Bronwyn and Andy

Hello and Thank You

We are Bronwyn and Andy from Northern California. Before we share more about ourselves, we first want to thank you for considering our family. Your well-being in this process is really important to us, and while we can’t know exactly what you’re going through, we can only imagine that considering adoption hasn’t been easy. This is something we will always hold in our hearts with respect and gratitude. We would consider ourselves honored to raise your child.

We’re excited to share a little about our lives, and we hope there is a connection. If it feels right, we would be thrilled to meet you! Whether we are the family for your baby or not, we truly wish you peace with your decision.

Our Story: If you were to meet us, you would find that we are loving, playful and creative people with a passion for adventure. When we first met through close friends, we both knew within the day that we would spend the rest of our lives together. The overwhelming sense of “YES!” we shared for one another in those early days continues to be the foundation of our relationship. Ever since we thought about having a family, adoption has been in our hearts. That sense of possibility we shared early on, is something we also bring into parenthood. In July, 2016 we were thrilled to adopt our oldest son Cy Christopher and then a few years later in March 2019, we adopted Louis Matthias. Our family will be complete with a sister for Cy and Louis.

A Note from Cy’s Birth Parents: “There are no words to describe just how special our journey has been. Andy and Bronwyn are the most beautiful people we’ve ever met. Sharing such a unique and intimate experience has changed our lives and connected us forever. We are so grateful for the wonderful parents our baby boy has, and deeply comforted by all the love that surrounds him. We are so thrilled that he will have a sibling to grow up with and enrich their lives every day.”

A Note from Louis’ Birth Parents: Mother: “Adoption was scary at first, I wanted a great family-oriented environment for my baby. When I came across Bronwyn and Andy, they definitely stuck out to me. As soon as I met Bronwyn I felt comfort and lots of great energy. After making the decision to choose them as a part of our family I felt even better! Constant contact and pictures I felt they were always by us.”

Father: “Meeting you and your husband was huge for me – you guys were very open and accepting and very caring to his mom. Seeing you all were as happy as I was about Louis made me feel like he would be okay. Knowing that you all are stable and did the same thing with Cy, all these things played a huge part with me understanding and going through the process.”

Hello and Thank You

About Bronwyn

Bronwyn Through Andy’s Eyes: Bronwyn is an artist at heart, approaching everything she does with creative passion. She makes our home feel so warm and colorful. I love her spontaneity, and her easygoing nature. She can pull together gourmet meals for unexpected friends, drop everything for a dance party or rise up smiling in the morning, ready for an early hike. She is also one of the smartest most curious people I know. Although she started her career as an artist, she wanted to devote herself to working with children. She pursued her Masters Degree in Psychology then worked in foster care and adoption, while also volunteering for many years with a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization devoted to families. It’s not surprising that Bronwyn is an incredible mother. She loves kids! Her work has been entirely dedicated to their well-being.

When I watch her with Cy and Louis, I see how kind and patient she is with them. She ignites their creativity by setting up activities for them to explore – our courtyard is often filled with music, paint, water play and bubbles. She loves to take them outdoors to explore in the nearby woods and she can also be gentle and quiet, finding time to cuddle close and read stories or laugh together about the day.

Bronwyn is my best friend, a true partner and natural mother who shares in my big ideas and dreams; I feel so lucky to have her in my life. I know she loves Cy, Louis and me unconditionally, which feels like an amazing gift to share. I can’t wait to grow our family together.

Qualities Andy Loves in Bronwyn:

  • Compassionate
  • Curious
  • Creative
  • Kind
  • Intuitive
  • Adventurous

Things That Make Bronwyn Happy:

  • Exploring with Cy and Louis
  • Making art
  • Close friends
  • Play dates at the beach
  • Books and learning
  • Watching Andy be a father!
About Bronwyn

About Andy

Andy Through Bronwyn’s Eyes: Andy is one of the most optimistic people I have ever known. He is the kind of person people turn to for inspiration. In fact, he’s made a career out of it. Rather than getting stuck on what’s not working, Andy sees possibility and solutions. Andy has a degree in engineering and a passion for innovation. He works internationally building successful technology start-ups and mentoring entrepreneurs. He is focused and works hard, and equally knows how to play when he’s not working. Before the boys, Andy has always had a love of children, as a coach for developmentally disabled kids, a host for inner-city kids’ summer adventure programs, and a favorite uncle to his four nieces.

As a father, Andy is kind and respectful. He is warm, intelligent, and not afraid to laugh at himself, which makes him the life of the party! He’s the guy crawling around playing puppets, or up early to soccer practice, then down to fly kites on the waterfront. Andy is a devoted partner and parent. He is strong and full of adventure, while thoughtful, generous, and loving too.

Qualities Bronwyn Loves in Andy:

  • He’s loving
  • Positive and bright
  • A generous spirit
  • Thoughtful
  • Loves to laugh
  • Adventurous

Things That Make Andy Happy:

  • Relaxing with family
  • Being near the ocean
  • Making Cy and Louis laugh
  • Inspiring others
  • Family adventures off the beaten path
  • Parenting with Bronwyn
About Andy

Our Home and Neighborhood

When both our boys arrived, and we became a transracially adoptive family, we started to think more deeply about the best place to set down roots. We knew we wanted to raise our family in a culturally rich, representative community. Proximity to Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco, California gives us a rich creative, academic and tech culture.  We have a wide-ranging choice of schools, a diverse community of children to play with, so much to explore – beachcombing, kite flying, road trips and a great barber! We live in a 3-bedroom hilltop house, wrapped around an internal courtyard ideal for play, that backs onto a 2000-acre old-growth forest and has a view clear across the Bay. We’re right across the street from an elementary school, local library and community center that the boys love cruising around and exploring on their bikes and scooters.

Luckily, our professions allow us to work mainly from home, so our days are flexible and most often start with a hike through the trails or down to the waterfront with Cy, Louis and Freja, who all love adventure!

Meet Freja: Freja is our six-year old dog! She is full of playful energy and so curious, wanting to be included in all the action. Freja is well trained and a gentle, devoted best friend. She adores Cy and Louis, and without question will welcome another baby into her pack.


Our Home and Neighborhood

Meet Our Loved Ones

Bronwyn grew up in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Although her parents separated when she was young, both parents remarried and her family grew even more full. With four brothers and a sister, cousins, nephews and nieces and loving grandparents, Bronwyn’s family was thrilled to welcome Cy and Louis and can’t wait to add another new member to the tribe!

Andy was born and raised in Cornwall, England, a coastal community where his family still lives and where his love of the ocean began! Andy has a brother, sister and four nieces ranging in age from 8 to 23 years old. Our nieces have had so much fun with the boys, they keep checking in to see when a sister will arrive, so they can plan their next California visit!

Feeling a strong sense of connection and belonging is incredibly important to both of us. Even though we were born oceans apart, we each grew up in loving families that emphasized our strengths and encouraged us to follow a path that brought the most joy. Whether we’re visiting Vancouver or Cornwall or hosting everyone in California, we love the sense of playful chaos that arises in a home full of loved ones.

Our Thoughts About Parenting:

  • We believe parenting is a lifelong commitment to love, protect and guide our children toward their greatest passions and potential.
  • We think that our presence in our children’s lives, the opportunities for education, travel and experiences we can provide, and our enthusiastic encouragement are vital for our children’s sense of self-worth and confidence.
  • We believe that discipline is a tool for guidance and learning about boundaries, structure and stability—not for punishment. We all make mistakes, and given the support and opportunity to try again, helps us grow!
  • As the primary figures in our children’s lives, we also value the significant love, guidance and support that family and friends will lend. We want our children to feel part of a larger community, and that there are many trusted and loving people available to cheer us all on!
  • It’s important to us that our children understand about adoption and that they grow up knowing that their birth families are a cherished part of our whole family story.

Our Values: We value our children. The life we imagine for them is one in which we provide opportunities and experiences to help them find what they are most passionate about, the things that that bring them joy and are most natural to who they are.

“Love is in our words, but also in our actions.”

What We Want Our Children to Know:

  • I am loved, loving and lovable.
  • I am compassionate. I treat others with kindness, patience and respect.
  • I am confident. I trust and believe in myself. I can make a difference in the world.
  • I am intelligent. I think clearly with my head and my heart. I dream big!
  • I have a moral compass. I know right from wrong, and I make good choices.
  • I know where I came from. my story is unique and beautiful and mine to tell.
  • My birth family loves me!

In Closing – Thank You: Thank you for considering our family. This gives you a glimpse into our lives, but you may have more questions you’d like answered in order to make a decision about whether we are the right family for your child.

Meet Our Loved Ones