Brett & Ashley

Hi, we are Ashley & Brett!

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We understand that this decision will be incredibly difficult and takes a lot of strength but we are grateful to be considered as adoptive parents for your child.

We have a beautiful daughter named Peyton who we adopted 1 year ago. We have always dreamed of having multiple children and look forward to expanding our family through adoption again. Both of our families are excited for a new addition to the family and Peyton will make the best big sister.

Our Story (So Far): We met our junior year of college in San Diego 11 years ago. We have been married almost four years. We almost didn’t start dating because Ashley would be studying abroad in France for a semester and didn’t think it would work out long distance. Somehow Brett knew otherwise from the very beginning.

France and Europe are a big part of our story. Brett visited in France and London and we had a blast. We came home from the trip, graduated college, got married in Maui, Hawaii and have started the most amazing life together.

Our first adoption story became our greatest blessing with the birth of our daughter Peyton. “Baby P” as many call her has shaped not only the lives of us as parents but of our families and close friends as well. We have the most amazing open adoption with her birth family and recently learned how closely she resembles her cousin. We are so looking forward to giving her a sibling close in age to grow up with.

Tidbits & Pieces: On Sundays during football season you can find Brett in front of a TV with a Cheesehead on. We are both huge animal lovers. If it were up to Ashley, we would turn our home into an animal rescue.

Ashley loves crafting, scrapbooking and escaping to a creative place in her spare time.

We were married in Maui, Hawaii and make a point to go back at least once per year. It’s our happy place. San Diego is our other happy place.

We get so much joy out of the sand and the sun and visiting our Alma Mater. We can’t wait to take our kids to the San Diego Zoo! Brett is the best stay at home dad!

Hi, we are Ashley & Brett!

Meet Brett

About Brett, by Ashley: Brett is an amazing dad and can’t wait for another child to join our family! Brett is a huge sports fan. You can find him on Sundays in the fall sporting his cheese head rooting for the Green Bay Packers. He really loves all sports including golf, which he loves to play when he can.

Vacationing is one of his favorites and vacationing with golf is just icing on the cake! Brett enjoys building and improving things around the house and yard and adding to his collection of tools.

His 9-5: Brett is currently enjoying being a stay at home dad to baby P and is looking forward to more babies in the house. Brett and P have the most fun together and their routine of morning walks and trips to Target (her favorite place in the world) in between lots of playing with toys is too adorable for words.

Meet Brett

Meet Ashley

About Ashley, by Brett: Ashley is a numbers person by day. Her escape from work is scrapbooking and sewing. Her favorites right now are sewing anything baby related for friends and family and making custom onesies and shirts for Baby P. She loves country music and spending time with our dogs.

On the weekends you can find her in our backyard swimming or gardening. To Ashley, our home is a blank canvas and there will always be a new project starting before the last one is complete.

Her 9-5: Ashley works in residential home loan financing, helping first time home buyers using many different programs throughout the state of California. She enjoys her job and is passionate about her career but is even more passionate about being a mom again!

Meet Ashley

Our Family & Friends

Future Big Sister, Peyton: Peyton is going to make the best big sister! She is so kind and her favorite thing is sharing. Sharing her blocks and her food with anyone who will humor her, especially “her dog” Murry who won’t leave her side. She has the brightest personality and wakes up so happy! She is a mover and a shaker and we can’t wait to see her rule the world AKA our house with her future siblings!

Our Family: Family and friends are a HUGE part of our lives. To see how the love and support has multiplied since the addition of our daughter has been truly life changing. We are so excited to share this next chapter with them!

Brett’s family lives only about an hour away from our home. Almost his entire extended family are within a few surrounding cities. Birthdays and holidays are a big deal in his family. Brett’s mom and grandma still put together Easter baskets for us each year.

We can’t wait to see their excitement putting those together for their future grandchildren and great grandchildren. Brett’s family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve with Chinese food, pizza and gifts for extended family. Christmas day is for celebrating with immediate family.

We are excited to extend those traditions to our future family as well.

Ashley’s immediate family lives in the same town as we do. Her extended family lives through the East Coast and Puerto Rico. Her brother went to our Alma Mater San Diego State and graduated with a degree in Water Resource Engineering.

We see her parents several times per week and visit her brother when we are in San Diego. While social media keeps us in touch with her extended family, we enjoy getting out to visit them when we can.

Our Family & Friends

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We chose our town because it is INCREDIBLY KID FRIENDLY with tons of parental involvement. Ashley went to elementary school through high school where we live now and it’s a great place to raise a family. We bought our home with children in mind. We have a large yard with a pool and game room that we hope will be a fun hang out when the kids are older. We are near bike trails, parks, a lake and not too far from the snow!

We look forward to sharing lots of birthdays and fun family gatherings in our big backyard, perfect for entertaining!

Meet Our Furry Family: Merlin McFluffin is our first dog together, and ironically now our middle dog. Murry, as we call him, is a shih tzu cavalier king charles mix and the most even tempered dog we’ve ever known. One year later we brought home Wally to keep Murry company.

A local animal shelter posted a video of 13 year old “Rosie” who had been abandoned by her owner. After 10 days of pleading, Brett finally agreed to “go see her.” Grandma Rosie, as we call her, has been the most fantastic addition to our family, ruling the roost at 16 years of age.

Plans For The Future: We are so excited to expand our family! We cannot wait to introduce our future child to our love of country music, animals and of course football! We look forward to family vacations and eventually traveling the world with our kids.

Most importantly, we are excited to give them a childhood we could only dream about. Our hearts are open and yearning to share our love, value and blessings. We are looking forward to sports or ballet or piano lessons or any other activities our children wish to partake in. Ashley can’t wait to be a soccer mom and Brett is really looking forward to a mini van (No joke)!

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We truly believe that everything happens for a reason and Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts