Brent & Barb

Our Story

Dear Birth Mother: WE’RE SO THRILLED you took the time to view our profile! We truly appreciate what a loving and unselfish gesture you have made, deciding on adoption. As much as we hope you select us, we also know that you will follow your heart and choose the absolute best couple for you.

On Adoption: From early on in our marriage, we knew we wanted to adopt. We have two nieces, and the youngest is adopted. It was amazing to see the joy she brought to her new family, and the happiness and security she felt with them. For us, parenthood is not about having a biological child, but rather giving love to a child we are lucky enough to raise.

Our Story: We met on a blind date and fell for each other instantly – a happy shock to us both! It was a freezing day in February, but neither of us felt the cold as we floated on cloud nine after our date. From there, we met each other’s friends and families, traveled back and forth between LA and Vancouver, and then one day, Brent picked up Barb at the LA airport dressed like a chauffeur. He carried three signs that he revealed one-at-a-time: “Barb…” “Will you…” “Marry me?” She said yes, and a year later, with our nieces as flower girls, we were married!

What Parenthood Means To Us: Becoming parents means providing a safe, happy home where your child will be gently nurtured, unconditionally supported and fiercely loved! As a couple, we encourage each other to learn new things, pursue our dreams, and look for ways to make our world better. We can’t wait to help our future child do the same.

We’ve both written for children’s TV, so we love being goofy and playful as often as possible!

For our future child, there will be plenty of silly songs, imaginative bedtime stories, warm hugs, outdoor adventures like hiking, swimming and traveling, special outings to plays, musicals and movies.

Our Story

About Brent

About Brent: I’ve always been artistic and love acting, stand up and writing. I studied drama in college and had a long career as a stand-up comedian. From there, I transitioned into sitcom writing where I worked on a bunch of shows, even writing Ryan Gosling’s first onscreen kiss! I’m currently writing freelance at home – the perfect situation to make sure I’m always available when our future child needs me.

I am an early-riser and a long-walk-taker. I cry at sad movies and laugh loudly at comedies. I believe that we are put on this earth to be kind and love each other, and that is how I try to live my life every single day. At the end of each night I say a prayer that starts with “Dear Lord, thank you for today, and please let there be a tomorrow.” I request the tomorrow part because I know I can always strive to be a better person.

By Barb: Brent is a great listener who always knows how to cheer me up! He has thoughtful advice and creative solutions to all kinds of problems, an incredible work ethic and sense of discipline, and can inspire people to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

I just know he’ll be a beautiful dad because I see his passion and empathy daily, not to mention hearing his “dad jokes.”

Fun Facts:
• I play the clarinet
• I love crossword puzzles
• I try to read a book a week
• I love the theatre, comedy clubs, and movies
• Since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve become a Rams and Dodgers fan! My basketball team of choice is the Toronto Raptors and I love the Calgary Flames in hockey.

About Brent

About Barb

About Barb: In my teens, I was my neighborhood baby-sitter and took care of kids of all ages! I later tutored kids, helping them with exams, essays and assignments, and encouraging their creative gifts.

I’ve lived in Vancouver, Toronto, LA and Tokyo, and traveled around India. I’m currently writing for various kids’ TV shows and think it’s cool I’ll eventually be able to sit with my child as they watch something I wrote!

Brent is the cook in our family, but I still love helping him in the kitchen (or at least cleaning the messes he always seems to make!). I’m teased about how enthusiastic I get over the smallest things and am known to gasp, shout and laugh all through a movie or TV show. I love dressing up and have a collection of fun wigs and jewelry that are sure to come in handy with our future child!

By Brent: Barb is the sweetest, funniest and most honest person I’ve ever met. She’s super compassionate, always reaching out to help friends, family and even strangers. I love her so much because she makes life more fun, and more adventurous. More than anything, I love the way she makes me laugh. She has also been an amazing role model to my two nieces, and they both love nothing more than hanging out with Auntie Barb! I know she’ll be an amazing mother, because every day for the last 12 years, I’ve watched her be an incredible human being.

Fun Facts:
• I volunteer at a local women’s shelter
• I love working out at Barry’s Boot Camp
• I hate spiders but love kittens!
• I love watching makeup videos on YouTube

About Barb

Our Family and Friends

Our Family and Friends

Brent’s Family: Brent is the middle child with an older brother and a younger sister. My mom was always the “favorite mom” among my friends growing up and I know she will be the favorite grandmother because her whole house looks like a spectacular toy store thanks to her love of collecting toys and dolls.

My brother, Michael, has two daughters and can’t wait to try out his silliness on somebody new. His wife, Anne, is an amazing baker and plans family vacations and exciting adventures. My sister, Dianne, and her husband, John, live on Vancouver Island in Canada with their two energetic dogs and cannot wait to welcome another member to our family.

Barb’s Family: Both of my parents are fantastic cooks. My dad used to watch tons of cooking shows and would test new recipes out on me, my sister and my mom! My mom was an elementary school teacher and used to make clothes, Christmas decorations and baby booties for all her friends. They cannot wait to be grandparents!

My sister, Diane, lives a busy life traveling around the world to help in environmental causes. She is great at giving advice and will not only be an aunt, but a best friend.

Our Family and Friends

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We live in a wonderful low-rise condo in West Hollywood. There are families of all races and ages in our building, and plenty of couples with young children to meet up with for future play dates.

We live near two libraries that have amazing programs for children including storytime and painting. Barb’s always loved the library and is excited to bring our future child with her to select a tall stack of books!

Our local park has large grassy areas, two playground areas (one for younger children and one for older children), basketball courts, tennis courts, and a swimming pool. Throughout the year, the park also hosts different special events. We’re also near museums that offer all kinds of entertaining programs for children. Since Brent worked as an actor in children’s theater, he can’t wait take our future child to their first play, music or puppet show.

Our Final Thoughts: We thank you again for your loving and courageous decision, and for taking the time to read about us. We are thrilled about becoming parents, and honestly believe that our wait has led us to you. We promise that your child will know how important you are to us, and how blessed we are that you came into our lives. We will make sure that they will always love you as we love you too.

It is our promise to you that our home will be filled with love, happiness, laughter, compassion, and thankfulness.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts