Benjie and Gino

Dear Birth Mom

Hello! We are Benjie and Gino. Thank you for looking at our profile. We are filled with respect and admiration for your bravery on this journey. To get to know us better, please read more. We will gladly answer any questions you may have. We want you to be as excited to choose us as we will be in raising our future child. We’d love to learn about you and hear your hopes and dreams.

We have built a life filled with love, openness, and support that we want to offer to our future child. We would be forever grateful for the chance to become parents. We wish you peace and blessings as you make your decision.

About Us

We live in Atlanta, Georgia, and have been married for six years but been together for nine years. We met on a dating site and had our first date at a coffee shop. Benjie forgot to take off her glasses, and Gino thought she was a cute, nerdy girl. Gino was the most welcoming person who was so nervous that he could not stop talking.

We decided to travel, enjoy time with each other, move into our first home, and then try to grow our family. We are best friends and a team that supports each other’s dreams. We learned that we could achieve more through teamwork and remember that lesson every day.

Although we struggled with infertility and have no children, we understand that things happen for a reason – we were meant to adopt. We are eager to meet our future child and ready to start our lives as a family.

Dear Birth Mom

Meet Benjie

About Benjie, By Benjie – I grew up in New Orleans, surrounded by a big family with my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and dozens of cousins. I spent lots of time with family going to Mardi Gras parades, cookouts, seafood boils, and Sunday family dinners – traditions that continue today. I am a project manager at a law firm. My job allows me to have a flexible schedule so I can spend time with my family. My free time is spent with friends, learning to play guitar, reading, and volunteering.

Benjie through Gino’s eyes – Benjie is creative and spontaneous. She loves to try new things whether it is travel, exercise, live music concerts, or arts & crafts. Benjie has loads of imagination that you can see in her art projects. She’s the go-to person for birthday and holiday celebrations. She is also always there to support our friends and family.

Benjie will show our child that they can become anything with imagination and hard work. She will take our child on adventures to see waterfalls or visit the children’s museum. I can’t wait to see Benjie grow as a mother and look forward to the day we are raising our child.

Benjie’s Favorites:

  • Movie – Bridesmaids
  • Daytime Escape – Nature trails
  • Place – The beach
  • Hobby – Glassblowing
  • Holiday – Christmas
  • TV Show – Big Bang Theory
Meet Benjie

Meet Gino

About Gino, By Gino – I grew up in Atlanta with my brother and both parents. My family is spread across Georgia and Alabama. I loved playing flute and saxophone in the marching band so much that I became a band teacher. I have taught over a thousand students to play music as a band director and am happy heading to work each day. I perform at local community events, conduct a local jazz band, and give private music lessons. I like to travel, visit friends and family, and build Lego sets.

Gino through Benjie’s eyes – Gino has made my world better since the day we met. He is incredibly considerate, honest, and patient. Gino is determined to make himself and those around him be better people. I love that Gino cares so much about everyone and always has supportive words to share.

I see him as the dad who takes our child to Lego Land, who loudly cheers from the stands during all events and offers support when days get rough. I am excited to watch Gino become the thoughtful dad I know he will be.

Gino’s Favorites:

  • Movie – Avengers: Endgame
  • Daytime Escape – Video Games
  • Place – Asheville, NC
  • Hobby – Legos
  • Holiday – Thanksgiving
  • TV Show – This is Us
Meet Gino

Family, Friends & Home

Friends & Family – We believe that love makes families. We are from loving families and have friends that are on family. There are six grandparents, four first cousins, aunts, uncles, loads of other cousins, and many close friends waiting to meet our child. Our nephews and niece are excited to show their cousin all the fun. They also want to teach our future child basketball, football, volleyball, bowling, and acting.

Our Community – We live in a quiet neighborhood just outside of Atlanta. We go to the city often to see family, concerts, arts and sporting events, or to hang out. We live near the town square that has weekly free events, food trucks, and a kid-friendly splash pad. We also have top-rated schools, as well as parks with playgrounds and nature trails. There is always something to do or explore.

Family, Friends & Home

Thank You

We have so much love to share with a child. We are excited to have the chance to grow to a family of three through adoption. If given the privilege to adopt, we will unconditionally love and cherish our future child. We promise to provide love, laughter, and a nurturing home. Our child will have a strong foundation to build a limitless future.

Thank you for reading our story, and we wish you a peaceful journey as you make your decision.

Thank You