Brody and Rudy

Dear Birth Mother

We are Rudy & Brody from San Francisco. Thank for taking the time to learn about us! In 2011, we were so fortunate to adopt our son Pablo at birth. Becoming parents has brought such joy and happiness into our lives, and now we are hoping to adopt again so that Pablo can have a younger sibling. Having adopted before, we have a lot of respect and appreciation for your choice to consider this process. We hope this profile can provide you with an understanding of our life and family, and that you’ll consider allowing us to join you in the journey that is adoption.

About Us: We met in 1999 in San Francisco and married in 2014. We met online (before dating apps existed), and when we went to meet up in person one Sunday afternoon, Rudy had a backup plan scheduled with friends, just in case there was no chemistry. Luckily we really liked each other, Rudy brought Brody along to meet his friends, and the rest is history! Our relationship is built on love, mutual respect and honest communication. We endeavor to support one another so that we can be the happiest and healthiest we can be.

In 2011 we adopted our son Pablo. While we anticipated that becoming parents would be life-changing, we were truly amazed by the enormous love we immediately felt when we saw our son for the first time. As Pablo has gotten older, we have grown as a family, sharing the love & belonging that having a family brings. We are excited to grow our family and add even more love to our life!

Dear Birth Mother

About Rudy

I grew up in Houston, Texas in a very large Mexican-American family, and my family is a big part of our life. When I was 16, I was offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend an east coast boarding school on full scholarship. Having never even been on an airplane before, and at the strong urging of my family, I left the comforts of home to attend Milton Academy (near Boston) to finish my last two years of high school. That life-changing experience led me to be accepted to Harvard and eventually graduate from Harvard Law.

I now work as a corporate lawyer and am head of public policy for a major telecommunications company in the US. I am passionate about giving back to the community both at home and at work so that all kids, no matter where they come from, can have the same opportunities that I was blessed with. I look forward to watching Pablo and his new sibling grow up together.

About Rudy by Brody: Rudy has an outgoing and optimistic personality that is naturally lovable. He is a hard worker and natural leader and gets along well with most anyone. He is funny and goofy and always ready to lighten the mood with something silly. Rudy’s optimistic view of the world helps us to see that anything is possible if we believe it. Rudy is always excited to have family and friends around, and his strong belief in family, as well as his conviction that we could become parents, convinced me that we could adopt and have a family of our own. I’m so glad he did, as it has been the best decision we’ve ever made. Rudy is a wonderful father and an excellent partner. I love him deeply.

Things That Make Rudy Happy:

  • Yoga
  • Making breakfast for the family
  • Hiking
  • Singing in chorus
  • Vacationing anywhere there’s beaches
  • Getting Brody to help pick out ties/shirts because I’m colorblind!
  • Telling corny jokes that make Pablo giggle
  • All things Star Trek
About Rudy

About Brody

I was born in San Francisco, but from the age of 5, I was raised in Portland, Oregon, where most of my family still lives. I returned to San Francisco in my early 20s to attend school at the California College of Arts, where I earned a BFA in Photography. Working as a freelance artist allows me the flexibility to take time off work when I want to. When we adopted our son, I stopped working for a few years to be a stay-at-home dad. I’ve been back to work for almost 5 years now, working as a photographer and a retoucher in the photo studios of Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy. Once we have another baby in the house, I will take another few years off to stay home with them. I’m looking forward to all the nap times, cute baby pajamas, and watching a new baby grow and become themselves.

About Brody by Rudy: He’s an amazing dad and the love of my life. Brody is a highly creative, smart, naturally calm and introspective person who cares deeply about our family and has fully devoted himself to being a dad. When we met over 20 years ago, I was immediately smitten by his quiet charm, good looks and off-color wit. Brody is a talented photographer and artist with an eye for shooting people and places with the perfect lighting and context. Seeing Brody grow into being an “all in” dad has made me love him even more. Sometimes I will come home from work to see Brody and Pablo sitting at the table working feverishly on their latest artistic masterpiece. Brody is always the first parent to agree to shuttle Pablo and his friends to and from soccer, baseball, playdates and sleepovers, and I don’t know how our family would survive without all of his trips to the grocery store.

Things That Make Brody Happy:

  • Music
  • Cooking dinner for the family
  • Maps and languages
  • A hike through the forest
  • Traveling to foreign cities
  • Friday family movie night at home
  • Flea markets and antique stores
About Brody

Our Home and Community in San Francisco, CA

Living in San Francisco, a city of cramped Victorian row houses, we feel very lucky to reside in a four-bedroom unattached house in a quiet part of the city with lots of trees and parks. Our neighborhood gives us a quiet oasis in the middle of the wonderful city of San Francisco, with all it has to offer. We are lucky to have lots of close family friends nearby who also have children. Every year in mid-December we celebrate the holidays with our “San Francisco Family.”

Another big part of our life is the community of families at Pablo’s school. There are always events, whether a Third-Grade camping trip, or an Adoptive Affinity Group get-together. This group allows our son and all of the other adopted children in the school to hang out together, and form a community within the community, so that they can relate and support each other as adopted children.

Our Pets Rocky and Casper: Through the years we have always had cats. In fact, when Brody was a kid, his mother once had 24 cats! Rudy’s first cat was a black Siamese named Louis. We recently adopted two new kittens named Rocky and Casper. Rocky is mischievous, purrs constantly, and loves to sit on laps. Casper loves playing fetch with Pablo’s nerf-gun darts and cuddling with Rocky. The two brothers have been a welcome addition to our family.

Our Home and Community in San Francisco, CA

Our Family and Thank You

Building and maintaining deep family roots is super important to us and is the reason why we’re seeking to grow our family with a second adoption. Although we live far away, we make it a priority to visit with Rudy’s family at least once a year around the holidays. This past year, Rudy’s parents joined us in Tahoe for a White Christmas! And we recently helped move Rudy’s mom (Pablo’s Grandmama) to California; she now lives less than 2 miles from our home here in San Francisco!

Our Friends: We spend as much time with our “San Francisco Family” as we can, enjoying dinner parties, movie nights, birthdays, vacations and other family get-togethers. We’ve also built a strong community of fellow adoptive families through our school’s Adoptive Families Affinity Group, which hosts gatherings and events throughout the school year.

Thank You: Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We can only imagine how difficult this decision is for you. Choosing adoption requires a selfless, unconditional love that we greatly respect and admire. Please know that we share the same goal: to provide a child with all the love, care and support he or she needs to be happy and thrive in the world

Our Family and Thank You