Bob & Irina

Hello! We are Irina and Bob from California!

Your courageous decision to consider adoption allows us to have the opportunity to create the wonderful family of our dreams. Please know we deeply respect and admire your choice.

We hope you will learn more about us and our great love for each other and for our future child. WE ARE REALLY EXCITED TO BE ADOPTIVE PARENTS! We will create a safe environment and share our great love, knowledge and experience with our future child, providing them with the essentials to be very successful and happy in life! We really appreciate you checking out our profile and learning our story!

How We Met: Our first date happened 7 years ago in what is known as the Heavenly Empire, in China. Our romantic adventure started on the steps of the amazing endless Great Wall in Beijing which led us to the skyscrapers of Shanghai. Bob traveled almost all around the world to meet Irina in China. It was so unique and special to get to know each other while exploring some of the very best of China’s sites.

We’ll never forget our excitement of being together and the hospitality of that exotic country! We got married in San Francisco in 2011 and since then we have been enjoying life together!

Our Family Values:
– Be worthy of trust
– Treat others as you like to be treated
– Love and help children
– Set a good example
– Safeguard and improve your environment
– Keep your word once given
– Fulfill your obligations
– Be industrious
– Be competent

Hello! We are Irina and Bob from California!

Meet Irina

About Irina, by Irina: I am from Russia and my Russian family is quite large. I have one older sister, 3 nephews, a wonderful loving mother, aunts, uncles, and cousins!

I am a teacher by profession and in Russia I worked as a teacher at schools and colleges all my life. Now I plan to be a stay-at-home mother in our wonderful home! I am very excited to be a mom!

One of my favorite hobbies is gardening! I have a greenhouse in our backyard. My organic vegetables nicely contribute to the family motto – “Go Organic!” Growing flowers and plants inside and outside the house goes together with it as well! I like to cook, enjoy time with friends, go for a walk and read! Another thing I should confess about is sweets . . . I really love chocolate!

By Bob: Irina is an angel from Heaven, gracing our home with her special, magical touch. She is an expert at creating romance at every occasion. She is a fountain of positive emotions spilling her love of life into all spheres. She is gentle, sweet, kind, sympathetic, caring and romantic, the perfect wife and future mother.

Irina has a unique ability in guiding a child perfectly with just the right amount of control, not too great or little. I knew when I first met her that she would be a great mother and wife. She’s always had such a natural presence with children.

Meet Irina

Meet Bob

About Bob, by Bob: I was born in New York City but I have a large family and many cousins and second cousins in Scotland. My brother lives in Oregon and we are in touch constantly.

I work as a financial advisor and have been doing that for many years. I enjoy working with clients and assisting them to achieve their financial goals. I work from home and make my own schedule which means I will be able to take time off from work once we adopt.

In my spare time I engage in various activities. I enjoy photography which fits in with travel and our home is a gallery of photos that I have taken from various parts of the world. I enjoy dancing with Irina and we never miss an occasion to go out dancing for an enjoyable evening with a great dinner as well.

I have also enjoyed skiing and was so happy that Irina followed in my footsteps and enjoyed taking up this sport along with me. I enjoy sailing and it’s another great hobby that Irina and I can enjoy together.

By Irina: Bob is my dream come true! He is noble, well-mannered and intelligent. I really admire his ability to make me happy! He is the one who plans and organizes our family trips and vacations. His natural willingness to make things go well and his personal integrity are the foundation and the source of our family prosperity and success! It is so great to have him always available for help and support and I really appreciate it greatly!

His hobbies and activities inspire me to achieve higher goals in my life. He is so loving, kind, patient and creative!

I am sure he will be the most wonderful father and will invest all his love and passion for life into our child’s future!

Meet Bob

Our Hobbies

WE ENJOY SKIING! We go on ski trips twice a year to various places like Wisconsin, Utah, northern California and also Canada. It is so amazing to feel the strong wind on your face when skiing down the mountain or to admire gorgeous views of nature dressed in white and green colors.

WE LOVE MUSICALS! Musicals are our passion! 4-6 Musicals a year makes us feel so uplifted and inspired for enjoying life more! Our family tradition is to see a musical for one of our birthdays!

The Pantages Theatre in Hollywood is our favorite but we have so many other theatres we’ve already visited. We are proud to have a family collection of CDs from some of our favorite musicals!

WE ARE GREAT TRAVELERS! Traveling makes us feel united with the country and the whole world! We have been to China, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Holland, and Great Britain!

WE ARE PEACE MAKERS! We love to volunteer for Youth for Human Rights International to make our planet a better place. We organize fundraising events at our home and participate in other Human Rights events.

We especially enjoy volunteering for the Youth for Human Rights International Annual Summit at the United Nations, helping youth from all over the world educate others about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and advocate for human rights worldwide! We do care about the future of our planet!

Our Hobbies

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home: We have a truly wonderful home in Los Angeles, California. It is very spacious and cozy with a huge back yard that looks like a miniature forest with a waterfall running from the jacuzzi into our swimming pool.

It is situated on green hills in a very safe neighborhood and there is an illusion that you live in the countryside far away from the traffic and rush of Los Angeles. Beautiful sunsets are pleasing to the eye from multiple windows of our home.

It is really a great place for a child! One of the best elementary schools is nearby as well as a movie theatre, a park and some museums within a 5 minute drive! We are also 20 minutes from the beach and less than an hour from Disneyland. The mountains are 30 minutes to an hour away which makes for a great day trip.

Our Thoughts On Parenting:
– A child has the same rights as an adult and should be treated with respect and dignity.
– The best thing for a child is parents with love and patience in their hearts.
– Rewarding and acknowledging good deeds of a child, not validating misdeeds is a proper way of upbringing.
– Positive guidance and control is necessary for proper parenting.
– Communication is a valuable tool to teach a child how to survive in society.
– No physical punishment
– Parents should set good examples for their children

Thank you again for considering our family!

Our Home and Closing Thoughts