Austra and Adam

Welcome and Thank You

A warm hello to an incredibly brave expectant parent! Adoption has always been very dear to both of our hearts. Adam’s brother and sister were adopted, as well as his mother! We are thrilled yet in such awe of being considered as the potential parents to your baby. Please know we will cherish your decision by providing a life full of loving enrichment, and laughter with never-ending guidance and support so he or she may reach their goals in life.

Our Life Together: We met through online dating and after 1.5 years, Adam proposed atop the Rockefeller Center with a perfect sunset blanketing NYC. We were married in February 2015. After experiencing unexplained fertility issues, we immediately opened our hearts to follow the path of adoption to grow our family. Our adventurous life keeps us on our toes, with Adam flying as a commercial airline pilot and Austra helping clients with their health and wellness goals as an exercise physiologist. A daily reflection keeps us centered and grounded, followed by a mix of loving and delightful kind gestures and acts: surprise love notes in lunches, wallets and pockets, fresh flowers given just to see the smile on Austra’s face, random fun recipes that are attempted by us (mostly Adam!) which then completely blow our taste buds away, lots of hugs and smooches, and always making time for romantic getaways on a whim. We love each-others’ hearty laugh, which is highly contagious. We love to travel, bike, hike, ski, attend local events, spend time together, read, and watch movies (with kettle corn)! We find one special rock on almost every hike we have ever done, we love creating memories with everything we do!

Five Ways We Show Each Other Our Love:

  • Writing love notes
  • Check-ins with each other
  • While traveling
  • Eating meals together
  • Warm embraces and smiles

A Few of Our Favorites


  • Austra: Making pottery
  • Adam: Model airplanes & ships


  • Austra: Wolf
  • Adam: Hippopotamus

Childhood Activity

  • Austra: Build forts
  • Adam: Playing in sandbox

Children’s Book

  • Austra: The Little Engine that Could
  • Adam: Winnie the Pooh

Vacation Spot

  • Austra: Florida
  • Adam: Tropical Islands
Welcome and Thank You

A Little About Austra

Being from the midwest, I learned how to ski and ice skate by the age of two years old! I loved all sports and was super competitive in everything I set my mind to. I graduated from Oregon State University for my under graduate studies in Exercise Science and graduated from ATSU for my graduate studies with a double major in Geriatric Exercise Science and Sports Conditioning. My studies prepared me well for my job as an exercise physiologist. With the flexibility in my job, I plan to be a stay-at-home mom until our future child begins elementary school. I am a “Jill of all trades”: I happily bounce between volunteer work for our town and involvement of multiple causes in the community.

Another passion of mine is soccer; I have coached soccer to toddlers through collegiate levels these past 20+ years. I love trying new random hobbies – next of which will be sewing!

Some quirks about myself are: I LOVE to dunk potato chips into yellow mustard, have maple syrup or applesauce on scrambled eggs, and collect jars to decorate for craft storage. Aside from me, I want you to know Adam will be an amazing, protective, attentive, doting, spoiling, easily wrapped around the finger, and goofy type of dad!

A Little About Austra

A Little About Adam

My life has been one of goals set and goals attained, though more often than not, attained on a second or third try. I joined the Navy after college and attained my lifelong goal of becoming a pilot. Through my Navy Career and now as an airline pilot, I have seen most continents and explored different countries. While traveling, I enjoy learning about the local culture including language, people, history and traditions, and especially local foods. With a lifelong love for history, both studying about it and discussing it with friends, I currently volunteer as a docent at a historical museum and enjoy hosting groups of school children there where they can learn hands-on how people lived over 100 years ago.

One of the highlights of any day to me is to see myself reflected in the eyes of children—whether the awestruck look on their face on their first visit to the cockpit or the look when making a lesson they learned at school click through hands on interaction at the museum, it brings me back to those moments that guided me to achieve my goals.

Some quirks of mine are: I make a funny beaver face when concentrating, and I always have to have parmesan cheese on any pasta-dish. Aside from me, Austra is wonderful around children; she is always watching out for them, especially on walks around our town. She has an overriding protective instinct to always ensure their safety and well being and I know she’ll be an amazing mom.

A Little About Adam

Our Little Forest in the Suburbs

Our incredible family home is situated on over an acre of forested land including open grassy spaces for gardening and play, has a fully fenced yard and country feel, but is only steps away from urban activities. Our town is nestled on the shores of the Puget Sound with fun hiking trails, parks, lakes and excellent schools within walking distance. We primarily enjoy our outdoor living spaces (two large patios and one huge deck) for

morning coffee, incredible sunsets, BBQ’s with family, friends and neighbors. Our home has three bedrooms/baths with a family/play room, gym, kitchen, dining and living rooms along with a cozy loft and incredible library. Weather induced activities bring us to two of our favorite areas of the home: Hot cocoa and visiting with friends and family by the fire place, or the loft for cozy reading, crazy puzzles, and board games or video games.

Meet Lily – Woof Woof: We both had pets growing up. Austra rescued Lily our White German Shepherd in 2006. Lily knows how to shake and say thank you with the respective number of barks. Since meeting Adam in 2013 Lily has attached herself to Adam as he dotes on her everyday with attention. She’s a fun, loving, playful, yet calm with wonderful house manners. She is great with adults, children, and inquisitive babies poking about or climbing on her.

We Will Teach About:

  • God
  • Love
  • Sharing
  • Respect
  • Swimming
  • Skiing
  • Friendship
  • Baking
Our Little Forest in the Suburbs

Love Makes a Family

Austra’s parents and brother’s family live in Oregon, so the two hour drive south is easy for regular visits. We are very close with Austra’s parents and do many activities together on a regular basis. Adam’s parents are deceased but were so loved and are talked about constantly with many fun and silly memories shared. Adam’s brother’s family and sister live 20 minutes away and we enjoy those occasional visits and holiday gatherings. Our wonderful niece and nephews are high school and college aged, so seeing them has been rare these days. We rotate Holiday-hosting among our families so we can enjoy each other’s cooking! Our list of cousins is long, and we are very close to them (most live in the Midwest) so we make traditional summer travel to visit them. Our closest friends live far away, but we juggle our schedules for get-togethers. We stay connected and involved with our neighbors (we call friends) to create a fun, safe and diverse community for the children to play in.

5 Family Traditions: We celebrate…

  • Birthdays with a baked homemade cake
  • Christmas (cut down a tree and decorate)
  • Easter (Dye eggs different colors)
  • We also wear costumes for Halloween and bake spooky treats and end up in a food coma after Thanksgiving meals

We Promise:

  • To raise your child as we were: with love, devotion, teaching, and providing opportunities for self-discovery.
  • They will be protected, safe and secure.
  • To nurture them with tender hugs, booboo kisses, and encouragement when they get hurt.
  • To grow and bond together as a family by being the best involved role models.
  • That we will share all that we have and instill a loving character so they may encompass life with their mind, body, and spirit.

Forever Thank You: We cannot say thank you enough for considering us as adoptive parents to your child, so we’ll say FOREVER thank you. Your child will be ever so much loved by us, our family, and friends. They will know the love and sacrifice you made for them to have two loving devoted parents. Your child will be told about their beautiful birth and your courageous decision to help us create the precious gift of family. You will have a special place in our hearts for eternity! FOREVER thank you!

Love Makes a Family