Catherine and Caleb


We are Catherine & Caleb and first off, we want to thank you for considering us a family for your child. We admire your courage in considering adoption and know it can be a difficult journey. We believe in adoption with our whole hearts and are forever grateful to the birth parents who make it possible.

We live on a small farm just north of San Francisco, California with our amazing son Shepherd. Our family is loving, outdoorsy, stable, and full of laughter. Shep is the greatest joy of our lives, and being chosen by his birth parents is hands down the best thing that has happened to either of us. We value children more than anything else in the world and are very excited to adopt again.

Our Promise: We promise to give your child all the love, security, and happiness that you would. We will always be honest and truthful with them about their adoption story and they will know of your love and generosity.

5 Things Our Friends Say About Us:

  • Warm & empathetic
  • Creative problem solvers
  • Fun
  • Hilarious
  • Loving

Fun Fact- We both speak English and a second language:

Catherine – French

Caleb – Spanish

Our Story: We met at a café in San Francisco, and within five minutes we were sharing everything, including Catherine’s sandwich. We found out we both loved laughing, being outdoors, swimming, DIY projects, and dancing.

By our second date we were planting roses, picking veggies, and getting eggs from Catherine’s chickens to make a fresh-from-the-farm brunch. We never looked back after that—we were having too much fun and couldn’t imagine forging a path through life with anyone else.

One of the first things we discussed was how much we both wanted to have children. Catherine already knew she could not conceive but both of us were excited about adoption. Caleb’s best friend growing up was adopted and Catherine literally wants to love and nurture every single child she meets!

We love our life on our little farm together—every day is full of exciting adventures with plants, wildlife, and animals. We grow a lot of our own food, and quite a bit for our community as well.   Our other work allows us the flexibility to both be home with our son and tend the farm together.

Fun Facts About Us


  • Went to law school but decided to be a carpenter instead
  • Played trumpet in a popular funk band in college
  • Secretly has a degree in philosophy from Columbia University in NYC
  • Enjoys making up fake companies and paint color names with his sister
  • Never met a cat he couldn’t charm into his lap


  • Worked as a professional princess at kid’s birthday parties for 7 years
  • Is a whiz at face painting and balloon twisting
  • Bartended in New York, London, Bangkok, and Paris
  • Backpacked around the world twice solo—once in each direction!
  • Favorite Children’s Book: Hush-A-Bye Bunny

About Catherine

Get to Know Catherine: I grew up in Virginia, but followed a wandering path after college that led me through New York, London and Paris then finally to San Francisco where I lived for 18 years.

I studied biology in college and after taking several years off to travel and work different jobs I went to law school. I never imagined I would become a lawyer, but I found it the best way for me to fulfill my passion for helping people. I worked with families and children for many years and now work part time at a large trust that funds environmental projects all over the world. My work can be challenging but it helps the planet and allows me to spend the majority of my time tending my farm and family.

I love being in nature and spend much of my time outside with Shep and Caleb. I am a big reader and love working with my hands, whether it be cooking, doing art with Shep, building, or sewing. Sewing has been a lifelong passion and I enjoy restoring vintage clothing, mending, and making costumes. More than anything I love being a Mom–it is the most important and wonderful thing in my life and always will be.

About Catherine by Caleb: Catherine is a powerhouse & a flower. She is my personal hero and also a huge goofball. From the moment we met, I was charmed by her wit, her accomplishments, her zest, and her style. Catherine is a super enthusiastic and empathetic person, and has a vast and diverse group of loving friends, but she especially shines around children. Nieces and nephews, friends’ and neighbor’s kids—they can’t get enough of her. She makes Halloween costumes from scratch in a single day, organizes farm tours in wheelbarrows on a moment’s notice, and is above all extremely attuned to kids’ needs. She knows just how to shape a question, a comment, or a look that changes a bad cry to a good laugh.

About Catherine

About Caleb

Get to Know Caleb: I was born and raised in San Francisco, with parents from Denmark and New York. My parents were the sweetest, silliest, and most encouraging grownups I knew, and I constantly look to my childhood memories for guidance in parenting.

I was a bookish kid, but after spending an unenjoyable three years in law school I decided that I’d rather make a career out of carpentry. By the time I met Catherine, I was supervising whole-house renovations of old Victorian homes in San Francisco.

