Brian & Debbie

Hello! We are Debbie and Brian

Hello! We are Debbie and Brian from San Diego, California! We have a zest for love, our friendship and raising a family together. THANK YOU so much for taking the time to get to know us better.

We have so much admiration and respect for this brave and loving decision you are considering for your child. We feel privileged to enter into this journey together!

Our hope is that our story touches your heart and gives you the confidence in our abilities to provide the life you envision for your baby.

How We Met, by Debbie:
On a cool October evening fate brought us together through our common love for Mexican food! We were both out having dinner with our friends, at what is now our favorite restaurant. When we noticed each other, it was truly love at first sight!

Being the sweet shy guy Brian is, his friend approached me to find out if I was single. At that moment courage overcame Brian and he walked over to introduce himself, he was kind and I admired that!

Brian remembers, when we met the first words that came from me was, “Hi I’m Debbie, I have an 9-year-old son, I’m a package deal just so you know”. For Brian, this introduction convinced him right away that this was one proud mama and the type of girl he had always been looking for. From that evening on we were inseparable, falling more and more in love every day. We solidified our love and were married two years after we met. Our wedding was sweet and charming and the best day of our lives!

We knew we wanted to have children together right away! After five long years of struggling with infertility and failed attempts at in-vitro, we felt our biggest desire was to be loving parents together and to give a baby a fulfilling life. We felt the strength of our love in our hearts and mind to be able to be parents to a little human being whether we created him or her together or not, therefore we decided to pursue adoption!

Hello! We are Debbie and Brian

Meet Brian

Meet Brian, Through Debbie’s Eyes: Brian never ceases to amaze me daily with his kind, loving, thoughtful and incredibly patient demeanor. He is honestly the most dedicated person I know. When Brian puts his mind towards something he can make anything happen! Whether it’s building something with his two hands or planning a surprise vacation for our family. He also is driven to succeed in his career and in life. It doesn’t take much for Brian to be happy and filled with joy, something I deeply admire about him. Although quiet in a crowd he cracks jokes and can be the life of the party with close friends and family. Brian has a zest for family time and can rally up a fun family game night.

For Brian, playing sports is his way of staying active and having fun. He enjoys playing on teams such as softball and basketball, golfing and throwing around a football with his step-son, Hayden. He is fascinating with his big-heart and open-minded approach with Hayden. He is always there to listen, give advice, and guide Hayden with a natural balance to parenting. He works really hard to blend, connect and be there for our family.

More About Brian (by Brian): I was born and raised in Southern California and work as a General Manager for the largest family owned furniture store on the west coast. I absolutely love my job and the flexibility it provides. In my free time I enjoy playing sports and being active! My love for sports began as a child and continues today.

My absolute favorite activity is spending time with my step-son Hayden bonding through our love for sports. I love being a step-father to Hayden and having the privilege to help guide him through some of the biggest moments in his life.

Prior to meeting Debbie, I had always wanted to be a father, because she was a packaged deal and made me love both her and Hayden that much more. Raising Hayden with Debbie has deepened my desire to have more children. I look forward to the day to hold my own little bundle of joy!

I can’t wait to bond with a baby; enjoying special moments such as the first day of kindergarten, building forts, coaching a team, playing pirates or having a tea party. It is important to me to be the best father I can be teaching values, responsibility, love, boundaries and fun to someone that can call me dad.

Meet Brian

Meet Debbie

Meet Debbie, Through Brian’s Eyes: I fell in love with Debbie for many reasons. She has a strong, compassionate and loving spirit. Her biggest trait that stood out the most was how amazing of a mother she is to her son Hayden. She has a love for children, that follows her wherever she goes. She has built a career as a social worker/counselor assisting children and adults with disabilities.

Another side of Debbie is her love for animals which naturally made me fall for her even more. One of Debbie’s biggest dreams is to one day own horse property and fill it with dogs! I attribute the joy of our four pets to our common love for animals.

