Cameron & Kevin

About Us

Hello and thank you! We are Cameron and Kevin from California.
Thank you for reading our profile. As potential adoptive parents of your child, we want you to know who we are and the life we hope to have with your gift to us. Ever since we met, we dreamed of creating a family of our own. One where kids can be who they are, be supported, thrive and know that there is nothing they could do to lose their parents love.

We live in the San Francisco Bay area in a small-town inland. We feel accepted here as a couple and think it’s a fantastic place to raise children. If it is meant to be, we look forward to meeting you.

Our Life Together: We met in 2004 in a coffee shop in Midland, Michigan. We were married in 2014 at a public garden and San Francisco City Hall. In 2017, we decided to start a new adventure and move to California. We bought a two-story house in a quiet neighborhood with the hopes to start a family. In fact, we have a children’s bedroom and a nursery that is decorated in the movie “Frozen” colors ready to go!

We dream of being able to sing our future baby to sleep with a ballad from some of our favorite singers like Dixie Chicks “You Were Mine” or Sara Evans “Born to Fly”.

As a couple, we enjoy traveling, painting together on date night, playing board games or cards with friends, watching movies, seeing plays like Wicked, going to concerts from Green Day to Cindy Lauper, and spending an evening singing Karaoke on Sing Star.

We both enjoy cooking and experiencing a variety of cuisines including Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, and Indian. Good ‘ol southern BBQ is a hit with us as well.

Both of us cannot wait to be a part of the joy and happiness of a child experiencing new things as they grow. Our biggest hope for the future is simply having a family that loves each other and passes that love along in life.

Just For Fun:
• Comic Con – We love checking out all the costumes, seeing celebrities, and finding unique toys to collect.

• Traveling – Exploring new places with our dogs. Our favorite place was along the coast with a beach, trail, and dog park attached to the room! Pete and Shamoosh had their own doggie door and dog house.

• Last year we took our great nephew to a family camp in the Sierras. Glamping the cabin and making crafts to decorate to the “Out of This World” theme was so much fun.

• Painting – We both like to paint and have date nights together to create fun art.

• Nature walks someplace new is always exciting.

About Us

About Kevin

About Kevin: Growing up I idolized chefs like Julia Child and Martha Stewart (although lately I’m more a Pioneer Woman or Barefoot Contessa). It was quite a culture shock when the first Christmas get-together with Cameron’s family, I had a table setting with cloth napkins, water and wine glasses, silverware, and table decor (we laugh now since paper plates and plastic silverware would have been fine). I have always dreamed of having a family and I look forward to cooking family dinners.

People say I’m the serious one in our relationship. I do like to have fun, but I am the planner/organizer. Having family over for holidays would start months ahead with planning the meal, organizing activities to keep everyone entertained, and even coming up with games for cleanup (think scavenger hunt of chores with prizes!).

On the weekends I like to take our dog Pete on nature walks. We have an endless trail along a creek that we both enjoy. It’s fun to see wildlife like snowy egrets, turtles, and ducks along the way.

I am a Chemical Engineer with the role of a Regional Process Safety Leader for an Agriscience company. I use science and engineering to protect people and the environment from harm while making products for farmers to feed the world.

Kevin’s Favorites:
Actress: Meryl Streep
Animal: Owls
Can’t live without: Coffee
Childhood activity: Rollercoasters
Children’s book: The Hobbit
Children’s movie: Star Wars
Game: Magic the Gathering
Historical figure you want to meet: Harriet Tubman
Ice cream flavor: Pistachio
Languages you speak: German
Source of inspiration: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

About Kevin

About Cameron

A Little About Cameron: I was born in southwest Detroit MI (because there is no “South Detroit” Journey). I’m a bit of a joker, free thinker, out-of-the-box kind of guy. My brain is filled with a ton of useless knowledge, so I do well at trivia games. I love arts and crafts, teaching, and singing (to myself and in competition like Sing Star). I feel as if I should put out business cards stating if you need someone to liven up a party… call me.

