Candace and Jim


We are Candace and Jim from Kansas City, Missouri. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile. We respect and admire your courage and love in creating an adoption plan. We would be so excited to get to know you throughout this journey.

We always knew that we wanted to expand our family, because we have so much love to give. We have shared tons of happiness watching Jim’s daughter, Kaitlyn, grow up into a caring, kind, and creative person. We have tried everything to add to our family biologically over the last 10 years and we are excited to explore adoption.

We understand that your adoption plan decision is full of your hopes and dreams for your baby. We promise that we will offer your child a happy, caring, loving, safe, stable, and supportive family environment. Your child will also grow up in our home learning to love and respect you for caring so much about them.

Our dating story began like a modern version of Cinderella. Jim’s friend introduced Candace to Jim. Jim stood up and kissed Candace’s hand. Then one of Jim’s friend’s spilled a drink into Candace’s shoe. Jim got napkins, removed her shoe, and helped her clean it. We have been inseparable ever since, celebrating more than 12 happy years of marriage.

We love spending time together, and we laugh a lot. We enjoy going to the movies, and we even got married in a movie theater. We get creative making up soup recipes during cold winter nights. Jim often plays DJ, making playlists of songs for us to listen to. We are also passionate about Broadway theater.

We have shared many adventures traveling across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.

Some of our happiest times have been spending time with Kaitlyn, visiting local fairs and parks with her and enjoying family dinners. We love being with family, and we visit with them regularly in Canada.


About Jim

I grew up in Toronto, Canada in a family with two older sisters and an older brother. As a kid, I played hockey with my friends all the time. I work in computer support. My daughter Kaitlyn is now grown up, and I cherish all of our time together. Kaitlyn loves children, and she is really looking forward to having a sibling join the family!

About Jim From Candace:

Jim is fun, friendly, and incredibly kind. He is energetic and extremely thoughtful and caring. He is such a kind soul, and I feel so lucky to have him in my life. I most admire how great a father he is to his daughter, Kailtyn, and how well he treats my parents. I first knew that I loved him after watching him spend time playing with Kaitlyn. Jim is incredibly creative, and he knows how to make anything into a game. I would not change anything about Jim. He is simply the best person I know.

Fun Facts About Jim:

  • I love Star Wars
  • I am a military history buff
  • I am a big hockey fan
  • I cannot use chopsticks very well
  • I can speak Cantonese
About Jim

About Candace

I grew up in Montreal, Canada. I have one older sister. As a young child I loved to read books. I am a teacher and I taught in Japan for two years. I am now a university Professor in Education. I often work from home, and I get many weeks of vacation during winter and summer breaks. This gives me so much time to enjoy caring for our future child.

About Candace From Jim:

Candace is an exceptionally caring and loyal partner. I love how she always makes me feel special by the little things that she does every day for me. I really admire how much Candace goes out of her way to help others. Candace would not think that she is courageous, but I am amazed at how she has traveled and lived around the world. She has opened my eyes to world experiences beyond my imagination. Most of all, I am grateful for the love and care over the years that she has always given to my daughter, Kaitlyn.

Fun Facts About Candace:

  • I grew up in a French-speaking city
  • I have studied over 5 languages
  • My favorite writer is Stephen King
  • I love watching scary movies
  • I have lived in Canada, the United States, Japan, and Germany
About Candace

Our Home & Family

Jim’s Family:

I am grateful for the guidance of my older sisters. We make sure to go back home to visit as often as possible to share meals and laughs with them. Candace, Kaitlyn, and I have built so many happy family memories together, playing games and going on outings.

Candace’s Family:

My parents often call each other their best friends, and they have served as role models for our own marriage. I am also very close with my older sister. I have really loved every minute of participating in Kaitlyn’s life as a stepmother.

We promise we will love your child unconditionally and help your baby to follow their dreams and grow up into a confident and independent person. Life in our home will be full of kisses and hugs, laughter and joy, music, bedtime stories and attention on education, regular trips to museums, the science center, the zoo, the aquarium, bookstores, vacations, and holiday traditions. Your child will always have all of their needs met for love, affection, education, and possessions.

Our Home

We live in a great community in Kansas City, Missouri, with a big house and lots of kids nearby!

There are many parks and some great schools near our house. There is a toy store, a children’s clothing store, and an ice cream shop a short walk from our home. The Kansas City area includes a children’s theater, a zoo, a science center, an aquarium, and museums. Kansas City has all of the excitement of a big city with a friendly, slower pace. This is the perfect place to raise children and create many happy family memories!

Our Home & Family

Thank you!

We will teach our child…

  1. To be yourself
  2. To love yourself
  3. To treat others with kindness and respect
  4. To chase their dreams and take risks
  5. To always remember, no matter what, tomorrow is a new day.

Thank you so much for reading our profile and for giving us the chance to tell you more about ourselves. We hope that we can meet you soon!

Thank you!