Arvind & Sukanya

Hello from Sukanya, Arvind & in WA


We are Sukanya, Arvind and Aditya from the Evergreen State of Washington.

Thank you for letting us share a window into our life – who we are, what makes us tick and most importantly, why we are on this journey of adoption. However, we recognize there is someone much more important than US – and that is YOU.

We know that entrusting and securing your child’s future is a great responsibility and it is your unconditional love that led you to consider adoption. We respect and appreciate your immense courage and strength. So, we offer you two simple, humble yet powerful words for considering us – THANK YOU!

After years of coping with infertility issues, we decided that adoption was the right path to grow our family. We were blessed with our son Aditya through the miracle of adoption in 2014. We can’t wait to grow our family through adoption again, watch Aditya be a loving and caring big brother, and for our kids to have the common thread of adoption in their lives.

We will be open and honest about every aspect of your child’s adoption story. We would love to have an open relationship with you as well if you are comfortable.

Our promise to you as parents is this – we will raise your child with unconditional love, surrounded by family and friends, strong values and provide the best opportunities to be successful.

Welcome To our World!
Sukanya, Arvind and big brother, Aditya

Hello from Sukanya, Arvind & in WA

Our Story

A girl from the South
A boy from the East
Met at a school in the West
And it was meant to be…

Sukanya is from Chennai in Southern India. Arvind grew up in Kolkata in Eastern India. Luckily, we ended up at the same engineering university located in Western India. Our paths crossed during our second year in college – we have been together since for over 20 years!

Sukanya was instantly attracted by how well-rounded and well-spoken Arvind was. Arvind was drawn by Sukanya’s unique and eclectic personality – she was the right mix of traditional and modern values. Our initial dates revealed that we had a similar outlook, common goals and family values which were important to both of us. Very soon, we knew that we were meant for each other.

Our strong belief that education opens up a world of possibilities inspired us to pursue our Masters degrees in the United States (Arvind at Maryland; Sukanya at New Mexico). Our long-distance relationship during graduate school was easily the longest two years of our life and brought us much closer! We got married in a traditional Indian ceremony in 2006 surrounded by lots of friends and family.

Looking back, the one thing that has remained constant in our life has been our love, commitment and devotion to each other – our downs have made us stronger and taught us to truly celebrate the ups!

We cannot wait to share our love and expand our family through adoption again!

We both love…
• Narrating stories vividly and seeing the joy and awe in Aditya’s eyes
• Watching our dog Denali track and chase bunnies
• Kickboxing class in our gym for a good workout
• Dumplings at our favorite place – Din Tai Fung
• Exploring National Parks to connect with nature – Denali and Yellowstone are our favorites
• Home cooked meals
• Holiday Lights and Decorations
• Taking in snow-capped Mount Rainier views from local parks and hiking trails

Our Story

Meet Sukanya

My WifeMy best friend
Super-smart – From humble beginnings to a shining star at school and work.

Unbreakable – No matter the adversity, she is one tough cookie.

Kind and caring – As a wife and a mother, she showers everyone around her with oodles of affection.

Adventurous – Has a zest for life like no one else. From rock climbing to snorkeling, truly lives life to the fullest.

No Secrets – Open and honest. We joke about how she has never managed to surprise me – I always know what she is up to, since her smile is a dead giveaway!

Yes I can’ attitude – Once she puts her mind on something, she will accomplish it. She never gives up.

Adorable – Her charming smile was my first attraction and melts my heart to this day!

About me
• I love every aspect of being a mom. I cherish the simple joys with Aditya – relishing a lollipop, blowing dandelions or watching garbage trucks. Exploring the world through his lens is an absolute pleasure. I can’t wait to become a mother again!
• I am passionate about human and animal rights (we have one planet to share!), gardening (love watching humming birds, tomatoes ripening, roses blooming), wildlife (Bears and Moose are my favorites), organic food and photography.
• I am an engineer at Microsoft and write software to help people derive insights from their data. My work offers me paid parental leave, flexible hours and great options to work from home. I took 4 months off after Aditya was born and plan to do the same this time.
• I have the sweetest and most supportive younger sister Sinduja. We talk daily and meet at least weekly since we live close by. My parents live in India and visit us often.

