Brianne and Brian


We are Brianne and Brian – a Physical Therapist and Radio Host from Los Angeles, California. Thank you for reading our profile!

You are an amazing human being. Right now, you’re looking through all of these profiles imagining a future for your child and trying to choose what kind of life would be best for them and what type of life they would want. We know you will find the right fit for you just as we know that, through this process, we will meet the child we are meant to raise. If our lives connect at this moment and we are the right family for you to place your child with, then we can’t wait to meet you!

We’ve been married since 2008 and have enjoyed a wonderful life together so far. We love traveling and spending time with our families. We have rewarding careers doing work which we really enjoy, but what is missing for us now is the experience of being parents and having the opportunity to love and care for a child.

We have always planned to become parents through adoption. We discussed and decided this early on in our relationship and now we have come to the point in our lives where we are ready to grow our family. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little about us!

About Us: We met when we were both attending college in Tennessee. A mutual friend introduced us and, after chatting for a while and hanging out in group settings, Brian decided to ask Brianne out on an official one-on-one date. We went for coffee and then ended up wandering around downtown Chattanooga talking nonstop for hours about anything and everything. (If you’re wondering, yes, we did discuss “is it weird to date someone that basically has the same name as you?!”).

One date became many months of dating and, when the time came for Brianne to move back to California for her physical therapy program, we decided to give a long-distance relationship a try while Brian finished up his classes. With a combination of nightly phone calls (FaceTime hadn’t been invented yet!) and the occasional cross-country flight we survived almost 2 years apart. Finally, Brian landed the radio job of his dreams and was able to join Brianne in Los Angeles, CA which has now been our home for the last 15 years.

We are so excited to begin the journey and the adventure of being parents. We most look forward to:

  • Planning birthday parties
  • Stocking our library with kids’ books
  • DISNEYLAND (less than an hour away!)
  • Playdates at the park with our friends and their kids
  • We love getting creative with all sorts of art projects

About Brianne

About Brianne by Brianne: I’m a very high energy person and can’t wait to chase after a kid! I’m already very active during my workdays as a Physical Therapist and, as the co-owner of my practice, I have lots of flexibility to spend less time running around at work and more time running around at home as I parent. I want our home filled with all the noise, laughter, excitement, and energy a kid will bring with them. I love to have fun but I’m also very logical, organized and efficient. I’m so excited to become a mother and make every day special for my child while also helping them make sense of the world around them.

What Brianne Means to Brian: I knew pretty early on in our relationship that Brianne was the perfect forever partner for me. She’s smart, thoughtful, loving, up for anything, and can quickly devise a solid logical plan for how to tackle whatever life throws her way. Particularly during the course of the pandemic, I was in awe of her complete dedication to serve her patients no matter the personal risk she faced going to work every day. I love watching her interact with the children in our life, especially our nephews. Seeing her face light up makes me so excited for her to become a mother and infuse that zest for life into our family. She is a naturally inquisitive person and that means she always has the most creative answers to any and all questions a kid can come up with.

Fun Facts About Brianne:

  • If I’m Not Traveling, I Like To: Walk to the farmer’s market, try new local restaurants, hang out with family and friends
  • Next Planned Trip: Alaska
  • Trips I Would Like to Do in the Future: Travel across India, hike in Patagonia, go see Iguaso falls Argentina, Safari in Tanzania
  • If I’m Out and About on a Weekend I’m: In a fun LA neighborhood going to shops, art museums, the beach, drinking coffee, and in the future I’ll add kid museums, playspaces, and ice cream to the list!
  • Favorite Holiday Activities: Baking Christmas cookies, making pierogis with my grandmother, trying to put as many lights on the Christmas tree as possible (1,400 is the record!)
About Brianne

About Brian

About Brian by Brian: I already have an arsenal of dad jokes just waiting to be deployed! I am a host (DJ) for the largest classical music radio station in the U.S. and tell stories for a living. I can’t wait to use my “radio voice” to read books to my future child. I love music and will definitely create the perfect classical music playlist for nap time as well as a bunch of playlists of basically every other musical genre for the rest of the day. As an enthusiastic sports fan of really any sport (but especially NFL, NBA, MLB), I am also excited to cheer loudly at whatever little league/soccer/gymnastics/swim meets we end up participating in. As an optimist, I always look for the silver linings in every situation and I believe everyone has something positive to offer to the world.

