Barb and Eric


Hi! We are Barb & Eric. We live in amazing Orange County, California. We are best friends, adventure buddies, and deeply in love. We want to extend that love to a child, and since we are unable to do so on our own, we are looking for someone like you to bless us with the opportunity.

We married later in life, and we are so fortunate to have great jobs, a great home, and friends and family who support us. We want to teach a child how to love others, and be loved in return. Being parents would mean the absolute world to the two of us.

We admire your courage and openness. Thank you again for taking the time to consider us.

All our best,

Barb and Eric

Our Story: We grew up worlds apart, Barb in chilly Minnesota and Eric in sunny Florida. Fortunately, we found each other in Seattle at a work event, and had an immediate connection. Eric loved Barb’s warmth and vitality, and Barb loved Eric’s sense of humor and confidence. Even though we met later in life, it was like we had known each other for years.

10 Things We Love to Do:

  1. Be on the water! We stand-up paddle or kayak all around Southern California.
  2. Go to Disneyland! We are annual pass holders and visit at least twice a month. Barb loves the coasters!!!
  3. Hike and Camp! Eric works for an outdoor retailer, and hitting the trails and enjoying the beauty of nature brings us joy.
  4. See new places! We love traveling and experiencing new cultures. We’ve been to Europe and all across the United States.
  5. Baseball! We are visiting all of the Major League ballparks. So far, we’ve visited 10 different parks, all across the U.S.
  6. Bake and cook! Barb is an amazing baker, and she makes the world’s best biscuits and scones. Eric is the chef in the family, and is finding new challenges in cooking vegetarian.
  7. Spin our wheels! We both road bike, mountain bike, and cruise along the spectacular beaches here in SoCal.
  8. Hang out with our furry friends! We have two really cool dogs, Brewser and Lily, who love to go for walks or just lay in the sun.
  9. Good vibes! It’s so much fun to head down to the beach, jump in the water, or just walk in the sand during a beautiful California sunset.
  10. Spend time with our family and friends! We host members of our family who come to visit from Minnesota or Colorado all the time. We also love to get together and play board games with our friends who live closer to home.



Meet Barb

I grew up in Minnesota, as one of 10 kids! My siblings were my friends growing up, and we spent lots of time playing outside and having adventures. My mom’s job was making sure all 10 kids stayed safe and sane! My dad was an electrician. They instilled a strong work ethic and prided independence. I learned how to change my own oil before I was allowed to get a driver’s license.

My mom taught me how to sew and knit at a young age, and that has stuck with me to this day. I’ve made my own clothes, baby quilts for my nieces and nephews, countless winter hats, and even my own wedding dress! Knitting and quilting gives me a chance to show my love for the people in my life.

I have 17 nieces and nephews, and I am so proud to be Aunt Barb. Having fun with them while helping them navigate through some of life’s tough times made me realize that I want to be a mom. Being a mom would mean the world to me.

Why I Love Barb by Eric: Simply put, she is amazing. I am so lucky to be married to the best person I know. Her heart is as big as the ocean! Her family means everything to her, and that includes the family we hope to have. She is gracious, kind, confident, and inspiring. Plus, she makes the best biscuits in the world!

Fun Facts and Favorites:

  • Can’t Live Without: Ice cream
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Historical Figure I’d Like to Meet: Amelia Earhart
  • Fave Vacation Spot: Colorado
  • Movie: The Princess Bride
  • Children’s Book: Dr. Seuss’s ABCs
  • Fave Game: Uno
  • Languages I Speak: English and German
Meet Barb

Meet Eric

I was raised in Florida by some of the most loving people in the world. My mom and dad raised me to be thoughtful, compassionate, strong, and loving. My dad was a firefighter for 40 years, and my mom worked in the medical field. I also had amazing grandparents, and my Grandmother Fay was one of the biggest influences in my life.

I had an active childhood, but I was also a bookworm. I love reading and writing, and I’ve always had a big imagination. Music is another thing that matters a great deal to me. My record collection is one of my favorite things, and I’m always on the hunt for new record store finds!

