Charlie & Alina

Charline & Alina

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We are Charlie and Alina, we live right outside of San Francisco in a beautiful community close to our family and friends.


We recognize there are reasons you are considering placing your child for adoption and we will never underestimate the difficulty of this decision. Putting the happiness of your child ahead of your own is an incredible gift.


Our hope is that after reading our story, we can bring you peace of mind in knowing that your child will be happy, cherished, and loved.



Charline & Alina

About Us

Who We Are

We are Alina and Charlie. We met when we were 18 years old and dated for 14 years before we married. During the 14 years we dated we took the time to get to know ourselves, get to know each other, mature and grow up, go to school, and travel.

We’ve been married now for 6 years. We are opposites in many ways, but to us, we see this as a positive. We balance each other out. We each have positive qualities that the other admires and strives to have.

About Alina

Alina is high energy, outgoing, compassionate, and active in our community. She works as a Human Resources Director downtown San Francisco for an On-line Retail company and has a part time private practice as a Psychotherapist.

Alina’s career allows the flexibility to set her own hours and work from home. Her career will allow Alina to work part time while retaining the financial stability and be a stay-at-home mother.

About Charlie

Charlie is more reserved, he likes stability, concerned about everyone’s safety and well-being, and is the chef of the house; everyone loves Charlie’s pepper steak which is his grandmother’s recipe.

Charlie’s career has taken him from security to sales and business development. His work hours are very flexible, and will alow Charlie to spend a lot of time at home to be an active father.

Charlie from Alina’s Eyes

Charlie is a perfect yang to my ying. Charlie is a great cook and I love that he always goes out of his way to make special dishes for me that he knows I’m going to enjoy.

He makes the best home-made soups and consistently packs me healthy lunches. His favorite meal is breakfast, and one of our favorite ways to spend time is to have breakfast together on a weekend. Charlie makes the best waffles on this side of the country. Charlie can’t wait for the day of having a little helper in the kitchen.

Charlie is my teddy bear, cuddly and cute and always makes me feel safe. I love to see him around kids, he has an aura about him that kids love to run to. They love to sit in his lap, give him hugs, show off their toys, and I think they just feel safe and content around him.

I know he will be a great daddy one day. He has a witty sense of humor, he is generous and warm hearted. I will never forget how he took care of me soon after we met. I had my wisdom teeth pulled out and got ill after the surgery. Our relationship was new at the time, yet, Charlie changed my bandages, made me delicious smoothies so that I could eat, and was just so gentle and caring. I knew then that he was the man I would be proud to have as a husband and the father of my children.

Alina from Charlie’s Eyes

Alina is driven and never gives up, she was the youngest graduate from her Master’s program; I was so proud watching her walk across the stage on her graduation day. She is a social butterfly and people love being around her. I can already see her making friends with other moms on the playground and in school PTA.

What I love about Alina is her love and commitment to her family. She is the first person that the family goes to for help, they rely on her for her wisdom, strength and patience.

I also love watching Alina with our nieces and nephews. They absolutely adore her and always look forward to spending time with their Auntie. She takes them for ice cream, to the playground, and to the park. I love watching Alina read them stories, she is so patient. I can see the respect and love in the kids eyes when they are around her.

These are the qualities I saw early on in our relationship, and I always knew she would be a great mom one day.

About Us

Our Story

Why Adopt

When we got married we knew we wanted to start our family right away, but after several attempts we realized it is biologically impossible for us to have children.

So after many thoughtful discussions we came to a decision that what is most important to us is to be loving parents. We have first hand experience with adopted children in our lives.

Charlie’s brother adopted his son, Charlie’s uncle was adopted, and our best friends adopted their child. We can’t wait to share our life with a child. Our nephews and nieces are going to be so excited to have a baby in the house.

Everyone in our family is very excited and supportive about the adoption plan. And our parents can’t wait to be the grandparents and to teach, nurture, and spoil their grandchild.

Charlie: My family is from the South who relocated to Northern California before I was born. I am one-fourth Filipino and grew up in a multicultural, military family.

My family values are strong; I was raised to respect the elder, take care of my family, and love unconditionally. I am the oldest of three brothers and I am fortunate to live only three hours away from my family, who currently reside in Nevada.

Alina: My family immigrated from the Ukraine when I was 11 years old. I am the oldest of two girls. We grew up with strong family values and spend lots of time together.

Our entire family, including cousins, aunts, and grandparents have family dinners every month.

We live in the San Francisco suburbs next to Alina’s family. Alina’s mother, Sophia, is very excited to provide us with child-care when we will be at work.

Aunt Alina & Uncle Charlie: “We absolutely love and adore spending time with our nieces and nephews.” Uncle Charlie loves to take them camping and fishing. Aunt Alina loves to spoil the kids with trips to the park and the girls love to try on her shoes.



Our Story

Fun Times

Our Home

We live on the Peninsula, minutes away from San Francisco, California. Our home is in a gated community with lots of families with young children.

Our careers and life style allow us the flexibility to stay home with the baby and send him or her to an excellent school, when that time comes. Our home has plenty of space for a child to run around in and we are close to local playgrounds, parks, zoo, museums, and other children’s attractions.

Our home is filled with love, laughter and nurture and we can’t wait to complete our family through adoption.

What We Do For Fun

As a couple we like to take road trips and go camping. We enjoy spending time on the beach and at the rivers. Charlie loves to fish, cook, and College football. Alina enjoys reading and people watching at coffee shops, attend sporting events, and going to the gym.

Alina is a certified Kickboxing Instructor and taught Kickboxing for many years at the local gyms. Together we like to watch movies at home and read.

We also enjoy going out to restaurants in San Francisco, which is a great city for casual and fancy dining.

We have so many plans and dreams for a child to join our family who we can share these fun times with.

Our Pet

We are proud parents of a talking Parrot, Dana. Dana has been with us for 15 years, since she was 6 months old. She is part of our family. Dana travels with us often, and when she does not travel with us, Alina’s parents babysit her.

Dana is part of the smartest breeds of Parrots; she is a lot of fun, she loves attention and loves kids. She likes to sing and dance, and is always ready to put on a show for our house visitors.



Fun Times

Our Message

We have an honest relationship where we trust each other, enjoy spending time together, have strong family values and plan on teaching all the same to a child.

We are a hard working successful family. Our careers allow us to have a balance to make a good living and plenty of time to dedicate to family time and vacations.

Thank you for considering us in your adoption plan. We are so grateful for your consideration and your child will always know of your love and the difficult decision you made.

We recognize this decision is not easy and we honor your courage and selflessness as you choose a family that is best for your child. We will always talk to your child about you with love and respect and will make sure that he or she knows what an amazing gift you have shared with us.

We wish you strength and peace in finding the best possible home and family for your baby.



Our Message