What Brian Means to Brianne: Brian immediately impressed me with his deep passion for music. I was attracted to his intelligence and knowledge about such a huge range of topics and issues. He is supportive with a calm and steady personality that balances out my more exuberant energy. Despite being easy-going, he is also adventurous and spontaneous and, don’t tell him I said this, but sometimes even funny! He can make any kid laugh! He is extremely curious about everything and very creative. He is a dreamer, an eternal optimist, and is very good at helping others find positivity in any situation. I love watching Brian interact with our nephews. He can absolutely keep up with their imaginations and their love of making up games. I can’t wait to see what kinds of fun and wacky worlds he’ll create for your child. He is passionate and loyal, he stands up for the people and issues he cares about, and he loves his friends and family deeply.

Fun Facts About Brian:

  • If I’m Not Traveling, I Like To: Go to live concerts and sporting events, work outside in the yard/garden, dive into a new cooking/grilling project
  • Next Planned Trip: Alaska (this will mean I’ve been to all 50 states!)
  • Trips I Would Like to Do in the Future: Morocco, Portugal, Seoul, Sydney/Melbourne, but most of all I want to visit Patagonia and then hop on the ship and cruise to Antarctica
  • If I’m Out and About on a Weekend I’m: Exploring LA, at the beach, visiting a museum, watching sporting events
  • Favorite Holiday Activities: Driving around looking at Christmas lights, BBQ feast on the 4th of July and watching fireworks from the rooftop of a nearby skyscraper, NYE sushi and walking to the Rose Parade the next morning
About Brian

Our Family and Friends

We have many people eagerly waiting to welcome the newest member of the family including our parents and siblings. We love that all of our immediate (and

most of our extended) family members all live in California! That means lots of weekend get-togethers throughout the year for birthdays and holidays as well as joint road trips to our favorite beaches, Yosemite, San Francisco, Disneyland, the desert, and a bunch of wonderful places in between. We are so thankful to have a wonderful support system close by.

Brianne’s family lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Her parents, Brian and Earlene, are both retired health care workers who love to hike, camp, garden, and make delicious food. Brianne’s mom also loves baking beautiful desserts and has a passion for arts and crafts projects. Brianne’s brother, Eric, and sister-in-law, Janice, live right down the street from her parents. They have a delightful two-year-old, Everett, who loves running around outside chasing his dogs and feeding grass to his mom’s horse.

Brian’s parents, Jeff and Vicky, live overlooking Clear Lake not far from his sister, Becky, who lives near Napa Valley. Jeff and Vicky are both retired educators who dedicated their lives to young people. Becky and her husband, Dan, have two boys, Nathan (12) and Samuel (9), who love the outdoors, camping, playing football, Lego construction, and games. They are both extremely social people and can’t wait to become Big Cousins soon!

Our Family and Friends

Our Home

We live in a historic neighborhood in Pasadena, California situated just a few blocks from the Rose Parade route and the largest park in the city. It’s a quiet section of town with wide streets lined with tall trees and lots of neighbor families with young children. We love our charming 100-year-old bungalow with its large, sunny bedrooms and cozy attic playroom upstairs. There’s a giant oak tree in the backyard that’s just begging for a swing and maybe eventually a treehouse.

Southern California has so many fun things to offer. We are a short drive away from Disneyland and within an hour you can be to the mountains. Pasadena’s Kidspace Children’s Museum, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (dinosaurs!), and the Space Shuttle Endeavour exhibit are all close by. Not to mention baseball games at Dodger Stadium, basketball, hockey, and concerts. And we have many parks, museums, beaches, and hiking trails still to explore.

We cannot know what activities will bring your child joy as they grow up, but whether it’s surfing, skiing, modern art, music, fashion or cooking we will give them the opportunity to do what they love!

Meet Our Pets – We have 2 cats: Fiona and Jacques. We rescued our cats from the Pasadena Humane Society several years ago. Jacques had been left in a box on the steps of a local apartment complex. When we approached Jacques’ cage, he bounded up to the door, meowed cheerfully, then did a somersault. When we hung out with him in the “socialization room,” he zoomed around and we thought, with this much energy, he’ll definitely keep us entertained! He has since learned just how awesome naps are and he loves getting to know everyone who visits. When we met Fiona she was battling a respiratory infection, but despite being sick, she nuzzled both of us and then curled up in our laps. Because of her infection, the first few weeks at home were pretty scary with multiple trips to the emergency vet before she eventually recovered and solidified her place in our lives as the ultimate lap cat.

A Final Thank You: Thank you again for taking the time to learn a little about our story! We can’t wait to meet you and learn about you as well! We promise to raise your child in a home filled with warmth, laughter, family, friends and, above all, love. We will spend lots of time playing and exploring as well as learning and growing. We will help them become confident, thoughtful, caring, patient, and kind. As your child grows, we will empower them to discover who they are and how to be the best version of themselves that they can be. As parents, we want to help shape a person who will go out and make a positive impact on their world.

~Brianne and Brian



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