Dear Birth Mother

Hello! I’m Carlie from Littleton, Colorado. I appreciate you taking the time to look at my profile and getting to know me a little better.

Let me start first by saying how much I admire you. I know this could not have been an easy decision and in making this choice, I see your strength, unselfishness and love for your baby.

I have always dreamed of being a mom and my life’s path has brought me here today ~ to a place where I have learned from the world around me, grown stronger from life experiences and now know how to truly give love and be the love to those in my life.

Ten Fun Facts:

  1. Iced vanilla lattes make me very happy (it’s the small delicious things in life sometimes)
  2. I’m drawn to the water – lakes, oceans, you name it I’m there
  3. My favorite color is green
  4. I designed my first shirt at age 10 – it had fringe, beads & glitter lettering (to be fair it was the 80’s)
  5. My nickname in middle school was “Styles”
  6. I travel to somewhere new every year.
  7. New Kids on the Block was my 1st concert – I had the biggest crush on Joey
  8. I’m a hopeless romantic – I will always root for love
  9. Big, white, fluffy clouds make me so happy (it’s ridiculous how many cloud photos I have in my phone)
  10. I’m obsessed with home renovation shows on HGTV – I secretly daydream about having my own show
Dear Birth Mother

About Me

I was born and raised in Denver Colorado. I ventured to Southern California for college, where I got my degree in Fashion Design. The ocean air soaked in to my system and lured me to stay in Los Angeles for 27 years, which I enjoyed but Colorado has always been home and I recently relocated back to Littleton, Colorado to be with family.

My Career: I took my love of clothes and storytelling and turned it in to a fun career working in Costumes for the entertainment industry. My favorite part of my job is reading the script, creating a vision of each character and bringing them to life with their clothing. Each job is different which keeps my creativity alive and challenges me to look deeper and help find the character. People-watching can sometimes be the best inspiration. I have spent years designing for movies, along with taking care of actors and their costumes on set for various television shows. I am currently working as a Costume Supervisor, which keeps me involved with breaking down scripts, budgets, shopping and managing our crew – a little bit of everything, which I enjoy! I’ve been very lucky with this new position that I am able to travel for work. While my home base is Colorado, I do go back and forth to Los Angeles when I have a show or even like last year where I got to shoot on location in Cancun, Mexico and New Mexico. Once I adopt, I plan to spend more time in Colorado, working remotely when possible and taking jobs closer to home.


  • I am an avid reader. I enjoy psychological thrillers and romance novels – two totally opposite styles I know but somehow balance each other out.
  • I love plants and have been trying to develop my green thumb. I love finding unique plants, especially succulents, to create fun and colorful combinations.
  • I like being outdoors, amongst nature and away from the city hustle to refuel my soul. Yoga is another one of my favorite activities and I recently started spinning – talk about heart-pumping, especially with good dance music.
  • Amateur photography – I enjoy finding beauty in everyday life.
About Me

About My Family and Friends

I grew up as the older sister in our family of four – Mom, Dad, and my brother, Jim. Both of my parents were the eldest of 4 siblings each, so I was lucky to grow up with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins, most of which are here in Colorado too.

We always all gather for the big holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, in addition to impromptu get-togethers, birthdays and weddings. We’re a pretty close family that enjoys a good time – there’s always laughing and storytelling going on. Every Christmas we have the tradition of decorating sugar cookies with my mom. She started it when I was a kid and I look forward to carrying on this delicious tradition.

Top 5 Favorite Holiday Traditions:

  • Making and decorating sugar cookies with Mom
  • Eating the yummy cookies
  • Waking up early on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought over night
  • Going to the midnight Candlelight service on Christmas Eve
  • Christmas day getting together with all my aunts, uncles and cousins

Here’s What My Friends Have to Say…

A Quote from Ednita, A Friend: “One of Carlie’s best qualities is that she is always ready to help someone in need, and she honestly takes the time to see it through. She’s a great listener, and she really connects with people on a deeper level. She also has the most positive outlook on life. She is caring, hard-working, loves children (and dogs!), and she is a naturally warm and considerate person.”

A Quote from Tiffany, A Friend: “From her first look, you know that Carlie’s heart is full of love. With her red hair and infectious laugh, you also know that she has a zest for life and sees the good in others.”

A Quote from Erica, A Friend: “Carlie is a warm, caring and fun-loving person. She’s always someone you can rely on.”

My longest and dearest friend, Erica, is excited to have me back here in Colorado. We go all the way back to middle school. She is married with 2 kids and has already offered up their babysitting services.

A Quote from Anneliese, A Friend: “Over the years, she has shared her desire to have a family, so I was overjoyed when she let me know that she was proceeding with steps to adopt. Carlie is a kind, generous, sensitive and gentle soul, with lots of love to devote to a child.”

A Quote from Yanahul, Anneliese’s 8 year old daughter who calls me her Auntie: “Carlie is a good mom because she is really fun, she is good at sharing, she gives great gifts, and she helps you when you need. She is very comforting and she will LOVE you.”

About My Family and Friends

My Home and Community

I live in beautiful Littleton, Colorado. It’s a suburb right next door to Denver and is full of parks, bike paths and trails. I recently relocated back here to be near family and am currently living with my mom who can’t wait to spoil her future grandchild! She has introduced me to her great community of neighbors and friends. I am so grateful for my expanding village.

It’s an active community here with young families and dog lovers out and about. Ziggy enjoys his daily walks around the neighborhood with my mom’s dog, Glinda. Together they are 2 dogs taking on the world one sniff at a time. He’s gotten to meet and make some new puppy friends. Our city also ranks high with several local schools for when the time comes.

Meet My Dog, Ziggy: Ziggy is my sweet lil bug. He came into my life as a teeny tiny pup 3 years ago and hasn’t left my side since. If love could be embodied, it would be Ziggy – his daily purpose seems to be giving snuggles and kisses, along with the occasional squirrel chase. It’s so cute to watch him with kids and other puppies, he’s so gentle and sweet with them. He will make a great companion to your child!

My Home and Community

My Travels and Adventures

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do – whether it’s hopping in the car for a day trip to check out a nearby town or exploring an entirely new-to-me country. I love seeing how other’s live and learning about their culture. Tasting new cuisine, hearing different languages and learning the history of places excites me and I look forward to sharing it with your child. I think travel is the best education about humanity and helps us see beyond ourselves to appreciate others.

Top 5 Favorite Places I’ve Visited:

  1. Paris
  2. London
  3. New York City
  4. Ireland
  5. Alaska

5 Places I Look Forward to Traveling to with My Future Child:

  1. Disney World
  2. Italy
  3. Peru
  4. Exploring the East Coast
  5. Thailand

Top 5 Favorite Foods:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Breakfast pizza
  3. Pizza!
  4. Everything Thai food
  5. French fries

My Promises to Your Child:

  • To love them unconditionally with all my heart
  • To give them a safe, secure, and stable childhood, where there’s lots of laughter, fun, exploring and dreaming
  • To support and encourage them to follow all their dreams
  • To teach them to respect others, and to show kindness and love to everyone
  • To be there when they stumble, to pick them up and wipe away their tears
  • To hold their hand when they’re afraid
  • To tell them about you, and how your love, strength and courage created the miracle of our family

Thank You: Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me and see a little peek into my life. I hope you enjoyed meeting my family and friends as well ~ they are my strength, my community, my village. With their support and help, I am excited to be on this journey to motherhood. I know you have a difficult decision ahead of you and I truly appreciate you considering me to be the adoptive mom for your child.

With Gratitude,

Carlie (and Ziggy too)

My Travels and Adventures