Bob & Yuki

Hello from Bob & Yuki

Dear Birth Mother,

We are a caring and fun loving couple from Los Angeles, California. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and we hope to have the opportunity to learn more about you!

It is impossible for us to imagine how difficult considering adoption has been for you but we are thankful for your amazing strength and courage. We are ready to open our hearts and our lives to your child.

Our story: Our story began when we first met at a concert in early 2004. We were shy to talk to each other when we first locked eyes, but luckily one of Yuki’s friends noticed and introduced Yuki to Bob. We immediately connected with each other and didn’t want the night to end.

Shortly after, dating turned into a serious relationship. It didn’t take long for us to realize that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

We had a small intimate wedding ceremony first, and then later on, followed with a much larger wedding where we flew in family and friends from all over the world and had a beautiful wedding overlooking the ocean.

We feel very fortunate to have supportive friends and loving families. When we adopted our son Austyn at birth in 2014, we were extremely happy and could not wait to return home to share our joy with all our friends and families.

Fun facts about us
o Friday night is pizza and movie night
o We travel to Japan to meet Yuki’s family at least once a year
o We love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, decorating our house and cooking together
o Amusement parks are quickly becoming a favorite for Austyn

Hello from Bob & Yuki

Meet Yuki

(Written by Bob) Meeting Yuki is the greatest thing to have ever happened to me. I am so grateful our paths crossed. I knew right away I had met someone very special and I vowed not to let her get away. I vividly remember our first date, as I picked her up and she walked out of her apartment I said to myself “This is the woman I am going to marry.” Months later, my proudest moment was saying “I Do.”

Yuki is literally my better half and I love her for so many reasons. She is my best friend who does not judge me and accepts me for who I am, flaws and all. She loves me for being me. Yuki’s outlook on life inspires me to be a better person. She is kind and gentle, genuinely cares for other people and is always there to help family and friends. She puts the needs of others before her own.

Not surprisingly, Yuki is a fantastic mother. Our son Austyn is very lucky to have such a loving and thoughtful mom. Whether it is taking Austyn to school, the park, soccer practice or playing with action figures, Yuki is Austyn’s best friend in the world.

Meet Yuki

Meet Bob

( Written by Yuki) Bob is my best friend and is such an amazing husband. He is the person I can always rely on, who supports me in my decision making and is always there for me. He has a big heart and genuinely a caring, thoughtful person. I’m very lucky to be his wife.

Bob is a natural athlete, grew up playing football, baseballs basketball, softball, you name it! Sports have been a big part of his life and taught him valuable life lessons. He often takes Austyn and I to sporting events and each time we have such a good time clapping, screaming and supporting our favorite teams.

Austyn is a huge fan of daddy! I love seeing Austyn’s face lights up instantly as soon as Bob walks into the house. They play Legos, sing really loud or sometimes do silly dances together. Bob is a kid at heart and endless entertainment for Austyn.

Meet Bob

Meet Our Family

We adopted Austyn at birth. It has been such an amazing journey becoming parents and seeing Austyn grow from a tiny baby to the smart, beautiful child he is today. He is now 4 years old, a bright and curious child who bring us so much happiness. Austyn is shy but loves to sing, dance and pretend to be his favorite superhero.

He plays and runs around the house with our dog, Jeter; a very loving and loyal dog, who likes to play tag, and hide and seek with Austyn. They are the best buddies.

Bob’s family: Bob is the oldest sibling in his family 
with a sister and two brothers from parents who have been married for 45 years. All of his families are dog lovers! They all grew up with a dog and all of his siblings are proud dog owners.

After Bob married Yuki, who is Japanese, his younger sister married a French guy, followed by his youngest brother marrying a Korean lady. We are such an international family!

His other brother lives close to his parents’ home in Albany, NY with a sweetest dog named Duke. Bob’s parents are such loving and selfless people. They are crazy about Austyn and are ecstatic the fact that we are going to adopt another child.

Yuki’s family: Yuki is the youngest in her family with a brother and sister. Yuki admires both her brother and sister and has always dreamed of having a family like theirs. Yuki’s brother has three children and her sister has two. They are all really great kids. We love them so much.

Probably the coolest and most interesting aspect of our relationship is that we get to share different cultures. Our Japanese nieces and nephews have met Austyn a few times both in Japan and in California. They are more motivated than ever to continually work on their English skills.

Christmas is our favorite family holiday and Yuki’s family has really embraced the spirit of Christmas. When we visit them during the holiday seasons in Japan, we always exchange gifts and have a traditional American Christmas dinner.

Meet Our Family

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Sweet Home: We live in a comfortable 3 bedroom house in Southern California.

Our backyard is the perfect size for our son and our dog to run around. We enjoy grilling and playing in our backyard taking full advantage of the beautiful weather throughout the year.

Our neighborhood has many families with young children along with several parks and playgrounds and a well-respected school district. Our home is very close to the beach and has a nice beach breeze throughout the year.

Our Careers: Bob works in the video game industry and has traveled all over the world. He loves gaming and always says “getting paid to make and play video games is a dream come true”.

Yuki works as a realtor. She is passionate about her work and enjoys helping people selling and buying their dream homes.

Our promise
o To love and cherish every moment with your child
o To be the best parents we can be and love your child unconditionally
o To let kids be kids. We think it is important for children to enjoy growing up
o To expose your child to different cultures and experiences
o To read bedtime stories and give goodnight kisses every night
o To provide a great education and encourage your child to follow his/her dreams
o To explain his/her past to better understand the gift of adoption

Yuki and Bob

Our Home and Closing Thoughts