Benny & Angela

Angela & Benny

Dear Birth Mother: Hello! We are Angela, Benny and Ethan from Oakland, California! Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and get to know more about us. We believe adoption takes great strength and courage and are humbled that you are considering us for this special and life-changing experience. We are so excited to grow our family! We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you throughout this journey.

Our number one priority is to love & nurture your child unconditionally while providing them with opportunities and tools so they can flourish and be the best person they can be. We met in June 2001 while both beginning our careers; Benny as a doctor and Angela as a nurse.

We really enjoyed working together, became friends and began dating soon after. Our love of traveling, eating, spending time with friends and family strengthened our bond and we were married in September of 2006. We have lived in Michigan and Texas and now live in Oakland, California, which we love! After a long struggle with fertility issues, with the help of in-vitro fertilization, we had our son Ethan in April of 2013. We love being parents and look forward to expanding and completing our family.

5 Ways We Show Our Love:
• Cooking delicious meals
• Hugs and kisses
• Saying I love you
• Surprises
• Listening to and respecting each other

Five Things We Will Teach Our Children
1. To always be kind
2. To be honest
3. Empathy
4. To celebrate differences
5. To love who you are

Angela & Benny

About Angela

A Little About Angela, by Benny: Angela grew up in a small town outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan. All of her aunts, uncles and cousins lived (and still do) within a twenty-mile radius of one another. Growing up, Ang had family gatherings on many weekends and holidays and has fond memories of all of the time spent with family.

Angela loves to help others and her passion is working with children. Ang worked as a nurse for seven years and then went back to school to become a child life specialist; helping children and families in hospitals cope with hospitalization, procedures, surgeries, and to decrease their anxiety.

Currently, Ang volunteers at a local community center for grieving children and families where she helps facilitate and support children in their grief. Another one of Ang’s passion is equity and teaching anti bias principals and equality to children.

In the last three years, Ang has also volunteered as a CASA or a Court Appointed Special Advocate for foster children. Although the children she helped while they were in the court system are no longer foster children, she is still very much involved in their lives and sees them a few times a month. She is trying to be a consistent and positive support for the kids while exposing them to fun and meaningful activities to enrich their understanding of the world.

Angela is a caring, open-minded, intelligent, flexible, out-going, & insightful person.

5 Things That Make Angela Happy:
1. Helping others
2. Dogs
3. Stephen Colbert
4. Kids
5. Human kindness

About Angela

About Benny

A Little About Benny, by Angela: Benny grew up in different parts of Texas and his family moved to Austin when he was 7 years old. Benny loved growing up in Austin, especially its beauty and good food! Benny also enjoyed playing sports like soccer and tennis as a kid and now loves watching and attending Golden State Warriors basketball games.

Benny loves being a dad and teaching Ethan how to play guitar, soccer, basketball and the ways of the Jedi. (Benny is a huge Star Wars fan)!

Benny is a doctor and works at a hospital five minutes from our home. For a doctor, his work hours are very regular and he’s always home in the evenings and on the weekends.

Besides medicine, Benny enjoys cooking, watching movies in the theatre (for the popcorn), going to concerts, and trying new foods and restaurants. He also enjoys road biking and every year he leads a team in a 150-mile ride to support a charity for multiple sclerosis.

Benny is easy going, confident, playful, dedicated & fun-loving.

5 Things That Make Benny Happy:
1. A good joke
2. Music
3. Yummy food
4. Traveling
5. Funny shows

About Benny

Our Family

Meet Big Brother: Ethan is a 6-year-old bundle of energy. This fall, he will begin 1st grade and he loves playing with his friends and teachers. He also loves zooming around on his bike, playing sports such as soccer and basketball, and just being outside.

Ethan is taking swim lessons and has just joined a development league for soccer. He has a huge heart and loves to give big hugs. He loves visiting his Grandma and Grandpa in Michigan and Ahma (grandma in Chinese) and Agong (grandpa in Chinese) in Texas and playing with all his cousins. He enjoys traveling and going on trips and adventures.

Meet Our Entire Family: Angela’s whole family lives within a twenty-mile radius of one another near Ann Arbor, Michigan. We visit Michigan at least once a year and spend the time eating, swimming, boating on the lakes, and playing outside.

Benny also has extended family in Taiwan. Every few years we travel to Taiwan to visit Benny’s grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins. We love to eat lots of the yummy Taiwanese food and explore Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city.

Family Traditions We Love:
• Fourth of July party and kids bike parade in our driveway with friends and neighbors – fireworks, egg toss and bbq as well
• Easter egg hunt with friends – meet Easter Bunny, petting zoo, games
• Making and decorating Christmas cookies for Santa Claus
• Family costumes for Halloween – Wizard of Oz, Power Rangers, Little Red Riding Hood, Michael Jackson Thriller theme
• Yearly pumpkin patch visits – picking out a pumpkin, hayride, games, corn maze

Our Family

Our Home and Promise

We LOVE our home and neighborhood. We live in a safe and diverse community with many wonderful families and friends. Our home is quaint and cozy and provides plenty of room for us as well as visitors. There is a lot of space for kids to play too! Ethan has a designated area for his toys and free play, plus, we have a spacious fenced-in backyard with a large deck. There is a neighborhood basketball hoop across the street, a neighborhood swing a few doors down, a great tree for climbing and a community tree house down the street. One of our neighbors even has a large trampoline that all the kids are welcome to enjoy. We are also half a block away from the elementary school where Ethan goes to school.

We have some of the best neighbors! Every year, we host the neighborhood BBQ 4th of July party in our driveway. We close our street to traffic and have water balloon fights, a kids’ bike parade, an egg toss, s’mores, and a firework show. During the holidays we also have a “progressive dinner”, where neighbors walk to three separate houses for appetizers, dinner and desserts. We are also part of a neighborhood club involving eight families where each family takes a turn hosting and choosing a cookbook for everyone to pick one recipe to make and bring to the dinner.

Our Furry Friend: One important member of our family is our miniature dachshund, Harry. Harry is 14 years old and we’ve had him since he was a puppy. Although, Harry is slowing down in his older age, he really enjoys snuggling and playing with Ethan and following him around eating all the crumbs he leaves behind.

Our Promise To You:
• We will give your child a safe, warm, and loving home and a life full of happy memories.
• Your child will be encouraged to try different sports, musical instruments and art. We want your child to be curious, to explore and to find and follow their passions.
• We will give them freedom to take risks (within reason) even if that means they fall short of their goals. We understand that a great deal can be learned from challenges and making mistakes.
• We will raise your child to understand the importance of demonstrating genuine respect for themselves and others.
• We will teach and expose your child to many different cultures, foods, religions and ideas in order for them to better understand the world around them and to be accepting and empathetic toward everyone.

One Last Thank You: We want you to know how grateful we are for you and how much we admire your heart. We do want an open adoption so that you can be involved as much as you would like in your child’s life. Our philosophy is the more, the merrier and the more people that love this child, the better. We want your child to know where they come from and will be completely open with them regarding you and your family.

We believe the more a child knows about their identity and origins, the more they can feel confident in their own skin and feel grounded in who they really are. We welcome you into our family with open arms and will always honor you for this gift you are giving us.

Our Home and Promise