Brian & Candace

Candace & Brian

Hello! We are Candace and Brian from Austin, Texas.

Thank you for having the love and courage in your heart to choose the path of adoption. We understand this is not an easy decision and that it requires a tremendous amount of trust. We hope to bring a sense of peace and comfort to this journey and allow you to know that your child will always be loved and safe.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to give you a glimpse into our lives and hope you see something that touches your heart and makes you want to reach out to us. We could not be more excited to grow our family through adoption.

A Little About Us: We first met through a dating app but shortly realized that we actually knew several of the same people. We also found out that we both attended many of the same events, but just didn’t happen to meet each other!

Our first date was at a Cajun restaurant followed by dancing at a local dance hall (where we later had our wedding reception). We got along so well that Brian asked me out again for the next day and the day after that too. We were married 8 months later.

Our relationship is built on the foundation of open communication, honesty, mutual respect, and the deep love we share for one another. We enjoy our time with our families and have been blessed to be a part of our friends’ families as they have grown. Not only are both our parents still happily married after all these years, but Brian’s dad is adopted. He always felt loved and has fond memories of his upbringing.

We cannot wait to share our love, dedication and commitment in continuing our journey of providing a loving, safe, and secure home to our future child. Family is our #1 priority and we are thrilled for the opportunity to start ours!

5 Things We Like To Do As A Couple
• Dancing anytime, anywhere.
• Binge watch Netflix/TV shows – Chopped, This is Us and Big Bang Theory.
• Going to any Texas Longhorns sporting event to cheer on our team.
• Trying new foods or restaurants in town.
• Traveling – Our goal is to go to all 50 states together – we have 15 down and 35 to go!

Candace & Brian

About Candace

A Little About Candace: Born and raised in a small town on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, I stayed close to home for college. Afterwards, I decided to take a big leap and move to New York City to experience big city life. NYC was amazing but I wanted to be closer to my family and friends so moved back to Austin after 5 years.

I love exploring new things, whether it’s traveling to different places or finding restaurants with the weirdest and craziest items on the menu (frog legs do taste just like chicken!).

I also enjoy hosting gatherings – especially those that include dinner and game nights with family and friends. I am a marketing manager for a major technology company and am fortunate to work from home most days. I cannot wait to share with our future child my love of adventure, how to cherish family & friends, and to have a zest for whatever life throws at us. I’m passionate about everything I take on in life.

What Brian Loves About Candace: Candace is “my person”. I always joke that she copies me because we have so much in common. She is the most passionate and caring person I have met. Just being with her makes me a better version of myself. Her infectious laugh brings a smile and sense of joy to anyone she touches in her life. She has an incredible work ethic and drive to be successful in whatever she decides to take on.

I cannot wait to see Candace in her role as a mom and experience the passion and the overflow of love that she will have for our future child.

Fun Facts About Candace:
• Traveled to Australia, Italy, Spain, Turkey, India, Peru, Mexico and Canada
• Competed in a Triathlon
• Member of an amazing charity that teaches life skills to foster kids through cooking

About Candace

About Brian

A Little About Brian: I grew up in a small town in Texas called Waxahachie. I attended The University of Texas in Austin, and to this day, continue to work at the same software company that I started with right out of college. I worked my way up over the years and am now the Director of Sales.

I love Austin where I enjoy spending time with my wife and friends and experience some of the best outdoor events and concerts in the country (there’s a reason it’s called the “live music capital of the world”!) AND I get to support my #1 sports team, the Texas Longhorns!

I welcome any challenge because I view them as opportunities where there is always something positive that can be taken away. These values are what I look forward to teaching our future child – I will encourage them to explore anything they’re interested in and be right by their side through their journey, no matter the ups and downs, always with unconditional love and support.

What Candace Loves About Brian: Brian captured my heart because he is patient, kind, loyal, silly and supportive.

His wholesome small-town upbringing is endearing. The love and respect he has for his mom also melts my heart. He is genuinely good natured and always positive. He loves visiting our nieces and nephews and going to family gatherings. There are always tons of kids running around who love goofing around with “Uncle Brian”. I have no doubt that he is going to make an amazing father!

Fun Facts About Brian:
• I know the words to almost every song on the radio – Rock, Country, Pop, R&B and the Oldies – you can never get me to stop singing!
• I ran 3 half marathons with Candace.
• I haven’t missed a home Texas Longhorn football game in 25 years.

About Brian

Our Family and Friends

Our Family and Friends: We are lucky that both of our immediate families are a huge part of our lives. We have been close with many of our friends for over 25 years, they are like our second family, and we can call on them any time for anything. Our families and friends are giddy with excitement to welcome the newest little member to our family with open arms, hugs and kisses.

So how did we grow up? Candace’s Story: I grew up in a small town in Texas just outside of Austin with one older brother and two supporting and loving parents. My childhood was spent playing tons of sports which allowed me to learn about teamwork and make lots of friends that I still have today.

Brian’s Story: I was raised by two loving and caring parents. As a child of a father that was adopted, we were raised with the strong belief that a family is built on
the love that we share for each other. My sister and I always participated in tons of academic and sports activities.

Our Favorite Traditions:
• Holidays with lots of decorations and costumes
• Game nights with silly prizes
• Hosting a BBQ for all the UT home football games
• Annual beach trips with family and friends
• Racing in Fun Runs to support local programs

Our Family and Friends

Our Home

Our Home: We love living in Austin. The weather is amazing most of the year plus there are always people out and about at the music and sport events going on.

Our home is in a family-friendly neighborhood that has a pool, playgrounds, several parks, children’s museum and tons of activities ALL within walking distance. We have farmers’ markets every weekend and movies in the park during the summer. We bought our house with growing our family in mind and are fortunate to live in the #1 place to live in the US – Austin, Texas.

Our Dog, Piper: We both come from dog loving families! Piper is a sweet, loving,
energetic pup that brings a smile to our face every day! She is a rescue, so we think she is part Shih Tzu and Mini Poodle. She is 5 years young and enjoys long walks before dinner, playing fetch, and sleeping with the blanket she has had since the first day we brought her home.

We Promise:
• To provide unconditional love in a stable, safe and loving home
• To provide educational opportunities and to introduce music, sports, and art.
• To support them on whatever path they choose, and to believe in them, no matter what.
• To nurture unique personalities and abilities
• To surround our future child with loving friends and family
• To always tuck them in at night and listen about their day
• To be silly, to enjoy life, and to have fun!

Love Makes A Family: Thank you so much for reading our profile. We hope we can meet you soon!

Our Home