Regardless of her schedule she is never too busy for her family and always puts us first. I can’t put into words how excited it makes me feel to grow our family together.

More About Debbie (by Debbie): Hello I’m Debbie! I was born and raised in San Diego and love everything San Diego has to offer, especially the delicious Mexican food! I have a fifteen-year-old son named Hayden. I say, he is my heart on legs!

I absolutely love being a mother and feel I was born to be mom. From tucking in a little one safe each night, playing hide and seek at the park, trips to Disneyland, providing structure and boundaries, to worrying about safe driving as a teenager are a few things I love about being a mother. There is nothing greater in this world than getting to love, guide, teach and cherish my son and I can’t wait to be able to be a wonderful devoted mother with another child.

I am fortunate enough to work as a social worker counselor for a company that supports work-life balance. My job is full of rewards and I am passionate about helping others grow to the best of their abilities.

I have every Friday off to enjoy my life and be an active wife and mother for my family. Maintaining my schedule is important to me to be able to provide for my family and still get to be present for all the important parts life has to offer! Also, Brian and I are both blessed with wonderful mothers who can’t wait to help with a newborn. I look forward to the day to love, guide, teach and cherish your baby!

Meet Debbie

Our Loving Families

Get To Know Hayden: Hayden can’t wait to be a big brother! Hayden is our fun loving, outgoing son who loves to dance, play football, joke and be silly.

Friends and family are very important to Hayden and he always makes time for others. Hayden has a big heart and soft spot for children, animals, disabled, and the under-served. He is a strong advocate for kids with disabilities and was a part of peers helping peers social club for students with disabilities.

Some of Hayden’s favorite things to do include family game night, spending the night with friends, and going on adventures with his mom.

Our Family: Family is very important to us! Our big extended family is very excited for our choice to adopt. Our family is extremely supportive and looking forward to welcoming another child.

We are close to both sets of parents who will help us through any challenging times and be there to celebrate the wonderful times. Brian’s parents live in San Diego and we see them often. Debbie’s parents live an hour away; however, are always visiting. Both sets of parents are active grandparents in Hayden’s life and will make wonderful grandparents to all their grandchildren.

Our Loving Families

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We are blessed to own a 4 bedroom home in sunny San Diego, California. Our home is a safe haven for our family to relax, be silly together, play with our pets- and be ourselves. So far, one of our favorite memories in our home is our surprise attack family whip cream fight, lots of laughs! Our home gets busy during the holidays with lots of family and we love hosting birthday celebrations and summer barbeques.

A few of our favorite family traditions are decorating our home together for each holiday, eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve and gathering all our family members during the Christmas season for cookie decorating and a hot chocolate bar followed by a long walk around Starlight Circle; a magical Christmas wonderland of bright lights, fun characters and neighborhood cheer!

We live in walking distance to elementary schools, high schools and several beautiful parks. Our community is packed with young families and fun filled events such as summer concerts in the park and our annual Fourth of July community fair.

Living in San Diego definitely has its perks! Our home is not far from several beaches, as well as mountains that are great for camping! We enjoy being close to Sea World, The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, Legoland and even Disneyland!

Meet Our Pup-Pups:
LILLY is our little sweet angel. For a little dog she has a big personality and children love to hold her wherever we go. Lilly is affectionate and is the world’s best cuddler. She does her ballerina pose, as we call it, whenever she knows she is going on a walk. Lilly loves walks with her family and snuggling in our laps!

KOBE is our young Labrodoodle with a playful and sweet disposition. Kobe loves to play and splash around in the pool and at the dog beach! He is very smart and picks skills up quickly. Both our pups are truly mans best friend.

Thank You: Being parents together is the most important thing in the world to us. We love our family and know that adding one more child through adoption will make our family complete.

We want you to know how seriously we take your decision and we will love your child, keep them safe from harm, and give them a lifetime of love and every advantage in life that we possibly can. We hope to get to know a little bit about you!

Our Home and Closing Thoughts