Brian & Susan

Hello & Thank You! We are Susan, Brian and Ian

We hope that our profile gives you a feeling of who we are, the love that we share for each other, our son Ian, and for our community of family and friends. We feel that someone is missing from our table; our family isn’t yet complete.

We admire your courage and the strength that leads you to consider adoption for your child. We hope that your child helps to complete our family.

Our Story: We met in San Diego, California. Susan organized the first of many outdoor dinners with neighbors, and Brian was invited by a mutual friend. We discovered that we enjoyed many similar hobbies like cooking, outdoor activities, and traveling, but we each brought our own approach and had lots to learn from each other. For example, we both love to cook, but Brian is more likely to fire up the grill, while Susan is more likely to whip up an amazing cake. Put it all together and you end up with a complete, delicious meal!

We continue to explore and grow together, spending many weekends camping in the great outdoors or taking trips abroad as a family. Our adventures become inspirations for further adventures once we get home – following a visit to Europe last year, we’ve been working on mastering new recipes (French pastries! paella on Sunday!)

We continue to explore the intersections between our hobbies, with projects like the vertical herb garden that Brian built for the front porch and filled with herbs and flowers by Susan. Who knows where our explorations will take us next?

Hobbies and Interests: We can’t wait to see what other unexpected new things we will try together in the future! When we got married, we started to learn how to share our world together and what each other’s strengths were. Brian often says “it’s important to be willing to be bad at something”, as a way of reminding us that our first attempts at something new aren’t always going to be an immediate success; early stumbles just enhance the experience of learning something new. We’ve applied this to things such as Brian’s woodworking or Susan’s sewing (and Brian’s recent attempts at learning guitar), and hope to share this attitude with our children.

Through his discovery of the world, Ian introduces us to things that we’ve never tried before, too! This past summer, we regularly visited skate parks so he could master his scooter and try out skateboarding.

Traditions We Enjoy:
• Making each other’s birthday cakes
• Building Ian’s birthday party piñata
• Wearing our Halloween costumes together for the entire weekend before the calendar date of Halloween
• Riding our cargo bike (that is decorated with antlers and battery-operated lights), in the neighborhood to see houses decorated at Christmastime
• Going out for ice cream on the first day of school

Hello & Thank You! We are Susan, Brian and Ian

Meet Susan

About Susan, by Brian: Susan makes things happen – whether it’s an amazing Easter egg hunt for a big group of five year olds or a wonderful trip or just the day-to-day things that bring joy into our lives.

She is the person you can rely on to have thought things through and make things happen. Lots of people talk about taking a trip or sewing family Halloween costumes, but Susan is the one who follows through on all the details.

She approaches every challenge as an opportunity to learn and to excel. One of the joys of the last few years has been seeing her apply that same approach to parenthood, and seeing how many amazing and creative experiences we’ve had as a family that started off as not much more than “maybe we should think about …?”

Before becoming a Stay At Home Mom, Susan worked as a wildlife biologist and geographer. Susan has a passion for nature, and looks for something new to spot every day. She often shares memories of her time spent in California, Arizona, and Mexico surveying animals and plants.

Things That Make Susan Happy:
• Blooming wildflowers
• Hearing migrant songbirds when they arrive in spring and fall
• Seeing my family members smile

Susan’s Fun Facts:
• Actor or Actress Katherine Hepburn
• Animal Bats and Dinosaurs
• Can’t live without Red lipstick
• Childhood activity Reading
• Children’s book The Jungle Book (Rudyard Kipling)
• Children’s TV show or movie Voltron (the one with the lions)
• Dream job Museum Scientist
• Game Scavenger hunts
• Historical figure you want to meet Thomas Huxley

Meet Susan

Meet Brian

About Brian, by Susan: Brian is the thoughtful person you want as part of your team; he will always show up and have ideas to share. He is a natural teacher.

He does everything he can to make sure that the people in his life
are happy and feel supported. Brian is thoughtful and kind. He loves to entertain, and we frequently have friends at our house.

Brian has a kind sense of humor. He will laugh at any joke told by a child, no matter how silly it is. He’s a great dad, I feel lucky to share my life
with him.

Brian started woodworking around the time we met, and has such a knack for it. He built most of Ian’s bedroom furniture, creates wooden cars and airplanes, and we work together on making an annual Christmas ornament.

