come together with many international students, which makes it very diverse. We love all the different kinds of people! And when we want to go abroad by car, Germany and Belgium are our neighboring countries. Germany is a one hour drive and Belgium two and a half hours drive from us!

Our Pets: We share our home with our cat (Loesje), our two bunnies (Hannes and Guusje), and a couple of chickens. One of our favorite parts of the house is the lovely garden, where we often have a coffee together in the gazebo. All-in-all, our home is a cozy place that we can’t wait to share with a child!

Our Home and Community

Family and Friends

We both come from large families, who support us immensely in our desire to become parents. Our family plays a large role in our lives, as well as our friends. We visit them regularly for cookouts, birthdays, holidays or just to spend the day together. They are all really supportive of us and they can’t wait to welcome a beautiful child into the family.

We regularly have our sibling’s and friend’s kids over to our house and we always turn it into a party! We do a lot of fun things like swimming, baking yummy pancakes and playing board games. We even take them to Ameland to share the special places we know on the island! We’re excited to do these same things with a child in the future.

Things We Love to Do with Our Family:

  • Going to the zoo
  • Playing games at home or in our garden
  • Visiting our family and friends
  • Going to the beach on our favorite island Ameland
  • Going out for a walk and enjoying nature

Our country has some great traditions! We celebrate Christmas every year with our families, but also birthdays, Easter, King’s Day (the day we celebrate the birthday of our King) and some local traditions, like Carnival. We feel it’s important to involve children in these special celebrations.

One Last Thank You: Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We want you to know just how courageous we think you are for considering an adoption plan. Our greatest hope is that you find happiness and peace of mind with whatever decision you make.

Our Promise to You and Your Child:

  • We promise you that we will give your child a warm and loving home, a healthy lifestyle, a great education, and a large extended family to support them through life.
  • We also promise to encourage them to follow their dreams and pursue any interests they may develop throughout life, so that they will grow to be a beautiful, kind and successful person.
  • It would be great to be able to meet someday and we hope to stay in contact throughout your child’s life. However, regardless of the level of openness that you prefer, we will always remind them of the difficult choices you made so that your baby could have the life they deserve!
Family and Friends