Celia and Michael


Hello! We are Michael, Celia, and Rocco from Maryland! We understand that this must be an extraordinarily difficult time for you and we have the highest degree of respect for you and your decision. We want you to know we will love and cherish your child and they will always know your decision came from love.

We have a loving and happy marriage and family. Our lives are surrounded by a wonderful family, our beautiful son Rocco and our German shepherd named Ruby. When we met, we always spoke about wanting to raise a family and give our children a life filled with love, joy, and happy experiences. That dream came true the day our adopted son Rocco was born. The happiest days of our marriage have been as parents. We are so excited to have a future brother or sister for Rocco. Thank you for learning about us!

Our Story: Family is Everything – We met on a trip to France. It turned out we were both from Maryland and we quickly became friends after that. Celia asked Michael to dinner after the trip and we started dating from there! Michael gained immediate approval from Celia’s sisters when his first meeting was participating in the family chili cook off. Two years after we met, we were married!

Fun Facts:

Favorite TV shows

Celia—The Crown and Seal Team

Michael—Diners, Drive Ins and Dives & Chopped

Favorite Kid’s Movie

Celia—Toy Story and Lion King

Michael—Penguins of Madagascar

Favorite Vacation Spot

Both—Nantucket Island

Favorite Way to Relax

Celia—Reading and movies at home


Favorite Family Outing

Celia—The park

Michael—Going to the movies


Meet Celia, By Michael

My relationship with my wife can only be described as a blessing. She is, and will always be my better half. She inspires me to believe in myself more than I ever could, supports me when things don’t go the right way, guides our marriage with her unconditional love and compassion, and is a fierce advocate for anything that has to do with our family. She sacrifices for me and knows that our marriage can withstand any hardship. Celia’s instincts with our son Rocco are incredible. Whether it is bath time, wagon and bike rides around the neighborhood, or reading to him, her love for Rocco is infinite! Her eyes light up at any mention or sight of Rocco and I know it will be no different with his future brother or sister. Nothing trumps family for Celia.

Celia has an extremely successful career in sales. Even with her demanding career, Celia always prioritizes family and is a role model to other females in her industry. Celia works from home as much as possible, makes the time to drop off and pick up Rocco from school, attend school events, birthday parties or stay home when Rocco is sick or just needs a day off. Even though she has been very successful professionally, her work does not define her. Nothing trumps family for Celia.


Meet Celia, By Michael

Meet Michael, By Celia

Michael leaves the house every day to help keep other people safe and loves what he does. Michael is a brave, loyal, and loving husband and father. He is an Assistant Fire Chief for a large metropolitan department and was previously a sworn Police Officer.

In addition to having an inspiring career, Michael is an accomplished saxophone player, has several degrees, and loves to cook! Michael began his firefighting career at age eighteen. He is a voracious reader and is always looking to learn new things and better himself.

Michael is a loving, generous, and kind man. Michael keeps me laughing during the good times as well as the hard times. He has a huge heart and is always thinking about how to take care of his family.

Michael is a wonderful father to Rocco. You can tell just by watching Michael look at Rocco, or hold his hand, just how much he loves our son. Michael and Rocco read books, go to get their hair cut, and watch cartoons together all the time. Michael often talks about Rocco’s future and his desire to provide an excellent example for Rocco and his future brother or sister.

Meet Michael, By Celia

Meet Rocco

Rocco has filled our home and hearts with overwhelming happiness! Rocco is a bright-eyed, happy, loving, and highly curious little boy.

When we got the call telling us that Rocco was being born, we rushed to the airport and were there for when he came into this world! Ever since that day, Rocco has been a blessing to our lives as well as our extended family. Every day, we get phone calls, facetimes, and texts from his grandparents, aunts, uncles and little cousins wanting to hear about all the stories of his budding life. Rocco’s favorite activities are playing on the jungle gym at the park, painting, swimming, reading, and attending pre-school, where he has lots of friends. He is very excited to be a big brother to our future child.

Our Dog Ruby: Ruby is a smart and loving German shepherd. She loves to play ball, run fast in the yard, go for long hikes in the woods, and most of all, take naps. She watches over Rocco and they have a great friendship.

Meet Rocco

Our Home

Our home is in a small neighborhood with over 45 children, including 5 who were adopted! There are farms around us with cows, horses, donkeys, and even llamas! Just 5 minutes from our house, we have a large park with baseball fields, tennis courts, and walking trails as well as a community center and library that Rocco takes advantage of every week. The librarians know Rocco by name because he visits every week for storytime. We have tons of fun restaurants around us too. Our county schools are consistently ranked among the top in the nation. We live 35 minutes outside of both Washington D.C. and Baltimore—this allows us to enjoy many cultural events at museums and theaters as well as visit sporting venues such as the Orioles, Ravens, and the Nationals.

Favorite Family Traditions:
• The “Frozen Turkey Trot,” on Thanksgiving morning

  • My nephew Ted drives us to the Atlantic Ocean and we all run into the freezing water!
  • Our annual summer vacation with Celia’s parents on Nantucket Island.
  • We picnic on the beach, go for bike rides, and enjoy ice cream cones on Nantucket Island but also enjoy relaxing with each other.
  • We are looking forward to showing our future child all the fun experiences Nantucket Island brings!

Our Promises to You: Your child will have a lifetime of hugs and kisses. We will say “I love you” every day, multiple times a day. We will always listen, provide guidance and help our future child achieve their dreams. We will share the importance of strong family values, education, and faith. Most importantly, we will give your child a loving family environment where they can grow and thrive.

The opportunity to love and nurture a child from birth is a tremendous gift you will be giving us. We can’t wait for when our days are spent helping with homework, music lessons, sports games, and school dances. We will be forever grateful to you, and your child will know about you and how your love for them brought us together. We look forward to meeting you, if you wish. We would be humbled and honored for you to consider us.

Our Home