Brittini & Kayleigh

Hello! We are Brittini and Kayleigh from Los Angeles

We want to thank you with our entire hearts for giving us the opportunity to share more about our lives and for considering us as adoptive parents for your baby. We always knew our journey would include adoption and becoming parents means more than we can put into words. Although we’re not able to conceive a child conventionally, our path in adoption is one of pure devotion to support, nurture and love your child.

We are so thrilled for this chapter in our lives, growing our family and being able to share all this love with your child. We admire your bravery and dedication to your child in taking the step to choose adoption. It’s a beautiful act of genuine love and we would be honored to share this story about how courageous their birth mother was and how fate brought us together. We promise that your child will always have the open and honest truth about their start in life, where you, as the birthmother, will always have a central role. Again, thank you and we wish you peace and happiness with every step in this process.

Our Modern Love Story: We met on a dating app, that’s right we swiped right! What we thought would be a fling, quickly became the beginning of our forever. Our first date was everything we could have asked for, seriously magical. At the end of the night, Kayleigh texted her best friend “I am going to marry this girl” and she was so right.

Fast forward through nearly a year of dates, experiences and moving in together, Kayleigh took Brittini to Portland, OR. After a quick drive from the airport to Cathedral Park, Kayleigh got down on one knee and popped the question. Brittini couldn’t let Kayleigh take all the credit, so a month later, she took Kayleigh to Disneyland for a surprise trip where she gave her an engagement ring full of Disney puns, “Feyoncé” sweatshirts, and bride Minnie ears! After a year of planning our dream wedding, we said “I Do” on January 19, 2018 surrounded by our loved ones. We were even featured on a TV show on TLC where it showed our spectacular day!

About Us: We’re the couple that can have fun doing anything and are willing to try anything once (or 2, 3 or 4 times!). But surprisingly, we are opposites in many ways. Brittini is a laid-back California girl who is kind, patient and fairly earnest, while Kayleigh is a true New Yorker, very driven, passionate, intelligent and strong-willed. We have definitely rubbed off on one another to create a very balanced couple in life! Together we have found a love for traveling and experiencing other cities and cultures. We have taken our competitive nature to softball/soccer and become self-proclaimed foodies at trending restaurants in whatever city we find ourselves in!

Top 5 Favorite Dates:

• Disneyland
• Road Trips with our dog
• Outdoor movies in LA
• Cooking a special meal together and even more so eating said meal!
• Ask Kayleigh: Yankees game
• Ask Brittini: Angels game (Rivals!)

Hello! We are Brittini and Kayleigh from Los Angeles

Meet Brittini

About Brittini, by Brittini: For Work – I am lucky enough to have a job that I love and am extremely proud of! I’m a Neonatal Intensive Care Registered Nurse (NICU) where I get to take care of babies born premature or need a little extra help in the beginning of their lives. One of the greatest parts of my job is getting to see them go to a loving home and the happiness on those days is worth all the difficult nights. I get to become part of their family, part of their story and even more so they become part of mine. It is one of the most rewarding moments. I also get to work alongside my mom at the hospital, some people think we’re the same person.

Outside of Work: I like to stay busy. I love to spend time with my wife, being creative, cooking, being around friends and family and entertaining when we can. My grandpa and I enjoy building furniture from scratch. Those pieces will always hold a special place in my heart. I cook and eat new foods making it the centerpiece of most of our gatherings. Traveling, whether that be out of the country, the state or a short day trip, it’s something I look forward to and love planning. You’ll often catch me with an espresso and a romantic novel, can’t beat a love story!

Introducing Brittini through Kayleigh’s Eyes: Brittini is the only individual I have ever connected with on a deep emotional level and someone that I want to continue to spend my days with. She is the most caring person I have ever been with; Brittini goes above and beyond to ensure everyone has everything they need before her own needs are met. Since we have been together, we have discussed what our future family would look like. To be honest, she was meant to be a mom before she even wanted to be. Watching her raise our future child will be the second-best thing I get to experience, the first marrying her.