When he’s not creating sawdust or playing softball, Brian is Director
of Product Marketing for an information technology security company. He likes that his job allows him to take complicated ideas and make them simple and understandable.

Things That Make Brian Happy:
• My son’s laughter
• Cooking a fine meal for friends & family
• Learning something new, like a recipe or a new woodworking technique or (hopefully) learning guitar in 2019

Brian’s Fun Facts:
• Animal Dogs
• Can’t live without A well-equipped kitchen
• Childhood activity Reading
• Children’s book The City Boy (Herman Wouk)
• Children’s TV show or movie Looney Tunes
• Dream job College Professor
• Game Trivial Pursuit
• Historical figure you want to meet Abraham Lincoln
• Vacation spot Barcelona

Meet Brian

Our Loving Families

Introducing Ian: Ian has a vivid mind and imagination. You can always count on him to know how others around him feel. He enjoys making his friends birthday cards and even sends surprise notes to his grandmothers in the mail.

Like his parents, Ian fills his quiet time with books. He enjoys comic books, with his current favorite character is Iron Man. Both Susan and Brian are having so much fun revisiting the superheroes they followed as children.

He is excited to teach his new baby sibling all about Star Wars or Pokémon or just the best way to build a couch fort.

Brian’s Family:
Brian grew up in Texas with his mom, dad, and two brothers. Brian’s parents were married for 53 years, until his father passed away in 2017. Brian’s mother’s favorite holiday is Christmas when nearly every member of the family is present. Several babies and toddlers crumpled wrapping paper at our last celebration, and she cannot wait to have another grandchild join the fun!

Susan’s Family: Susan has a small, but close-knit family. She is an only child who was raised by her mother in a small, farming community on the Central Coast of California. Since her retirement, Susan’s mom has had the time to be spontaneous in her adventures with us. We will meet for lunch in Santa Cruz for pastries and beach time.

Our Friends:
We are fortunate to have an amazing group of friends who are like family to us, not just locally but in places like Houston, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Our families are growing; it’s fun to not just share stories but also have a support network when we face something new and unexpected.

Our Loving Families

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We live on a street with tall, shady trees and in an ethnically diverse neighborhood full of young families and active grandparents willing to share advice and lemons from their gardens.

The neighborhood park is the center of many of our social activities. We host birthday parties there, an annual egg hunt in the spring, and we attend the weekly concerts that take place during summer afternoons. Our picnic basket and blanket get a lot of use!

The best feature of our home is the living and dining rooms that face the street and colorful front garden. Most of our inside play and reading time is spent in this space.

Our backyard has a big sandbox for play and raised garden beds for growing vegetables and flowers. Ian has his own garden, and tends to his plants when he’s not playing or helping Brian in his woodshop in the detached garage.

Our Pets: Ivan prefers to be where his people are. He and Brian share a special bond, however we often joke that Ivan likes the mail carrier best. He waits patiently at the front window every afternoon.

Jasper specializes in shadow-chasing, and you will often find him curled up underneath the dining room table. He keeps an eye on everyone who visits. They are gentle and patient dogs that are used to having small children in our home.

As Parents: Teaching our children to be kind, loving human beings is our top priority as parents. We try to model the behavior that we want them to learn, like persistence when learning a new skill or resolving conflict through conversation and empathy.

We believe that children should be able to discover things at their own pace and be given safe opportunities to make mistakes. We expose our children to different cultures through events and travel. We want them to have fun as they discover the world and the people around them.

Susan is a participating parent and the Board Chair at Ian’s preschool; she loves to help children as they learn through play. Her favorite things are reading out loud and making sure they have access to an endless supply of paint, paper, and tape.

We Promise:
• To give this child unconditional love and support
• To teach them empathy and kindness
• To guide them to become a good citizen in our community and celebrate people with different backgrounds and ideas
• To help them develop the confidence to try new things
• To recognize their heritage and celebrate their culture and traditions
• To make sure they know your love and courage is what led you to choosing adoption

Thank you for reading our profile. We appreciate the opportunity to introduce ourselves, and we hope that we have shown you that there is a place for your child in our home and in our hearts. We know that you will make the best choice; we respect your loving decision. We look forward to meeting you and taking the next steps together.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts