Cait and Mike


We are Cait, Mike and Madelyn from Charleston, South Carolina! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are so grateful for you, because your strength and courage make it possible for us to grow our family through adoption. After having Madelyn we found out we couldn’t have more biological children. We know deep within our hearts that we are meant to share our love with another child and are so thankful for you to consider us as adoptive parents.

We’ve always dreamt of having a home filled with children and creating fun, joyful memories. Being parents is better than we could have ever imagined as we see the wonder of the world through our daughter’s eyes. It would be an honor for us to experience that wonder again and to share our unconditional love with another child.

About Us: We met ten years ago when we were personal trainers at the same gym. We spent several months working side by side all the while getting to know each other and becoming great friends. As our friendship blossomed, Mike began courting Cait and to be honest, she was a bit unsure of taking things to the next level at first (not wanting to mix work with pleasure). But his persistence paid off and we went out on a date, where we sat at the table for so long the server kindly asked us to leave at the end of the night. We dated for 1 ½  years before Mike popped the question on the beach in Connecticut with a photographer hiding in the bushes. We got married one year later to the day and will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary in October 2021.

We moved from Connecticut to Charleston, South Carolina shortly after getting married and now have a daughter named Madelyn Grace, who will be 2 years old in December. We are an incredible team with honesty and communication being the foundation of our relationship. We’re each other’s best friends and biggest supporters. We love traveling, having weekly date nights, watching a tv show together once Maddy is asleep and having friends over for pizza and game night.

Being parents is our greatest joy. Providing our children with a safe, healthy environment and giving them an extraordinary life is our number one goal. We have so much love and support for whoever it is they are meant to become.

Fun Facts About Us:

  • We workout together in our home gym as a family every Saturday morning – us, Maddy + the dogs!
  • Cait started an a cappella group when she was in college and still loves to sing
  • We love to vacation to a new place each year
  • Mike represented Team USA in a junior baseball tournament played in London and Amsterdam and won a gold medal
  • We have a standing date night on Saturdays and love trying new restaurants

About Mike

About Mike by Mike: I grew up the only child of two extremely loving and devoted parents in Eastchester, New York. I spent a lot of time with my family and friends and was always involved in sports. I went on to play baseball at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. While there, I majored in psychology and enjoyed some of the best times of my life playing ball with my teammates who have become life-long friends. Following college, I knew I wanted to stay active so I went to school to get my personal training degree. I began working at a gym in Connecticut which is where I met Cait. I have been training for 10 years and am a golf fitness professional with my own company. I work with clients in-person and virtually across the country through my online training programs. I absolutely love what I do and my schedule allows me the flexibility to spend a lot of time with my family and be present with our daughter Maddy, something I cherish immensely. Cait and I are extremely health-conscious which is a big part of our lives.

I’m so excited to raise another child and to watch them grow up into their own person. I’ll be their biggest fan in anything they decide to do.

More About Mike by Cait: Mike is extremely loyal to and protective of the people he loves. He’s motivated, structured and organized, and can often be found organizing a closet in the house (which is totally fine by me!). He is kind, gentle and a better father than I could’ve ever dreamed of for our family. He always makes sure he has time blocked off during the day to spend with Madelyn, no matter how busy work may be. He’s patient with her, enjoys singing nursery rhymes even though he doesn’t really know the words, and will sit and play with baby dolls with a big smile on his face. Our little family is his entire world, we are so lucky to be loved by him and can’t wait to share this love with another child.

Mike’s Favorites:

  • Food: Ice cream (yes even though I’m a fitness professional I eat ice cream) J
  • TV Show: 24, Suits
  • Places to Travel: Cabo, Napa, San Diego
  • Things to Do: Playing and watching golf, working out, sudoku puzzles, watching Miami Dolphin football games, traveling, and relaxing by the pool with a good book
  • Favorite Children’s Book: Little Blue Truck


About Mike

About Cait

About Cait by Cait: I grew up with a loving and supportive family in Long Island, New York. I have fond memories of playing with my younger brother Jake and our friends, often out in our backyard where my parents would build fun obstacle courses for us. I loved baby dolls when I was younger and had a real stroller and infant seat I bought with my allowance money. Once old enough I began babysitting and worked with two families in particular for over 10 years.

I went to college at Western Connecticut State University and earned a degree in Exercise Science. I was a personal trainer for 10 years and once Mike and I moved to Charleston, South Carolina I discovered a love for interior design as we began to decorate our new home. I’m a very health-minded person and now have a lifestyle blog that focuses on healthy living, eating and interior design. My work is part-time, I am my own boss and create my own schedule. I spend most of my days with Madelyn and have found a wonderful balance of being both a mother and entrepreneur. I have every intention of remaining this way as we welcome another baby into our home.

More About Cait by Mike: This is the easiest part of the profile to write. Cait is our superhero and I am so in love with her. She is beautiful, funny, extremely resourceful, and by far the strongest, and most selfless person I know. Cait inspires me on a daily basis with her courage, kindness and love. I’m in awe of her as a mother as she continues to balance running her own business with taking care of Maddy. She loves to take Maddy to Target or the grocery store, draw sidewalk chalk with her, and chase after her until she’s laughing so hard she gets the hiccups. Nothing makes me happier than when I’m with Maddy and Cait comes downstairs and she just smiles and says “Mama!” We are beyond lucky to be loved by Cait as she does anything and everything for us.

Cait’s Favorites:

  • Food: Eggplant parmesan
  • TV Show: Hart of Dixie (on Netflix, it’s SO good!)
  • Favorite Children’s Book: Llama Llama Red Pajama
  • Places to travel: Cabo, Napa, California, Southern Florida
  • Things to Do: Reading, listening to podcasts, hosting friends + family, working out
About Cait

Meet Madelyn

Maddy is our 21-month old, sweet, spunky daughter who constantly makes us smile. You can often find her coloring, helping Mama vacuum (she loves to clean!) or playing with her baby dolls. She enjoys the playground, swimming and playing hide and seek. Maddy loves playing with Grandma when we have to work and will also be starting a school program 2 mornings a week as she loves making new friends. She is super kind, always giving her friends lots of hugs, and is very gentle-natured. We are so excited for Madelyn to become a big sister. She always gravitates toward little babies at the park and we just know she will welcome her younger sibling with open arms, and share all of her toys too.

Meet Jaxon and Zalea, Our Dogs: Jaxon is a 10-year old boxer mix that we rescued when he was 8 weeks old. He’s 75 pounds but thinks he’s a lap dog. He loves going for long walks and is constantly by our sides. It is not uncommon to find him lying on the floor while Maddy tries to feed him with her baby dolls’ bottles.

Zalea is a 6-year old goldendoodle who has a bunch of energy and is also the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. She likes to give Maddy kisses and is often sitting next to her highchair, hoping she will drop some food. Both dogs are gentle and incredibly loving toward Maddy and will be great companions to your child!

Our Home and Community: We live in Mount Pleasant, which is part of Charleston, South Carolina. Our neighborhood is beautiful and welcoming with two playgrounds, two pools, walking trails, a lake and people frequently outside going for walks, riding bikes or playing. The schools are rated some of the best in the state and are just down the street – kids ride their bikes or are dropped off in golf carts! We’ve worked hard to make our home an inviting space that makes us feel safe and brings us joy. We have 3 porches and a fenced in backyard, making it easy to spend a lot of time outside.

Meet Madelyn

Our Family and Friends

Our families are extremely important to us and would be overjoyed to help us welcome a new baby into our home.

Cait’s family lives in New York. We are lucky to see them several times a year over the holidays and when they come to visit. Unfortunately, Cait’s father passed away in 2018, but her mother, stepdad, and brother Jake love coming to visit and call Charleston their vacation home away from home.

Mike is an only child and is very close with his parents. His dad and stepmom live in New York but come down to visit frequently. We also head up to spend time at the beach with them each summer. His mother, Joanne, recently moved down to Charleston a few minutes away to enjoy retirement and to help take care of Madelyn.

Cait has a group of girlfriends who grew up together and they now all have children around the same age. They stay with us in Charleston every year and we see them during our visits to New York. Mike is close with several of his college friends who all have children within a few months of each other. We make time to do a yearly golf trip and get our families together.

In Charleston we have a close group of friends and see each other frequently whether it’s getting together for playdates, going to the beach, brunch or barbecues at each other’s homes.

Family Traditions:

  • We throw a little party with friends on July 7th each year because 7 is Cait’s favorite number
  • Cait’s Mom hosts brunch every Christmas morning with her entire family, they make a special meal that her Grandma and Great-Grandma used to make
  • Family dinner with Mike’s Mom and Grandma every Tuesday night
  • On Friday evenings we listen to music and eat pizza on our back porch with Maddy
  • On the second Sunday of each month we make brunch with Madelyn to remember Cait’s Dad, he loved to cook!

In Closing: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to learn about us. We are extremely passionate about creating a family that is filled with love, laughter and joy. We acknowledge you throughout this process and admire the selfless sacrifice you are making. We promise to provide a safe, healthy and happy environment for your child.


Cait, Mike and Madelyn

Our Family and Friends