Bob & Nicole

Hello from Nicole and Bob in San Francisco!

Thank you so much for considering us as a potential family! We have a POSITIVE OUTLOOK on life: Treat other as you wish to be treated. Give more than you take. Work hard yet stop to smell the roses. LAUGH as much as possible!

Our Story: Introduced by a mutual friend in 2003, we met in the small beach town of Avalon, NJ. At that time, Bob lived in New York and Nicole in Philadelphia. We hit it off immediately and started talking all the time. Our first date was a Halloween party. Nicole as Marge Simpson and Bob as Indiana Jones. And now, we love dressing up for Halloween even more!

We are fortunate to have strong role models within our family and friends.

Our views on parenting:
1 Unconditional Love & Support
2 Safe, Stable & Welcoming Home
3 Lots of Fun, Laughter & Play
4 Focus on Learning: Experiences & Education
5 Discover & Follow One’s Passions

When our nephew became interested in IT, which is Bob’s career and passion, he came to stay with us and Bob took him to work to get a hands on view. We made sure to leave time to explore San Francisco and do fun things tailored to his likes: lots of video games, a trip to the Museum of Modern Art and a Giants baseball game. It was such a special visit for all of us.

Family Traditions: Instead of giving each other traditional gifts, we mark special occasions with trips or experiences. Together we’ve traveled all over the world including Europe, South America, Africa and Australia! We can’t wait to introduce our future child to similar experiences!

Our most amazing travel experiences:
1 Going on Safari in Masai Mara Kenya
2 Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
3 Hiking on a Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina

Hello from Nicole and Bob in San Francisco!

Meet Nicole

By Bob: When Nicole and I first started dating I vividly remember thinking how lucky I was to be with this girl. Looking back all these years later I still feel lucky!

Nicole is the most loving, patient, thoughtful, funny, caring, motivated and beautiful person I’ve ever met. She’s always looking after the little and big details in our life to make certain everything’s taken care of in a way that’s the best for us. The first time we met she covered me up with a blanket after I had fallen asleep on the couch at her friend’s beach house – we had literally just met that day and already she was looking after my well-being!

Recently our young nieces came to visit and we all laughed as Nicole pulled out our Halloween costume box and played dress-up with them, taking selfies, playing with Snapchat filters and making corny jokes along the way. It was hilarious! I could go on-and-on but all of this is to say Nicole is going to be a super-Mom!

About Nicole:

• I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was growing up, and that’s what inspired me to go into marketing for Gap.
• I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 14.
• I love 80s pop music and can sing along to almost every song.
• I love being creative! For instance, I’ve made much of the art in our home.
• I plan amazing trips where I incorporate everyone’s style and interests, plus just leave time to chill!

Fun Facts:
• Occupation: Marketing
• Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
• Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing, Elf
• Can’t Live Without: Red Hot, Chapstick, a warm blanket
• Best Day: Brunch in our neighborhood, then taking Maebe on a walk at the beach, followed by getting cozy on the couch and watching tv all night

Meet Nicole

Meet Bob

By Nicole: Bob is my best friend. He’s so generous and good to me. Always putting my needs above his own, he takes amazing care of me. He’ll warm my seat before I get in the car or drop me at the front door if it’s raining. And no matter what he always knows how to make me laugh!

He has such a knack for relating to kids too – our nieces and nephews can’t wait to play with him! Recently, while in Tahoe with our best friends, their young son was glued to his side. They played video games, built forts out of blankets and pillows, had a dance party on the bed. I know he will be a truly wonderful father and the fun parent that all the neighborhood kids like to be around.

About Bob:
• Saying I love skiing is an understatement.
• I enjoy taking photos and love to document all our trips and family events.
• I go out to see live music as much as possible. I’ve been to hundreds of concerts and love that I can walk to many great venues from our home.
• Running is my favorite exercise – last year I ran almost 800 miles.
• I work for a video game company.

Fun Facts:
• Occupation: IT Operations
• Hometown: Cleveland, OH
• Favorite Movie: Batman
• Can’t Live Without: Cereal, Music, Socks
• Best Day: Watching soccer in the morning, then going for a run by the water, followed by an outdoor concert

Meet Bob

Our Loving Families

Family and Friends: Our parents still live in the homes we grew up in and we each have a sister and a brother, and they have families so there will be plenty of cousins, aunts and uncles in the mix. We facetime a lot and visit as much as we can! We also have a wonderful group of friends in the Bay Area. And we keep in touch with many friends from childhood, college and other places we have lived.

We’re lucky that everyone wants to visit San Francisco, so we frequently have family and friends staying with us and love to play tour guide for them.

Holidays & Traditions: We especially love to spend the holidays with our families. There’s lots of cookie baking, big family meals, watching movies (watching Nacho Libre is a tradition with Bob’s family, which always makes Nicole laugh, as it is such a random holiday tradition).

For Halloween, we decorate our entire building and make a special spooky dinner (like pizza with ghost shaped cheese and veggie burgers with jack-o-lantern carved buns). And our neighborhood has a huge block party for all the kids.

Another silly tradition we started in our early days of dating is related to the Olympics, which we both love watching! The first time we watched them together, we made “Olympic Baked Ziti” for all our friends (baked ziti with cheese Olympics Rings on top). Our friends loved it, and ever since, we make it for every opening ceremony!

Our Loving Families

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: Our neighborhood is very diverse and family-oriented with kids always outside playing. Our home is a bright, open and comfortable 3 bedroom flat in a 3 unit building with a nice backyard where we’ve started a (very) small vegetable garden this year. There’s so much within walking distance to our home: four incredible parks including Golden Gate Park, museums, famous landmarks, community playgrounds, schools, our local library and more!

Our Pup: Maebe is our long haired miniature dachshund – the cutest, most loving pup in the world! She’s the best snuggler EVER and loves to spend time cuddling on the couch. She also has a crazy love of cheese and enjoys running circles around our home and playing with her toys. She’s our little love bug and we imagine she’ll be the best friend any child could want!

In Closing: Thank you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents. We have always wanted to have a family, and we are so grateful that we can fulfill that dream through adoption. We promise that our child will know their adoption story and especially how grateful we are you made us a family.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts