Brian & Courtney

Hello! We are Courtney and Brian

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We have so much respect for the courageous decision you are considering and are grateful you are taking the time to learn about us.

The experience of having our first daughter, Allison, has been by far one of our greatest joys. We are not able to have another biological child but know in our hearts that our family is meant to grow through the miracle of adoption.
Being parents has been one of our greatest joys and since having Allison we have known that we want another child to love unconditionally.

We hope our photos and words give you some insight into who we are and our desire to provide a lifetime of happiness for your baby.

Our Story (so far): We met ten years ago in Boston when we were working for large accounting firms and both knew very quickly that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. After an inspiring trip that involved visiting Courtney’s family, running a half marathon, and driving the pacific coast, we decided to move to California.

We bought a “fixer upper” and over the past 6 years have completely renovated our house. In 2012 we welcomed our “fur child” into our house, a loyal yellow Labrador we named Beacon (more to come on him later). Then in 2015, after years of enduring infertility treatments, we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Allison, into our world. Since then, our house has become quite busy with our parents visiting and staying for extended periods of time.

One of our favorite things to do together is explore new places. Some of our favorites are Yosemite, Hawaii, Sedona, San Diego, and New York. It doesn’t matter if we are simply sharing a family meal or running errands on a weekend, we are happiest when we are together.

In our marriage we are equal partners who share the household responsibilities and are able to count on each other no matter what. We recently celebrated our 7th anniversary and are looking forward to many more to come.

Hello! We are Courtney and Brian

Meet Courtney

About Courtney, written by Brian: The most important thing to know about Courtney is how much she cares – about everything! Courtney loves her family and it shows in how she is always selflessly thinking about us and anticipating our needs. From daily meal planning to organizing trips months in advance, Courtney has us covered. Courtney is also a very nurturing mother, always there to read bedtime stories, sing songs, and make fun art projects with Allison.

Not only is Courtney a fantastic wife and mother, she is also a very successful professional with a master’s degree in accounting. I am one lucky guy!

Courtney grew up near Seattle with her parents and sister. After attending college in Arizona, fate lead her to Boston where she went to graduate school, got her first job, and met me. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and works just 1 mile away from home.

She also loves to cook, run, do Pinterest projects, and scrapbook, but what she loves most is being a mom. She is a fantastic role model for our daughter, and someone we should all aspire to be like. I love her very much!

Fun Facts About Courtney:

– Makes the best chocolate chip cookies
– Was a division one college athlete in springboard diving
– Studied abroad in Spain, Peru, and Argentina.
– Makes our family Christmas cards by hand every year
– Loves to cook and try new recipes
– Is a morning person, almost always the first one out of bed

Some of Courtney’s Favorite Things:
– My family!
– Christmas morning
– Watching HGTV or the Food Network
– Running in the morning
– Disneyland

Meet Courtney

Meet Brian

About Brian, written by Courtney: Brian is not only my husband but my best friend and biggest supporter. He is the first person I call when I get good news but also the person I can count on during tough times. I love Brian’s fun and loving personality. He is one of the smartest people I know but is also very funny. Seeing Brian as a father makes me love him even more! As a dad he is fun, enthusiastic, silly, encouraging, and above all extremely loving. He loves to take our daughter on bike rides and to play at the park and is always getting the family outside.

Brian grew up in a suburb outside of Boston with his parents and brother and went to college in Massachusetts. He works in computer science and data analytics.

Currently he works from home for a health care company which allows him to maximize his family time. Brian loves running, road trips, and the ocean. I am always amazed at his natural ability to connect with people. He is hard-working but easy going, and above all devoted to his family.

Fun Facts About Brian:
– Makes extremely realistic animal sounds while singing Old McDonald.
– Favorite thing to watch on tv are shows about science or history
– Talks to our dog Beacon while no one is around.
– Goes for a run almost every single day.
– Makes fantastic pizza (a Friday night favorite).

Some of Brian’s Favorite Things:
– Ice cream
– Road trips
– Going for a long run
– Spending time with my family
– The ocean/going to the beach

Meet Brian

Our Family and Friends

We were both fortunate to be raised by loving and supportive parents who continue to help and support us in any way.

Courtney’s mother is a retired Kindergarten teacher and is the most patient and gently person you will ever meet.

Courtney’s dad is a retired pilot and engineer who loves hiking, kayaking, and traveling.

Brian’s parents love to read, cook, go for walks, and garden, but above all love being grandparents. They are extremely loving and thoughtful, with a wicked Boston accent.

All four grandparents are very excited about our desire to adopt and are eager for a new grandbaby to cherish (and spoil!).

We are also close with our siblings and extended family and spend as much time with them as we can. Courtney’s sister and brother in-law live nearby and our daughter loves going to their house to collect eggs from their chickens. Brian’s brother and sister-in-law are currently living in Japan, but thanks to Facetime we can still see them any time we want.

In addition to family we have many friends both nearby in our neighborhood and also in many other states across the country. We feel blessed to have such far reaching and lifelong friendships.

About Allison: Allison is an energetic, curious, loving 3 year old. She loves singing and dancing and not a day goes by that we don’t play outside, often at the park across the street. She loves to color or do art projects with Mom, and we read books together every night before going to bed.

Some of her favorite things are going to the zoo, the library, and going to the beach. She recently started swimming lessons and gymnastics classes. Allison is already a great traveler, and loves going on road trips and airplanes to visit friends and see new places.

We know Allison wants to have a brother or sister to love (she currently calls Beacon her “brother”). She has brought such joy to our lives and we know she will be an amazing big sister. We were both raised with a sibling, and we think that one of the greatest joys in life is to have a brother or sister to play with, get into trouble with, confess secrets to, look up to, mentor, grow up with, and once adults, share life with.

Our Family and Friends

Our Home and Final Thoughts

We love the leafy city where we live in northern California. Our house is on a cul-de-sac with a park right across the street! Our favorite place in our house is our combined family room and kitchen where we are often gathered around the center island, and our adjoining playroom full of toys.

We love our neighborhood which is full of families and young kids. We live in a wonderful community to raise a child with terrific schools and lots of family friendly events. On the weekend we love to go to the farmer’s market downtown, take a walk in the Arboretum, or ride bikes on the many bike paths connecting the city’s neighborhoods.

Meet Beacon: Beacon is our goofy yellow lab who loves to play fetch and go swimming. Since Allison’s arrival, he has endured tail pulling, being used as a stool or a pillow, climbed on and chased. He has taken all of these things in stride and has only responded with the occasional wet kiss! He is unbelievably patient and gentle with kids. He is definitely another member of the family.

Five family traditions
1. Reading books before bed
2. Eating dinner at the table together as a family every night
3. Going for a walk after dinner
4. Going on a drive to look at Christmas lights
5. Decorating the bedroom door on your birthday

Five things we will teach our child
1. How to do a cartwheel
2. Never to stop learning
3. To be grateful/generous
4. How to play catch
5. To be a good friend

Five things our friends say about us (written by our good friends Mike and Melissa)
1. Brian & Courtney are supportive partners and work through challenges as a team. Their strengths complement each other.
2. They value their relationships. They stay close to their families and long-time friends, like us, regardless of distance or life’s distractions.
3. They enjoy life and celebrate the little things. They are funny and fun to be around.
4. They are thoughtful, caring people and loving parents.
5. They are resilient. We admire their determination and their ability to always stay positive

Final Thoughts: Our home is one where a child will be surrounded with love, family, and a nurturing environment. We value kindness, laughter, and education. We believe that as parents our role is to provide our children with experiences that will allow them to become independent and happy human beings. We believe in raising a child that believes in themselves and has the foundation to pursue their dreams.

We promise to raise a child that is respectful, curious, motivated, and kind. Every child is unique and we promise to love unconditionally. We are very excited for our family to grow and hope we are the right family for you. We are committed to being great parents and have so much love to give!

Our Home and Final Thoughts