Bo & Molly

Hello! We are Molly & Bo!

Hi! We’re Molly and Bo. We are so grateful you are taking the time to learn a little bit about our family. We feel incredibly blessed and humbled that we have been led to adoption as the means to grow our family.

We are so inspired by your love and courage throughout this process. We feel deeply that each of us have a powerful and unique story that is being written and we cannot wait for the day that we get to meet our baby and watch his or her story unfold.

We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, have a beautiful 4-year-old daughter named Blakely, and a loving yellow lab named Dansby. We both have incredible families that we are extremely close to, a group of friends that feels like family, and wonderful community that we live in.

We are so excited to begin this journey because we know each step we take gets us closer to meeting our baby. Our hope is that we can give you an authentic picture of who we are and you may find comfort in knowing that a loving and faithful home is eagerly waiting for the missing puzzle piece to our family.

We met when Bo was Molly’s intramural flag football coach. We initially bonded over our love of sports and competition and a sarcastic sense of humor. After being friends for about a year, we started dating and got married after college.

In the 10 years since we got married on a llama farm (yes, we got married on a llama farm!) we have gotten to travel all over the world (a Europe trip together and Bo has been to Africa twice), we have faced trials that have helped us grow closer together and deepened our faith, and have countless moments to celebrate.

The greatest moment by far, has been the blessing of our daughter, Blakely. She enriches our life every single day. We have a lot of fun together as a family. Whether we are going on a fun trip (the beach and North Carolina Mountains are our favorites!) cooking out with friends, or just going for a wagon ride around our neighborhood, we love being together! One of our greatest joys as parents has been getting to see Blakely’s individuality grow.

We cant wait to learn what interests and passions our next baby has and find ways to help those grow. At the center of our relationship and family is our faith. Our faith is a daily focus on how we live our lives, treat others, and raise our daughter.

Hello! We are Molly & Bo!

Meet Bo

About Bo (from Molly)

Bo is hands down the most positive, faithful person I know. The first thing that drew me to him was his fun-loving spirit. Bo was the cute flag football coach that made going to practice a lot of fun! His faith and relationship with God is evident in how he loves me and Blakely and treats everyone around him.

He challenges me to be a better person just by being in his presence and in the gracious way he encourages me. I am grateful to have him to remind me to not take myself too seriously, to step outside of my comfort zone, and to seek God’s will for my life above my own.

Watching Bo be a father to Blakely has been a true source of joy for me. I love watching them sing together, play soccer and when Blakey gives him “makeovers.”

In Blakelys words, “Daddy is a Superhero,” and I would have to agree. My prayer is that our children will learn from Bo how put their faith first, have an eternally optimistic outlook on life, be passionate about what you do in life, and have fun! I cannot wait to see Bo be a dad again!

About Bo
I would describe myself as an outgoing, fun loving, encourager, who always sees the glass half full. I could probably have a great conversation with a brick wall if necessary. I love competing in men’s league soccer and golf and love all sports. I love to fly fish and being outdoors doing just about anything.

I love spending time with Molly and Blakely. Being a father has taught me so much and I am so grateful I have been given such an important responsibility. I absolutely cannot wait to be a father again.

Bo’s Career
Bo has a successful career in education. After teaching 8th grade history for 9 years and coaching Soccer for 12 years, he moved into high school administration 3 years ago.

Bo is a high school Assistant Principal in the same district that we live in (and is among the top school districts in the state!). His favorite part of his job is the relationships he builds with his students and having a lasting impact on their lives. He also enjoys having long school holidays off so we can spend plenty of time together as a family.

Meet Bo

Meet Molly

About Molly (From Bo)

While in college I was lucky to land a beautiful, strong, faithful woman in Molly. Molly is a sneaky good athlete, who was a great swimmer in high school and flag football player in college. Above all her faith in Christ is what drew me to her. Her greatest joy in life is being a Mom to Blakely.

She is so patient, kind hearted, and authentic with our daughter. She has an incredible outlook on life that sets a great example for Blakely. Molly has also become quite the creative cook in the kitchen. She has found a way to make a picky eater like myself try foods I ordinarily would shy away from.

Molly has a caring heart for the college students in our community and that shows in the lasting relationships she has built with these students. She is an extraordinary, driven and loyal woman I am blessed to do life with.

About Molly
I describe myself as an extroverted introvert. While I am naturally more reserved, I love being around people. I genuinely seek authentic relationships in my life and I value deep, meaningful conversations and experiences.