Meet Brittini

Meet Kayleigh

I grew up in Syracuse, New York and went to college at SUNY Cortland where I got my Bachelor’s in Political Science and then moved to Washington, DC and received my Master’s Degree in Political Management from George Washington University. I worked in politics for several years, but realized it wasn’t a stable career because I wanted to settle down and have a family. Moving from state to state for campaigns was great and I got to travel the country, but I’m glad I have been able to put down roots in LA. I now work for a very well known and respected staffing agency as a recruiter. I love what I do and truly enjoy helping people find their dream job!

Outside of work: If I’m not at the office, I love traveling. I wish I could have that as a career because experiencing new food, new cultures, and new places makes me the absolutely happiest. If we’re in Torrance for the weekend, I love barbecuing, making a campfire, listening to country music and hanging outside with our dog Ellie. I’m a big history buff so whenever I can read a new book or check out a new museum, it’s a good day. On a slow Sunday morning, you might catch me curled up on the couch with some iced coffee trying to convince Brittini that we should try a new show that Netflix has suggested!

Introducing Kayleigh thought Brittini’s Eyes: Kayleigh is an amazing person that I consider myself lucky to have her as my life partner. She is my best friend and the person I can always count on. She is the most hard-working woman and she brings a smile to my face every single day.

I trust her with my whole heart, no hesitation or holding back. She is genuine and straight forward, sarcastic and strong and I love that about her. I am always laughing with her and she continues to surprise me every day. She makes sure the little things stay important and big things are never missed. I can’t wait to see her become a mom, all the love she has and excitement about life, she has so much to give a child.

Meet Kayleigh

The People We Love

We have the most incredible people in our lives. From coast to coast, our family and friends are surrounding us. No matter where we are, we have loved ones near us all the time. Locally, Brittini’s family is very close because they live in the same town, so we get to see them all the time. We love going to sports games, celebrating holidays and gathering for family dinners on a weekly basis. Both sets of our parents are SO excited to become grandparents and already planning for grandparent life. This will be the first niece or nephew for our siblings and they can’t wait to take on that role.

Holidays are extremely important to us and usually are spent around the dinner tables with a lot of home cooked food and too much laughter to handle. We share our time with Brittini’s family for Christmas and Kayleigh’s for Thanksgiving, each bringing their own traditions.

Favorite Family Traditions:
• Easter egg dying with Britt’s family
• Driving through Candy Cane Lane to see holiday lights
• Camping at the beach every summer
• Angels vs. Dodgers game for 4th of July
• Nights spent around a campfire on Thanksgiving Eve

The People We Love

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home: We live in an amazing community in Torrance, California; safety of a suburb, laid-back vibe of the beach and a short drive to the city

Our home is simple and has our personality written all over it. We have furniture that Brittini and her grandfather built to make it even more ours. Around the house we always have music playing and home cooked meals.

We’re in the area that Brittini grew up, so her grandparents, her mom and her uncle/aunt are just down the road. The local high school is a few blocks away and one of the top schools in the area (Britt’s alma mater). Everything we could ever want or need in a community is right here!

Meet Ellie:
We first grew our family when we rescued Ellie, one of the greatest dogs you’ll ever meet. We rescued her from Korea through a wonderful organization called The Dove Project. We picked her up at LAX Airport when a generous volunteer family brought her over. We’re not sure of her breed, but she sure is cute. She is always so excited to meet new people, never stops smiling and loves playing with kids! She is a wonderful and loyal part of our family and we can’t wait for her to meet your baby.

Our Promise To You:
• We promise to love your child unconditionally through every milestone and life event.
• We promise to always include you in their story and talk about how extremely brave and caring their birth mother is.
• We promise to encourage them throughout life and help them reach their highest potential, giving them every opportunity to succeed.
• We promise to make sure their life is full of laughter and love and always having a warm place to call home.
• We promise to surround them with an amazing support system, filled with a diverse group of friends and family.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us and look into what life looks like with our family. We are so grateful that you’re considering us to be your child’s adoptive family. We cannot wait to become parents and we hope to show you all the love and dedication we have to offer!

Our Home and Closing Thoughts