Meet Sukanya

Meet Arvind

My Husband – My Rock
Avid sports fan – Plays squash, badminton and watches most sports (soccer and cricket are his favorites). It is so much fun watching and rooting for our teams together (Go Hawks!).

Reliable – I know I can always count on him. We share all household chores equally and lean on each other for emotional support.

Very Intelligent – I love how he is a treasure trove of information on a wide variety of topics.

Imaginative – His creative stories while getting Aditya ready for school or at dinner work wonders.

Nice sense of humor – He can make me laugh even during the toughest times. It is one of my greatest joys to hear Aditya’s loud giggles at his stories.

Doting Dad – Diaper changes, Saturday breakfast waffles made from scratch, Kissing “owies” away – he does it all!

About me
• I truly enjoy being a Dad to Aditya – he makes me laugh constantly with his antics. We love making up imaginative stories about dragons and ghosts or cars and trucks. I love our bonding moments: be it enjoying breakfast at the neighborhood coffee shop, chasing our dog at the local park or taking the public bus to school.
• I am a big foodie and love trying new cuisines or just spending a weekend enjoying home-cooked meals.
• I am a software engineer at Microsoft. I work on cutting-edge technologies for next-gen devices. I have excellent benefits (paid parental leave, flexible hours and ability to work from home) and I intend to take advantage of those just like last time.
• I have a younger brother Avishek who lives in San Diego, California. Our personalities are very different, so there is never a dull moment when we talk or meet. We especially make time for play fights at every opportunity.

Meet Arvind

Our Loved Ones and Closing Thoughts

Meet our son Aditya
Aditya is a very affectionate and active goofball. His preschool teachers frequently mention that he is very empathetic and helps other kids who need a little more encouragement.

He can’t wait to be a caring brother even if that means sharing his favorite toy cars and trucks!

Being open about his adoption and culture – We started introducing adoption to Aditya since he was a few months old. “A Mother for Choco” was one of the first books we read about adoption and Aditya loves Choco. This book beautifully illustrates that parents and children could look different and family is all about love.

We go over his birth story regularly and answer all his questions in an age appropriate manner. We share updates with his mom regularly. We want him to understand that we are a multicultural family and are equally proud of our Black and Indian roots. We read a lot of books on Black history and culture to ensure Aditya identifies closely with his heritage.

We meet with other adoptive families to ensure Aditya understands that there are other families that look like us and share the common thread of adoption.

Meet Denali
We rescued our Chihuahua-Terrier mix Denali from an animal shelter in 2013. He enjoys long walks, chasing bunnies and lots of belly rubs. He is super friendly, extremely social and loves to meet new people.

Meet Our Family
Sukanya has a younger sister Sinduja. Sinduja and her husband live close by, so we visit each other very frequently. Sukanya’s parents live in India and visit us often. They adore Aditya and cannot wait to become grandparents again!

Arvind has a younger brother Avishek. Avishek and his wife live in San Diego. We typically have a fun family get together with his brother and cousins during the holidays. Arvind’s parents live in India and visit here frequently.

We both are blessed to have a close group of friends who have become family. They are eagerly looking forward to welcoming our second child.

Our Family Values
Be proud of your roots – We are a multicultural family celebrating our Indian and Black cultures
Every day is a gift – live it to the fullest
Treat people with respect and honesty

Our Home
We live in a 5 bedroom home near Seattle with ample yard space in one of the best school districts in the state. Our neighborhood is very diverse with lots of parks and nature trails nearby – perfect for kids. Our weekends are fun-filled and relaxed – be it going for long walks in Sammamish river trail, exploring our local library, visiting the zoo or Pike Place farmers market in Seattle.

One Last Thank You
Thank You for taking the time to read our profile. This was an opportunity for us to show you our most personal side – a loving family looking to grow further.

We sincerely hope that we have shown our deep love and affection for each other, Aditya and Denali and how we would shower the same love on our second child. We truly hope that your search for an adoptive family ends here, with US.

You are in our thoughts and prayers during this time of uncertainty, while making one of the most important decisions of your life. And always know this – whatever decision you make, will be the RIGHT decision.

We wish you the very best.

Arvind, Sukanya, Aditya and Denali

Our Loved Ones and Closing Thoughts