My most earnest prayer is that I can be a woman that my children look up to as strong, faithful, driven, genuine, and who has lots of fun (I love a dance party!). I enjoy yoga, finding new, recipes to cook with Blakely, and am also a wanna-be home designer. I love working on our house to make it comfortable and cozy.

Being in the mountains is my happy place. I love the sense of rest and energy I get from being in the outdoors and soaking in all the beauty it offers! I have been praying for our next baby for a long time and am counting down the days until I get to be a mommy again!

Molly’s Career
I am in sales for a large Environmental Company. I have been with the same company for 9 years. I love my job because it is challenging and something different every day.

I especially love my job because of the people I work with and the flexibility it allows. I never miss out on a school party, field trip, or dance class. The past 2 summers, we have even gotten to do a mommy and me art camp!

Meet Molly

Meet the Rest of our Family!


If I had to use one word to describe Blakely, it would be joyful. Her smile literally lights up a room. She has an ability to bring joy to any situation. She is very caring about others and is incredibly tender hearted.

She is silly and funny and pretty much bursting with personality. She is a little girl that will be decked out in her princess dress and tiara while outside collecting rocks for her ever-growing rock collection.

She is our little social butterfly and loves playing with friends and going on adventures (she went snow skiing when she was 2!) She loves being a helper. Any time we are doing something around the house, she wants in. Her favorite thing to help with is cooking.

Whether it’s making grand mom’s homemade spaghetti or scrambled eggs and cinnamon toast on Saturday mornings, she is our little cooking buddy! She absolutely cannot wait to be a big a sister. She talks about it daily and we pray every night about the baby brother or sister God is going to bring her.

Our Pup:

Dansby is our yellow lab and she is convinced she is a person. She is the most gentle, loving dog and is the perfect cuddle buddy. She will let Blakely lay on, pull on, try to ride on all day long without making a peep. Her absolute favorite thing is going on walks with us around our neighborhood and getting to go swimming at the lake.

Our People:

We are both blessed with incredible families and are close with both sides. Molly’s mom and dad have been married 39 years and still live in the house she grew up in. They are only a few hours away, so we get to see them regularly.

Molly’s mom is a retired teacher so she especially loves coming down for weekday visits to come play with Blakely and help with home! Her sister and husband live in Texas with their toddler. Virginia and Molly are best friends and our girls love face timing each other on a regular basis.

We look forward to family beach trips and holidays when we are all together.

Bo’s parents have been married 41 years and live on the coast so visits to Mimi and Pops’ house feel like a vacation! Bo’s dad travels for work, so he passes through frequently and we love our weeknight visits with him. Bo’s sister Fran, her husband and 2 children (Lucy 7 and Reynolds 5) just moved within a few hours away, so we have loved getting to see them more frequently.

Blakely absolutely adores her “big” cousins and they cannot wait to have a new baby to take under their wings. We are blessed to be close to both sets of in-laws and have sisters and brothers in law that are just as much friends as they are family.

Our group of friends have become like family and it has been a true blessing to have a community to walk through life together. We have gotten to go on vacations together, be a part of church small groups together, help each other with home improvement projects, and most importantly raise our children together.

Our family-friends have become an invaluable source of encouragement and support and they are all just as excited to welcome a new baby as our families are.

Meet the Rest of our Family!

Our Home and Mission

We live in a college town in Alabama, so there is always a fun activity going on. We love being in a college town because it offers an enriching sense of diversity with a comforting slow pace lifestyle. Some of our favorite things about our town have been outdoor movie nights and concerts, holiday parades, and of course tailgating during football season.

Our church family is also a huge part of our community and “local” family we have in-town.

We live in a 4-bedroom cottage that we have worked hard to restore in a wonderful established neighborhood with a lot of young neighbors! We have an incredible back yard and covered carport where we spend a lot of time outside.

We love spending time in our sunroom/playroom our cozy den and our bright kitchen. Our goal is that our home would be a place that our children will always want to come home to and our guests always feel welcomed!

We want our children to always feel safe and have a place where they know they will be loved, supported and encouraged. We strive to provide the love and support for our children to discover their individual passions and talents so they can grow.

Above all else, our goal as parents is instill that no matter what our children know that God loves them, we love them, they are treasured, they were created with unique gifts, and their story is powerful and purposeful.

Our Home and Mission