After college, I began working part-time at an outdoor store called REI. Fifteen years later, and I am a store manager for one of the largest locations in the country. I love my job because so much of it is about helping people get outdoors and live healthier, happier lifestyles. As the boss, I get the chance to write my own schedule, which means being flexible to the needs of a little one. I can’t wait to be the best Dad I can be. It is a huge responsibility, and an even bigger honor. I want to be the kind of Dad that a kid can look up to, love, and be goofy with!

Why I Love Eric by Barb: Eric is the most generous person I know. He fills our lives with laughter and fun. He makes me the best version of myself. Everyone who meets Eric loves him. He’s amazing with my nieces and nephews, and he is everyone’s favorite Uncle! Eric connects with kids of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, because he is a big kid at heart.

Fun Facts and Favorites:

  • Can’t Live Without: Morning coffee
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Historical Figure I’d Like to Meet: Abraham Lincoln
  • Fave Vacation Spot: Seattle
  • Movie: Jaws
  • Children’s Book: The Hobbit
  • Fave Game: Dungeons & Dragons
  • Languages I Speak: English and German
Meet Eric

Meet Our Family

Our family is so happy that we are adopting! Eric comes from a very small family, but Barb more than makes up for it with 9 siblings and 17 nieces and nephews! Family includes not just relatives, but our amazing network of friends all around the country. Our friends that we have made along the way are just as important to us. We are so lucky to have a strong support system all over the U.S., and our future child won’t know what to do with all of the “aunts and uncles” waiting to spend time with them.

Barb’s family lives in Minneapolis and St. Cloud, Minnesota. She has 3 brothers, Bill, Bob, and Ben. She has 6 sisters, Becky, Brenda, Beth, Bernice, Bonnie, and Brittany. That’s right, all 10 kids have names that start with B! Even though we don’t live near them, we FaceTime weekly with the nieces and nephews. Staying connected with them is very important to us. And, we are lucky enough to be a reward for the kids — if you do well in school, you can fly out to Cali and spend time with Aunt Barb and Uncle Eric!

It’s a smaller family on Eric’s side, but the love is still big. His mom Sherri passed away a few years ago, but he and his dad Jim are best buds. Jim visits regularly, texts almost daily and comes out for birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so on. Having a smaller family, Eric has built a group of close friends over the years. In fact, every Christmas, we take the dogs, meet up with some friends, and spend the morning soaking up the sun on Huntington Beach!

Meet Our Family

Our Home

Not only is Irvine close to the ocean, but it is also the safest city in America. We are excited to raise a child in such a great city. We live in a great neighborhood in Irvine with a huge city park just across the street. We can be found there walking Lily almost every day. We were also able to watch US Olympic swimmers break world records at the pool, and we enjoy the rich culture of our local community. Not to mention, Eric is super happy that the library is also across the street!

Our home is bright and cheery with a big kitchen and Barb’s grandparents’ dining table at the center of it all. We gather there with our family and friends, and we never miss the opportunity to sit down and enjoy Eric’s delicious cooking or our morning coffee and scones.

Meet Our Furry Friends: We have two dogs, Brewser and Lily. Because we have so many kids in our lives, both of the pups love the extra attention they get when the nieces and nephews come to visit. We can’t wait for Brewser and Lily to share their love with a new family member.

Our Promise:
• Fill our home with laughter, and not take things too seriously.

  • Raise an amazing kid who shows compassion and empathy, while standing up for what’s right.
  • Eat lots of vegetables, but always leave room for ice cream!
  • Appreciate the natural world, get our hands dirty playing, and never take being active for granted.
  • Give them the best education we can, both in school and at home (and always help with homework!).
  • Go to Disneyland all the time, and ride the best rides until our faces hurt from smiling.
  • Show your child the world, and help them appreciate people from all backgrounds.
  • Raise them to be part of a larger family, but never lose their individuality.

We wish you the very best as you make this important decision. We look forward to meeting you!

Barb & Eric

Our Home