Brittany and David


We are Brittany and David from Los Angeles. Early on in our relationship we knew that we wanted to be adoptive parents. David and both his siblings are adopted, which in part led us to adoption.

We are incredibly grateful that you are taking the time to learn about us and we hope to have the chance to learn about you.

We understand that the decision you are considering is as equally courageous and selfless as it is challenging and scary. But your bravery gives us the opportunity to build our family.

We enjoy a life together filled with love, commitment and adventure. We are so excited to share it with our future child. We cannot wait to be parents!

Because David was adopted, he has the unique ability to help guide our future children through their experiences and help with any questions they might have. We are lucky to have an incredibly supportive family behind our choice to adopt and who are eager to meet the newest member of the family.

A Little About Us: When Brittany moved back home from college her dad mentioned a “cool dude” that he played beach volleyball with in Santa Monica. Brittany ignored her dad’s attempt at playing cupid. Months later, her dad organized a volleyball tournament and not so surprisingly, Brittany and David were put on the same team. It was clear from the start that they hit it off and love grew quickly and easily between them.

Things That Make Us Happy:

  • Cooking together
  • Everything Disney
  • Hawaii
  • Board games
  • Beach days
  • Scuba diving
  • Snow trips
  • Hiking

Our Lifestyle: We try to make the most of each and every day, whether it is an active day out or a casual one at home together. We love to explore everything LA has to offer – and there’s a lot to do here! From the beach to the mountains, we love to have adventures.

Our Work: David works in the Real Estate world and is lucky to have a short commute to his office and can also work from home. Brittany works in property management, mostly working from home now, but when the time comes to adopt we are fortunate that she will be able to be a stay-at-home mom.



About Brittany

About Brittany by David: I fell in love with her sense of humor. She is quirky and weird and I am always smiling when I’m with her.

Brittany is creative and always beginning a new DIY project. She has the ability to make our place a home that is full of love, happiness and memories. She is passionate and caring and values spending time with family.

She is always coming up with new and creative ways to spend time together, whether it’s going on an adventure like camping or something simple at home like making homemade pizzas and watching a movie for date night.

Brittany has a passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle, but she will always have room for the occasional donut – her favorite treat!

Time with Brittany is exciting and I can’t wait for all the fun things we will do together as a family.

By Brittany: I’m so excited to become a mother! I promise to love our future child unconditionally and to give them a life filled with adventure and joy.

Brittany’s Favorites:

  • Puzzles
  • Baking
  • Holiday decorating
  • Donuts
  • Hiking
  • Crafting
About Brittany

About David

About David by Brittany: Falling in love with David is easy.

I can honestly say that David has the biggest most sincere heart of any person I have ever met. He is loyal, compassionate and responsible, but I love it the most when he acts like a kid with our nieces and nephews – from playing beauty parlor to nerf gun battles. He loves to play it all.

David is the king of dad jokes! His jokes are so corny, but he makes me laugh every time.

I love his optimism in life and he inspires me to be the best version of myself. David is going to make an amazing father and I’m so excited to raise our family together with him.

By David: I can’t wait to be a dad! I’m looking forward to playing games, going to Disneyland and taking family vacations together.

David’s Favorites:

  • Marvel comics
  • Playing volleyball
  • Nerding out to video games
  • Body surfing at the beach
  • Zombie movies
  • Tacos
About David

Our Home and Community

Our wonderful Brentwood community is vibrant, safe, and extremely walkable.

Up the street from us is a community center with tennis courts, basketball courts, a baseball field, and playgrounds. On Sundays we enjoy going to the local Farmers Market. We are also members of a beach club in Santa Monica which has lots of family fun activities, playgrounds and summer camps. We are only 40 minutes away from Disneyland!

Our home is warm, bright, and happy. And it is always seasonally decorated! We love all the greenery that surrounds our building, with beautiful trees and plants in the courtyard. The building also has a pool that we enjoy during the summer days.

Holidays: We love to host big family and friend gatherings. We’ve given a Friends Giving and an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party every year since we have been together. The holiday season is our favorite time of year!

Our Furry Family: Say hello to Little One and Penelope, our two adorable snuggle monsters. They cannot wait to have a tiny human to snuggle with.

Our Home and Community

Our Family and Friends

We are fortunate to live near Brittany’s entire family. Throughout the year we are always getting together for family BBQs, pool parties and birthday parties – all of course with lots of backyard games! We go on family cabin trips to Bass Lake or Mammoth every year. Some of our favorite traditions are our big family Christmas brunch, which is holiday pajama mandatory, and our family “Eggstravaganza Easter Egg Hunt”.

David’s sister and her family live in London. We can’t wait to take family trips with our future children to visit them and explore Europe. David’s brother and his family live on a farm near Sacramento. We always look forward to spending time with them going fishing and wakeboarding on the River Delta and seeing all their animals on the farm. We are glad that David’s dad lives close to us in LA, and we enjoy getting together with him for a round of golf and dinner.

We are so grateful to be surrounded by strong, stable and loving family and friends. We look forward to creating our own family traditions with our future family!

Our Promises To Your Child:

  • Provide opportunities for education, adventure, creativity, and wonder
  • Help develop their unique talents and interests
  • Laugh with life’s joys and persevere through its challenges
  • Teach them to be honest, generous, kind, self-respecting, and courageous


Our Family and Friends