None of the thrill and hustle of construction can match the delight, complexity, and honor of parenting. I am so lucky to be able to spend every day with Shep and Catherine, growing food and remodeling our house. My childhood convinced me that kids thrive when they are seen as competent, treated with patient respect, and included safely in grown-up activities rather than being gated off in a playpen or seated at the “kids’ table.”

About Caleb by Catherine: Caleb is the love of my life and the best man I have ever met. For me he is the soulmate I didn’t dare to dream I could ever have. He is caring, smart, funny, clever, hardworking, honest, and silly. He is a fantastic cook and actually enjoys cleaning! He helps me relax and supports me in all my endeavors.

Though I have wanted to become a Mom for my entire life, I am glad I waited, because it means my kids get to have THIS GUY as their Dad. He has limitless energy for playing silly games, chase, and answering six million questions. He is also one of the snuggliest human beings on the planet.


About Caleb

Meet Shep

Our (almost) 3 year old son, Shepherd is the most tender tornado we’ve ever seen. He rockets up in the early morning and scrambles headfirst into his day, eating vegetables straight from the garden, climbing trees, and chasing down all the interesting sounds and sights around our land. Amidst all that activity, he is also incredibly, naturally gentle – we often find him lying down with his head on the belly of our barn cat, softly rubbing her paws, or holding a worm in both hands, and whispering “bye baby wooooorm,” before slowly putting it back in the dirt.

As parents we believe in being present with our son as much as possible, kindness, patience, and saying yes more than we say no (while still maintaining firm boundaries). Instead of having a million different rules, we talk about whether actions are “safe, healthy, and respectful” and gently correcting him if they are not.

We are eternally grateful to Shep’s birth parents for choosing us to love and care for him. We got to be in the room when he was born and send them frequent photos and letters updating them on Shep’s life.

Where We Call Home: We live in the country outside of a small town called Petaluma, just an hour north of San Francisco. Our children will get to experience the wild joys of living in the country, and also take advantage of the arts and diversity the city has to offer. Petaluma has excellent public schools as well as Waldorf and Montessori alternatives. The Pacific Ocean is just 20 minutes away and we visit our favorite beaches weekly.

Our house has three bedrooms and a giant central playspace just begging to be filled with more family. We have a front yard full of flowers and oak trees, a back field lined with organic vegetables and berries, and just past a gorgeous stand of giant redwoods there is a small orchard. Our chickens live right by the back deck where the barn cats like to sunbathe.

The back field is a dream for children to romp through and nothing beats the wildlife—we have owls in our trees, possums and raccoons wandering at night, friendly deer who come right up to the house, hawks, salamanders, and frogs galore! We have a variety of play structures and a ton of really great trees for climbing up and swinging from.


Meet Shep

Meet the People We Call Family and Friends

Caleb’s parents still live in the San Francisco house he grew up in, and you’d think his sister lives next door from the amount they talk and text (she’s actually in New Jersey). Catherine’s parents and two brothers are still in Virginia but that doesn’t stop Shep from “hanging out” with his four amazing cousins on videochat. We also visit back and forth–during our last trip to Virginia we rented a big house on an alpaca farm so the whole crew could hang out!

Catherine’s cousin Katie is nearby in Oakland and is a fantastic Auntie—doesn’t hurt that she works for Pixar and KNOWS what kids like!

Just down the road on a neighboring farm is Shep’s Godmother Nico and her two amazing young children who we also consider “cousins”. We have great group of friends with kids in our town and host tons of toddler playdates at the farm.

Qualities We Value in Friends & Family:

  • Honesty
  • Respectfulness
  • Humor
  • Consistency
  • Loving Kids!

5 Family Traditions:

  • Spaghetti Fridays (with homemade tomato sauce)!
  • Photos of Shep in a redwood tree on the first day of every season
  • Cutting a Christmas tree from our land
  • Planting garlic on Thanksgiving
  • Touching all of our fingertips together to make a star

In Closing- Thank You: The most important thing we want you to take away from this letter is the respect and gratitude we have for you. Choosing adoption for your child is a selfless act founded in love, and we thank you so much for considering us as your child’s adoptive parents.

Meet the People We Call Family and Friends