Carolyn and Dan


We are Dan & Carolyn from Los Angeles, California. We have dreamt about becoming parents for as long as we both can remember! We know that adoption is a gift and cannot thank you enough for considering us as parents to your child. We can only imagine the difficulty in considering adoption for your child, but we want you to know that your selfless decision will help create our family.

We had always considered adoption and as we faced fertility issues, we somehow knew adoption was how we would become a family. We will always be thankful to you and want you to know your child will always be surrounded by unconditional love. Thank you for taking the time getting to know us.

Our Story: In September of 2012 we met at a local bar in New York. We were instantly drawn to each other as Dan noticed a funny photo on the background of Carolyn’s phone and Carolyn found Dan singing along to one of her favorite bands, Nine Inch Nails. Dan asked for Carolyn’s number. A few weeks later we began dating and our love story unfolded.

Carolyn moved in with Dan but in 2018 we did something a bit unconventional for a couple in a long-term relationship. We moved apart. Carolyn moved to California for a job while Dan stayed back until he could join her. During one of Dan’s visits, he proposed to Carolyn on top of a mountain in Griffith Park. In 2019 we said “I do” in Hawaii with an intimate wedding surrounded by friends and family. We are each other’s best friend! While heartbroken we could not naturally start a family we didn’t hesitate to say that adoption was the right path for us.

We Promise To…

  • Love your child with all of our heart and to nurture them every day
  • Laugh a lot, we want our home filled with laughter
  • Instill values of humility, kindness, generosity, family, and love
  • Teach your child to be curious and give them the tools to explore and learn about the zest of life
  • Find their passions, and help them reach their dreams
  • Encourage them to always be themselves



About Carolyn

I grew up in New York just one town over from Dan. My childhood was filled with lots of activities from music lessons to figure skating and tennis lessons. My parents were always so supportive of the interests my older brother and I had. As a family we loved going on vacations together. Our most visited destination was Walt Disney World. It’s probably a big reason why I still love Disney. We are lucky that we live one hour from Disneyland. Dan and I cannot wait to visit Disneyland as a family! I’ve always known I wanted to be a mother. I found myself always gravitating towards jobs where I could work with children such as a babysitter, camp counselor, ice skating coach and now, a therapist. I am filled with so much love and look forward to my next role as a mom.

I am a therapist and work in a group private practice. My focus is working with adolescents and adults struggling with eating disorders. The perks of being in a private practice is I get to make my own hours which gives flexibility to my schedule. I feel fortunate that I will be able to be there for our future child.

A Few of Carolyn’s Favorites:

  • Favorite Animal: Polar Bear
  • Hobby: Figure skating
  • Favorite Place to Take a Child: The planetarium
  • Favorite Kid’s Movie: Mary Poppins


About Carolyn

About Dan

I grew up in New York where I was raised by my mom and dad along with my grandparents, Oma and Opa. My house was always filled with delicious foods as my mom is a trained chef and my Opa was a baker. Their skills were handed down to me and I have become the cook in our household.

Growing up I was heavily into reading. I’ve always enjoyed music and sports. The San Francisco 49ers are my favorite team. My interests growing up still remain to this day. I recently began teaching myself how to play the keyboard. I can’t wait to be a father. I think about how fun Sunday Football will be with my child sitting by my side rooting for their favorite team. I want to share my passions and also encourage our future child to figure out what interests them. I am going to support them just like my parents supported me.

I work in the I.T. field. I’ve always had an interest in computers and technology and feel lucky that my interests turned into a career. I work remotely for a school so I have the benefits of having school holidays off and the flexibility of my hours when I am working. This means I can be there for our future child whether it be taking them to school or attending extra-curricular activities.

A Few of Dan’s Favorites:

  • Favorite Animal: Great White Shark
  • Hobby: Cooking
  • Favorite Place to Take a Child: The aquarium
  • Favorite Kid’s Movie: A Goofy Movie


About Dan

Where We Call Home

We live in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California. We are located on the East side in a place called Los Feliz. We currently live in an apartment among a bustling neighborhood that is family friendly and a close walk to some of the best schools, parks, hiking trails, restaurants, and movie theaters. We love that we are a 40-minute drive to the beach, a two-hour drive to the mountains where we can see snow and a two-hour drive to the desert for some great star gazing and hikes.

We love living in a city because of the diversity and plentiful activities right outside our doorstep. To us it feels like the perfect place to raise a child where we can share the diverse cultures, food, and experiences the city has to offer.

We have a Corgi named Riggs who we rescued in 2014. Riggs isn’t much of a cuddly dog, but he loves to play fetch for hours and hours! We rescued our cat Maple in September of 2020 and then Bodhi was rescued February 2021. Both cats are incredibly lovable and cuddly. Bodhi is a bit more mischievous, but both love a good snuggle.

Our Interests & Hobbies: As a couple we love to travel and visit new places. We both enjoy trying new cuisines and consider ourselves pretty adventurous with what we’ll eat. We are both big fans of music and enjoy going to live shows and playing instruments. One of our favorite weekend activities is taking long bike rides along the beach. We can’t wait to show our future child our interests and to help discover theirs. We know there will be plenty of trips to museums, aquariums and sporting events for our family.

Where We Call Home

Our Family

We have a wonderful family! Our parents are looking forward to having a new grandchild!

Carolyn: My dad, Stephen, lives in New York. He is the most supportive and loving man. We call or FaceTime with him every week. My mom passed away in 2017. Her passing brought us all even closer. My brother, Jeff , lives only 15 minutes away from us and we see him almost every week. Jeff is definitely going to be the fun uncle as he is obsessed with comic books and cartoons, and he is a television show writer!

Dan: My parents, Ruth and Phil, moved to Texas from New York in 2020 to be a little closer to us and extended family. We are creating a new tradition to go to Texas for Christmas starting in December 2021. My mom makes amazing Christmas cookies that no one can resist. I am lucky to have parents who enjoy traveling so we know that there will be plenty of visits from them when we become parents. They are excited to embark on this journey with us!

Holiday Traditions:

  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah are celebrated with our extended families.
  • We rotate which city and state we celebrate in each year since our families live all over the country.
  • We love Halloween and dress up each year to celebrate with our friends and their children.

In Closing: Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us! We hope this gives you a glimpse into the loving and caring home we will provide for your child. We understand that this decision is not an easy one, but we hope after seeing a glimpse into our lives you will feel confident in knowing how much this child will be loved. All we’ve ever wanted was to have a family of our own. Our child will always know about your love and your selfless sacrifice you had made for them.


Our Family