Brett & Jade

Hi from Jade and Brett!

We want to start by telling you how much we admire and honor the decision you are making to share the gift of life with someone. Thank you for your bravery and courage and for considering us as possible parents for your baby.


If chosen, we promise that your baby will be given whatever he or she needs in life to become a good, happy person. We will give your baby tons of hugs and kisses and love him or her unconditionally — forever. And you will always have the most special place in our hearts.


We knew on our very first date that we were meant to be together. We had so much in common – friends we both knew, our belief in God, even places we had traveled.  After a year of dating, Brett proposed on Valentine’s Day, getting down on one knee, at the very same restaurant where we met on our first date. Everyone cheered and clapped.  It was so exciting and romantic!  Months later, we were married in a beautiful ballroom in Los Angeles filled with pink and orange flowers and all of our closest family and friends.  We are so fortunate to have found each other.


We love children. We are very much looking forward to expanding our family and completing our lives together by adopting a baby. Adopting is something we feel is the right and loving path for us. We will provide a life of love, support, education, family and faith for our child.


Hi from Jade and Brett!

Meet Jade

About Jade (By Brett): Jade was born in New Jersey, but grew up in Arizona, in a loving home with her parents, a younger sister and a wonderful dog named Muffin.  She took piano and singing lessons, and rode her bike with her sister most days after school. In the summers, to get out of the Arizona heat, their family would visit the beach in California, which is where she learned to body board surf – one of her favorite activities ever. After high school, she went to college and then law school.  She became a lawyer because she wanted to help people.


When she was growing up, she actually knew a LOT of people who were adopted:  her best friend, closest cousin, and many family friends. Jade’s biggest dream is to become a mother and she loves the idea of adopting.  Jade is the most wonderful step- mother and aunt. I know she will make a great mother.


Things I love about Jade:

She is a very cheerful and happy person

She loves animals – dogs, cats, horses, everything.

She plays piano beautifully, including anything from classics to U2 or Adele.

She can bake the most delicious chocolate chip cakes from scratch.

She can throw a football, a frisbee, shoot basketball hoops and kick a soccer ball really well.


About Jade (By Jade): I have recently changed my schedule so that I am only working part-time from home, and I will be a full time stay-at-home mom after the baby comes. My life’s focus will be on raising a baby.  I know being a lawyer is very rewarding work, but to be a mom is what I have truly always wanted first and foremost, and my goal is to be the most loving and attentive mom that I can possibly be.


Meet Jade

Meet Brett

About Brett (By Jade): Brett grew up in Australia – land of Kangaroos and Koala Bears! He lived in a house with his parents, an older brother and a dog, Trixie.  As a kid, he loved to spend time with friends and go on adventures.  He would surf and skateboard all the time.  After college, he began working for a company that eventually transferred him to California, where he has lived ever since.


Brett has two children, Hannah and Brendan, from his first marriage. They live with us much of the time. Words cannot express how good of a father Brett is. He is so loving and caring. He is strong but warm. He helps them with homework, plays sports with them, and is a really fun dad.


Things I love about Brett:

He tells really funny jokes

He has an Australian accent

Brett’s love of sports is HUGE!! He loves watching college football, soccer and NBA basketball (Go Lakers)

He can surf

He likes trying to do handy things around the house (although he doesn’t always succeed!)


Meet Brett

Our Family and Home

As a family, we like to play tennis and ride our bikes. We also like to take trips to the zoo, museums, local festivals and fairs, and go on adventures.  Sometimes in the winter we drive to the mountains to play in the snow.  Brett and Hannah are good skiers, but Jade and Brendan are still on their way to learning. In the summer, Brett surfs and Jade body boarding surfs, and we all just love having picnics on the beach with blankets and sandwiches. Hearing the waves crash and feeling the sand in our toes is really something special. We are lucky to have all this so close to our home.


We both grew up in homes where family and friends felt comfortable just dropping by for fun. We bought our current home with this in mind as well.  We love having people over for barbecues or to just hang out. Luckily, we have been blessed with wonderful neighbors who stop by with brownies from time to time, or invite us to go bowling.  On Halloween, the families go around trick-or-treating together.  It is so much fun!


We live in a warm, light-filled home in a lovely area of Southern California, very near great schools. Our home has a pretty back yard with a grassy play area and BBQ for cookouts.  We are both pretty good cooks.  Brett’s specialty is a breaded chicken dish, and Jade’s is spaghetti.


In our family room, we have a beautiful piano which Jade plays every day. We also have plenty of space throughout the house so that the baby would have his or her own room.


Our Family and Home

In Closing

Our Promise To You: We promise to provide a loving, stable and nurturing home filled with happiness and laughter.  All of our family members are very supportive of our dream to adopt a child and look forward to warming bottles, going for walks with the stroller, playing together and singing lullabies at bedtime.


We promise to guide our child toward faith, respect toward others, understanding of differences and to appreciate what one has in life.


Our Wish For You: Our wish for you is that you find the right family for you and your baby. We know you have a difficult decision to make. We have given you a look at who we are as individual people, as a married couple and as a family. You may have some questions for us that we would be happy to answer. We also look forward to learning about you, too.

In Closing