I hope to provide an educational and creative environment while not forgetting to drop everything for a game of hide-and-seek. I love kids and have babysat so many over the years for friends and family. We have so much fun that often the kids don’t want to go home.

I know when I walk into a room that I’m going to be good friends with someone. You just feel that spark of a kindred spirit. When we moved to California, I even made friends with an employee at the DMV which was a tough crowd! My friends are always astonished that I can sense their emotions so well and if their having a hard day. I enjoy talking them down, comforting them, and making them laugh to change their mood.

Cameron’s Favorites:

Actress: Drew Barrymore
Animal: Cats
Can’t live without: Funko Pops
Childhood activity: Roller Skating
Children’s book: The Indian in the Cupboard
Game: Pokémon
Children’s tv show: Different Strokes
Historical figure you want to meet: Alan Turing
Ice cream flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Source of inspiration: Green Day

About Cameron

Our Family

Love Makes A Family: Our immediate family live in Michigan and we make trips back there for the holidays.

Cameron’s two sisters have several kids and grandkids that we have been a part of raising through the years. Back in Michigan, our home was a popular venue for holidays, and we loved entertaining everyone…cooking, playing games, and catching up on each other’s lives.

We have two close lesbian couples that we have known ever since we met. Sharing life’s challenges and always having them in our corner is why we love them. We marched on Washington together, vacationed together, helped each other get married, and they even helped us move into our house and paint the interior.

Locally we have been meeting new people. Cameron made quite the impression with desserts he made for all the neighbors when we moved in. Every fall we get a boat load of citrus and pomegranates in return.

We also have friends that we do a monthly game night with or go out to an event in the area. This month it’s Drag Queens on Ice at Union Square!

Our Family

Our Home & Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home: We live in a four bedroom, 2-story house in the suburbs, in the Bay Area of California. Three bedrooms are upstairs, one is a nursery and the other a kid’s room with bunkbeds. The upstairs also has a loft which is great for just reading, folding laundry, or playing games. The backyard has a patio and grassy area for the dogs along with a garden. The first floor has a large open kitchen connected to the family room where we spend most of our time.

Our subdivision sits next to a creek with a walking trail that is popular with walkers, runners, bikers, and even people fishing for salmon! We also have a kid’s park with soccer field and skate park just down the road. There are several elementary and high schools nearby with kids in the neighborhood walking to and from school.

Our Furry Friends: Our pets are a big part of our lives, we have two dogs, an indoor cat and several outdoor cats.

Coal is our cat and was rescued from a tree while we were camping one summer. He’s 15 now so he loves to cuddle and nap. Pete is a 4 year old Bichon Frise / Yorkie mix. He is our Olympic athlete and loves to go for walks and runs. Shamoosh is a 4 year old pint size Shitzu. The dogs are bosom buddies and inseparable. And last are the neighborhood stray cats…Marley, Bucky, and two kittens. We have always considered our home a refuge for furry friends in need.

Our Hopes and Dreams:
• Education is important to both of us. We want your child to have every advantage in life to pursue their passions.
• Our philosophy is to use positive reinforcement, listening, problem solving, and being consistent as parents.
• Raising a child that embraces diversity, cares about other living beings, is kind, and generous is especially important to us.
• Having both been raised in places and time where being who we were was not accepted, our number one priority will be to raise your child with unconditional love and acceptance. We want your child to know there is nothing they can do to lose our love.

A Special Message To You: Should you choose us, we hope that you will take comfort in knowing that you are helping fulfill a lifelong dream of ours to create a loving family of our own. Making that dream possible would put you in a superhero category for us – someone who selfishly went above and beyond to help us in the most unbelievable way. We would strive to instill all the best qualities of us both in your child and honor the amazing gift you have given.

Our Home & Closing Thoughts